Aboboyaa Prices in Ghana (2023)

Tricycles or Aboboyaa as they are commonly called in Ghana are one of the most popular and cheapest means of street transportation in Ghana. These vehicles become extremely popular after they were introduced into the country for almost a decade and they’ve become a reliable mode of transport for most small-scale business owners, especially traders.

One of the main reasons why riders prefer Aboboyaa to taxis is due to their flexibility, small stature, and ability to maneuver in tight spots. They are also a favorable choice over motorcycles because they can carry more than two passengers comfortably which increases the profit the rider would make in one trip.

Aboboyaa Prices in Ghana

Presently, the tricycle market is dominated by Chinese brands which are preferred for their affordability, cost of maintenance, and availability of spare parts, however, they are many other tricycle brands that are just as good.

If you’re planning on starting an Aboboyaa business and looking for the prices of Aboboyaa in Ghana, you can consider reading as we have provided you with the latest Aboboyaa prices in this article.

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Brands of Tricycles in Ghana

Ghana is home to several Aboboyaa brands that control the major parts of the market. These brands produce some of the most durable products which is why they are chosen above other brands.

Before you start budgeting to buy an Aboboyaa, you should always consider the asking price of different brands as this will help you make a better budget. Some models cost way more than others and this is because of classic features like fuel economy and engine efficiency.

Below are some of the popular brands in Ghana

Suzuki: Suzuki is an extremely popular automobile company, although they are more popular for their motorcycles than their tricycles. The company produces some of the most durable and efficient tricycles you can find on Ghanaian roads. One advantage of buying from this brand is that its spare parts are readily available in all parts of Ghana.

Bajaj: There is barely a rider that has not heard of Bajaj vehicles. This is because the brand is known to produce some of the most efficient vehicles in the automobile market. Bajaj Auto began operations in 1926 and ever since the Indian brand has released several high-quality vehicles. The company is ranked as the fourth-largest two and three-wheeler producer in the world. It has a presence in several countries in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, South, and Southeast Asia. Also, it is well-known in Nigeria and arguably the most common tricycle on its roads. In Ghana, you can also find these tricycles as they are affordable, durable, and efficient.

Piaggio: Piaggio is one of the few non-Chinese tricycles brands that can be commonly found on Ghanaian roads. The Italian motor vehicle manufacturer produces a wide range of two and three-wheeled vehicles. The brand began operations in India in 1999 and has since spread to other countries in the world including Ghana.

One of the main reasons why Piaggio is very popular with Aboboyaa drivers is due to its ability to economize fuel. As a rider trying to make a profit from your Aboboyaa business, it is important that you go for an Aboboyaa that is fuel-efficient. This type of Aboboyaa will save you a lot of running costs and increase your profit over time.

Daylong: Daylong is a Chinese brand founded in 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan. The company deals in motorcycles, tricycles, tyre & tube, and spare parts. Their tricycles are quite popular in Ghana due to their sturdiness and durability.

Zongshen: Zongshen is one of the largest producers of tricycles and motorcycles in China and the world. The company was founded in 1992 and has since grown into one of the largest producers of automobiles in the world.

Prices of Aboboyaa in Ghana

As you can see above, there are several reputable Aboboyaa brands in Ghana. To purchase from a brand, you can simply walk into any of their offices nearest to you or buy directly from their distributors.

Prices of Brand New Aboboyaa in Ghana

  • Bajaj Tricycle: GH₵ 9 500 – GH₵ 11 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine): GH₵ 9 000 – GH₵ 10 000
  • Daylong Tricycle: GH₵ 9 000 – GH₵ 9 500
  • TVS Tricycle: GH₵ 9 200 – GH₵ 10 500

Getting an efficient Aboboyaa would mean you will have to spend a little more as most top brands attached hefty price tags to their products while adding a lot of beneficial features.

Prices of Fairly Used Aboboyaa in Ghana

Since the brand new versions of Aboboyaa are quite expensive especially for those on a tight budget, getting a fairly used one becomes the best option. Luckily, Aboboyaa is one of the most durable vehicles on the planet, so you would gain a lot by getting a fairly used one at a cheaper price.

However, like all the fairly used vehicles, the fairly used Aboboyaa would break down faster than the brand new ones. Also, they would require more maintenance in the long run.

  • Bajaj Tricycle: GH₵ 3 000 – GH₵ 6 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine): GH₵ 3 500 – GH₵ 5 000
  • Daylong Tricycle: GH₵ 3 000 – GH₵ 4 500
  • TVS Tricycle: GH₵ 3 000 – GH₵ 4 500

While fairly used Aboboyaas are cheap, you shouldn’t go for very cheap ones. This is because the price of the vehicle is dependent on its condition, so vehicles in better condition will cost more. This means you will spend a little more, however, you will save a lot more on maintenance.

What to Consider When Buying a Tricycle

Brand: Choosing the right brand is extremely important. While most brands produce durable Aboboyaas, some brand’s models are more durable than others.

Budget: The prices of Aboboyaa vary and depend on the factors already discussed above. The prices shown above will give you an idea of how much you should budget towards buying either a brand new or fairly used Aboboyaa.

Availability of Spare Parts: Models with spare parts readily available in all parts of the country are better than those without. This is because you would have to change spare parts at one point or another and without the new spare parts, your vehicle might not function properly.

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