Belgium Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

Unlike several other countries, Belgium is one of the few countries that does not have an embassy in Ghana. However, the country runs a consulate in Ghana. Most of the time, people confuse a consulate for an embassy. In reality, both terms are very much related but are not synonymous in meaning.


By original definition, an embassy is the main location for a country’s presence in another country. In other words, it is the major location for the diplomatic presence of a country in another country. On the other hand, a consulate is the branch of an embassy. A consulate or a consulate general is defined by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations is the representative of a country in another that deals with individuals and businesses.

Belgium recently opened four embassies in Africa while it has consulates scattered around other countries in Africa. The Belgian embassies in Africa are located in Mali, Guinea, Niger, and the Benin Republic.

The functions of the Belgian Consulate in Ghana

Usually, a consulate is under the administrative leadership of a Consul General or an Honorary Consul. The Consul General is in charge of the operations of the consulate and ensures that all objectives are achieved. The Belgian Consulate in Ghana carries out several diplomatic or consular functions on behalf of Belgium within the country.

Some of these functions include the protection of Belgian citizens in Ghana in accordance with the laws of the host country. The consulate also performs the functions of an Embassy within Ghana since there is no Belgian Embassy in the country. The consulate also helps to facilitate trade between both countries as well as strengthen bilateral relations to improve the economy of both countries.

If you are seeking a visa to Belgium from Ghana, your best bet is to visit the Belgian Consulate. Here you will be furnished with all the information you need to help with your application process.

Contacting the Belgian Consulate in Ghana

Below are the contact details of the Belgian Consulate in Ghana:


Belgian Consulate in Accra, Ghana
Mile 4, Liberation Road
P.O. Box CT 3890


(+233) 302 762 281 / 382
(+233) 024 319 102


(+233) 302 764 384


[email protected]

Head of Mission:

Dimitri Avraam, Honorary Consul

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