American Embassy in Ghana

The embassy is a legal representation of a country in another country. You can call it the physical presence of a country in a foreign country. It is a place that you go to, to know about a country and its policies. An embassy carries out diplomatic functions between the home country and a foreign country. These diplomatic functions include education, scientific, financial, medical, legal arrangements, and economic affairs. It can be called the go-between the home and foreign country. They also handle visa applications from a foreign country to the home country.

American Embassy in Ghana

American Embassy in Ghana

This article is going to enlighten you more on the American Embassy In Ghana. It is safe to assume that you are reading this because you are a citizen of Ghana who has plans to visit the USA. It could also be that you are just curious about the American embassy and want to gain more knowledge. Not to worry, we got you covered.

Duties Of The American Embassy In Ghana 

As we already know, embassies have particular duties they carry out for their home country in the host country. One of the major duties of the American embassy in Ghana is to stand as a diplomatic bridge between America and Ghana.

  • The U.S. embassy in Ghana represents the people and government of America, the President, and his policies.
  • They promote and protect the interest of their citizens living in Ghana. They also encourage and facilitate trade between both countries.
  • They sponsor educational exchanges and counsel Ghanaian students looking to study in American universities.
  • They are in charge of visa interviews and issuing visas to people who want to travel to America from Ghana.
  • They also provide support to Ghana through partnership programs. They support economic development, health, agriculture, education, combating terrorism, and a lot more.

Sections And Offices Under The American Embassy

The embassy in Ghana has in its employment more than 150 U.S. citizens. It also has over 500 local staff in its 13 U.S government departments and agencies. Some of these offices include the following.

  • Consular section
  • Defenseattaché office
  • Department of homeland security
  • Foreign agricultural services
  • Foreign commercial services
  • Office of security cooperation
  • Peace Corps
  • Public affairs

Contact details and opening hours of the American Embassy in Ghana


U.S embassy

24, fourth circular road,


P.O BOX GP 2288

Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 30 274 1000

Emails: [email protected]

Social media:

How to contact the Consular Section of the American Embassy in Ghana

The consular section’s preferred method of contact is through email. They are committed to quick and courteous communication. As soon as your email is received you get an automatic response confirming the receipt of your mail. If you don’t get this it means your mail was not delivered. Be assured though that your application will be treated if your mail is received.

The following are the contacts of the consular section:

By email:

[email protected]

For adoptions: [email protected]

American citizen services: [email protected]

By mail

From the United States

  • Consular section


2020 Accra place

Washington, D.C. 20189-2020

From Ghana

  • Consular section

U.S. Embassy

P.O. Box 194

Greater Accra, Ghana

All inquiries should be treated within 5 working days. Also, note that you should not send any personal documents through email or mailbox as the consular would not be responsible for any loss.

I hope this article was able to answer your questions on the U.S. embassy and its function in Ghana.

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