Australian Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

An embassy by way of definition is the diplomatic representation of a country in a foreign country. It acts as the residence of the Ambassador and other diplomatic staff of the home country. The embassy performs several functions on behalf of the home country. We will be looking at the functions of the Australian Embassy in Ghana shortly.

Australian Embassy in Ghana

It is imperative that we first discuss a little about Australia. My guess is you are reading this with an interest of traveling to Australia from Ghana or just to gain knowledge. Whichever the case, it will be an added advantage to know a little about Australia as well.

About Australia

We all know the country by the name Australia but the official name is The Commonwealth of Australia. This is because the country covers the mainland of the Australian continent as well as several other surrounding islands. In size, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and the largest in the whole of Oceania.

The capital of Australia is Canberra even though its most popular city is Sydney because of its size. Other top cities in Australia include Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. The country has a highly urbanized population.

Being a former British colony, Australia has High Commissions in several countries of the world, including Ghana. The country has the tenth highest per capita income in the world while being the thirteenth largest economy in the world. The country is very open to immigrants as it has one of the highest immigrant population ratios in the world. Currently, Australia has an estimated 26% immigrant population, this is the ninth-largest in the world.

Australia asides being highly urbanized ranks very high in standard of living. There is a high quality of life, education, feeding, health, transportation, political rights, economic freedom, and civil liberties.

When you consider all of this information, you can tell that people will be interested in traveling to Australia a lot. If you are one of them in Ghana, then here’s some key information about the Australian embassy in Ghana.

Australian Embassy in Ghana

As stated earlier, Australia used to be a British colony and thus is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Countries with this status have High Commissions that oversee their embassies in certain regions. What Australia has in Ghana is a High Commission,not an embassy. The High Commission is responsible for diplomatic relations with several countries close to Ghana. The countries include Senegal, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Mali.

The High Commission is headed by the High Commissioner and it has several responsibilities it carries out on behalf of the home government. Firstly, it works with governments of the countries mentioned above to establish partnerships in issues of common interest. Some of the issues of common interest include peace and security, trade and investment, economic development, and promoting human rights.

The High Commission also handles issues relating to visa and travel from all the countries above to Australia. Overall, it ensures that cordial bilateral relations are maintained and interests are achieved easily.

Contacting the Australian High Commission in Ghana

Address: 2, Second Rangoon Close (corner of Josef B. Tito Ave), Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

Telephone: (+233) 302 216 400

Fax: (+233) 302 216 410

Email: [email protected]


Office Hours: 08.00-16.15, 09.30-12.30 (Consular Section)

Head of Mission: High Commissioner, Mr. Andrew Barnes

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