Austria Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details

Embassies are official representations of countries in other countries and they help to maintain bilateral relations between both countries. Austria does not have an embassy in Ghana. Instead, the country has an Honorary Consulate in Ghana because the embassy for the region is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

AUSTRIA embassy in Ghana

Before going ahead to discuss the responsibilities of the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Ghana, let us shed a bit of light about the country, Austria. Austria is officially referred to as The Republic of Austria and it is located in Central Europe. The country has nine federated States and an estimated population of 9 million individuals.

Austria Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details

Austria is a predominantly mountainous area with just about 32% of the whole country falling below 500m above sea level. The country’s official language is German even though most of the locals speak Bavarian. Austria has one of the biggest economies in the world as well as a very high standard of living. In 2018, Austria was ranked twentieth in the world with respect to the Human Development Index.

Austria is a very important part of European history and attracts quite a number of visitors on a yearly basis. If you are reading this then my guess is that you are interested in knowing more about the Austrian Embassy in Ghana. We have you covered in this article as we have brought you all the information available about the Austria Embassy in Ghana.

Functions of the Austria Embassy in Ghana

As stated earlier, Austria does not have an Embassy in Ghana, it has an Honorary Consulate. The reason for this is that the Austrian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria caters for several countries including Ghana. Basically, a consulate is a branch of an embassy in another location. There are however certain functions that a consulate cannot carry out on behalf of an embassy or the home country.

The Honorary Consulate of Austria in Ghana majorly focuses on maintaining bilateral relations between Austria and Ghana. Both countries maintain certain interests and the consulate ensures that those interests are protected.

The consulate also acts as a linkup between visa applicants and the embassy by facilitating visa applications and interviews. However, visa applications to Austria cannot be approved by the consulate. They can only be forwarded to the Embassy in Abuja.

The consulate also helps to care for Austrian citizens in Ghana as well as helping them understand the constitution of Ghana so they can live accordingly.

Contact details of the Austria Honorary Consulate in Ghana

Address: Addis Ababa Road, DTD 117 Cantonments, East Legon – Accra, Ghana.

Telephone: Local (030) 254.4069, International +

Email: [email protected]


Opening hours of the Austria Honorary Consulate in Ghana

Business hours: Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 12.00pm and 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Visiting hours: Monday & Friday, 10.00am – 12.00pm

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