Airtel Ghana Data Plans and Bundles (2023)

In this article, you are in for the best data deals Airtel Ghana has got to offer their subscribers. You are definitely going to find this a good read. In 2018, Airtel Ghana offered new bundles that ensured that their customers got great value for their money.

Launching of Airtel in Ghana

Airtel ghana data bundles

Airtel-a top global telecommunication organization- started operating in Ghana in 2010. It has its operations in many countries in Africa with Ghana inclusive.

Since the company started operations in Ghana, it has continually been innovating and looking for means to satisfy its customers. One of such is their “No expiry” data bundles that were recently introduced for their customer’s delight.

Airtel Ghana and Tigo merger

Wondering how Airtel came to be the second top telecommunications company in Ghana, well it is because they had a major merger with Tigo-a telecommunication company in Ghana- in order to expand and provide quality services for their subscribers. The new brand identity became AirtelTigo in 2017.

Their subscribers enjoy a range of voice plans and data bundles. Are you Looking for the best Airtel Ghana data deals? Check below

Airtel Ghana Data packages

Airtel Ghana recently introduced several data packages that have no validity date, Airtel BIGTIME BUNDLE, and FUSE BUNDLE. There are several others that do have validity dates such as FLEX and TOO MUCH data bundles. Subscribers get to choose the one that is most preferred to them.

 Airtel BIGTIME Data Bundles

 Subscribing to The Big Time Data Bundles as a customer ensures that you get more data value for as low as GHc 1, GHc 2, GHc 5 and GHc 10. You can’t get this kind of data deals from any other network provider.

As a Mobile network operator, Airtel Ghana has become the first service provider to launch data bundles with “no expiry” for new and existing prepaid customers in the country.

These data packages will allow the network subscribers to get 1.5GB now for GHC10 only. Also, they can browse their favourite news or entertainment websites and have access to movies online with this package.

Only existing prepaid customers have access to The Big Time Data Bundles. To purchase this data bundle, you only need to dial *111#. Customers can also buy by using scratch cards or through AirtelTigo money.

The data plan also allows subscribers to browse through their favorite social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp amongst others.

Airtel is giving customers more data without worrying about validity dates.

With no daily, weekly or monthly expiry issues, subscribers can decide to exhaust their data when they feel like.

Since Airtel introduced The Big time bundle in Ghana, there has been a substantial boost in data usage amongst its subscribers. The increase in demand for data is on the rise as subscribers are using the plan to stay connected with friends and family. outlined below are the details of the package. 

Plan             Price.      USSD Code

10GB            50GHC     *125#

No expiry


4GB               20GHC.   *125#

No expiry


1.5GB.           10GHC.    *125#

No expiry


550MB.            5GHC.    *125#

No expiry


150MB             2GHC.    *125#

No expiry


65MB.               1GHC.    *125#

No expiry


25MB.              0.5GHC.   *125#

No expiry


Dial the code and pick your preferred option.

 How Big-Time Data Bundle Works

  • Including new and existing customers, the bundle is only available to pre-paid subscribers.
  • The bundle has no expiry dates.
  • No bundle related bonus will be received by subscribers of this plan.
  • Subscribers have rollover options
  • Airtel can change the time frame of the offer any time the company deems fit.

Airtel TOO MUCH Monthly Bundles

 Plan.               Price     Ussd Code

3,000mins of     GHC 20.   *202#

Call time&100

SMS to Airtel lines


104 mins to all other


Of call time for intl


2,000mins of        GHC 10.     *202#

Call time&100

SMS to Airtel lines                         /400MB.

52mins to all other


Of call time For intl


Airtel TOO MUCH Weekly Bundles

 Plan.                 Price.     Ussd Code

100mins&100    GHC 20       *202#

SMS to Airtel

Lines only/200MB

20mins of call time

to all Networks/4mins

For international


160min&60.         GHC3.50     *202#

SMS to Airtel

Lines only/90MB.

15mins of call time

to all Networks/3mins

For international


Airtel Fuse Bundle

This plan incorporates both data and voice packages. With the fuse bundles, you get to have both data and voice calls at separate prices. Since the launching of this package by Airtel Ghana, it has had an increasing number of subscribers plus, it has no expiry length. Fuse bundle is definitely a plan you want to subscribe to. Details of the bundle are outlined below;

Plan                  Price     Ussd code

40mb/40mins     2Ghc        *567#

Of call time.

No expiry date

100mb/100Mins   5Ghc          *567#

of call time.

No expiry date

250mb/250       10Ghc          *567#

Mins of call time.

No expiry date

The code to bundle for Airtel fuse is *567#. Then you can choose the offer that you require.

To check your balance as a subscriber for the bundle, dial *504# for results.

How Airtel Fuse Bundle Works


There is no expiration for the unused voice minutes.


You can subscribe to this package at multiple times.

Bundles With validity are prioritized

 Subscribing to the fuse bundle means being less prioritized by the network provider as bundles with expiry such as Sika Kooko are given more priority.

Top up Eligibility and Default Service

Subscribers of the fuse bundle will only have access to Airtel Money Top-up bonuses and, will be switched to the default service class by the network service.

Product duration will remain valid until an end date is announced

Airtel premier monthly Bundles

      Plan.           Price     Ussd Code

1GB for          5GHC      *125#

3 days.

30MB             1GHC      *125#

Data and call    30GHC      *202#

Times to local

&some Intl

Zones worth


For this package, you can check data balance with the code *125# then pick option1 and also borrow data with the shortcode *125# then pick option 2.

Airtel Flex Bundles

 Plan.                   Price.   Ussd Code

2GB main            25Ghc.     *125#


For Social media




1 month

3GB main            35Ghc.    *125#


For Social media



YouTube) for

1 month

400mb main           8Ghc.     *125#


For Social media



YouTube) for


300MB main           6Ghc.     *125#

Bundle for Social

Media (WhatsApp,


YouTube) for

7 days

100mb main           2Ghc.    *125#


For Social media



YouTube) for


40MB main           1Ghc.    *125#

Bundle/40 MB

For Social media



YouTube) for


Dial the code to subscribe and pick the bundle you prefer.

Airtel play Bundles

 Plan.                  Price.          Code

4Gb/1month      55Ghc.      *125#

Extra Access.

1.5Gb/1month     40Ghc.    *125#

400mb/1week     15Ghc.    *125#

All Access.

400mb/1week    11Ghc.     *125#

Ultra Access.

200mb/1day        5Ghc.       *125#

60mb/1hour        1Ghc.       *125#

To subscribe, simply dial the code and choose from the options the package you want.

Terms and Conditions clarification for all prepaid subscribers

A customer is bound by the T&Cs by activating the services.

Regarding clarification for the Terms and Conditions for prepaid subscribers, customers can visit the website: or visit the AirtelTigo customer service centers.

Airtel Ghana Data Plans Value

 With the introduction of all these new data packages, Airtel Ghana hopes that its subscribers enjoy a consistent quality of service, reliability, innovation, and affordability regardless of where they work or live.

With a subscriber base of 10 million, Airtel Ghana is a solid, dynamic and innovative brand. They have lived up to their core vision of making a better life for their customers.

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