10 Best Restaurants in Accra

Accra is home to some of the best restaurants with the finest cosines in Ghana. The country’s capital which doubles as its most populous city is already home to French, Japanese and African –themed restaurants.

Surely, there is no better place in Ghana to get a taste of the most delicious dishes whether you’re going for a local dish or continental dish. The city of Accra has enough restaurants to meet your need for the best dishes.

Restaurants in Accra

In this article, we will highlight the 10 best restaurants in Accra. These restaurants take the lead when it comes to taste, hospitality and after-customer service. Whether you’re a tourist or resident, you should give these restaurants a try at least once in your lifetime.

10 Best Restaurants in Accra

1. Mamma Mia

When we say Mamma Mia, we aren’t referring to the romantic comedy film that made us fall in love. No! We’re talking about one of the most exquisite restaurants in the city of Accra. Mamma Mia is the perfect place to relax and get the right kind of food.

Mamma Mia has been in Ghana for over 18 years and they’ve got something to show for it. You can never get used to their amazing pizza Italian style and lobster pasta because it tastes great every time.

Mamma Mia offers one of the best services in a convenient location. They offer delivery and takeout service and you can book reservations if you want. Street parking, outdoor seating, and full bar are just a few of the excellent features of this restaurant.

2. Bread & Wine

Quality doesn’t come cheap! Well, that’s true for this restaurant. Quite expensive but sure is classy. Bread & Wine is open seven days a week and it offers excellent customer service and great food.

Instead of burning your toast, you could just head over to the restaurant and get an excellent tasting meal that would get you going for the day.

Bread & Wine offers French and English dishes which are nothing short of delicious. If you would like to order cakes, baguettes, and donuts, you can try out this restaurant. You can get your order delivered to you or get it in a take-away package.

3.Toro-Spanish Restaurant

Lunch and Dinner get better with this restaurant. If you’re looking for a restaurant that knows how to treat a vegetarian then today is your lucky day.

Toro-Spanish is everything about quality with tapas dishes from the sea, the field, and the garden. Its services are just good enough to make you want to eat there over and over again. With Toro-Spanish, you get wouldn’t only Spanish dishes but English dishes too.

Its continental dishes are just amazing with the Spanish wines and drinks to go.

4. Kaya Energy, Bar & Design

Kaya Energy Bar & Design is a restaurant that takes the nutritional value of its dishes very seriously. They use only raw ingredients to ensure that no nutrients are lost during cooking.

They don’t just offer tasty dishes and drinks. They are involved in the sales of organic superfoods which is just perfect for the health-conscious foodie.

Although we loved its range of raw food creation and seafood dishes, we couldn’t help but marvel at the elegance of the exterior and interior. From its furniture to its design and structure, they certainly deserve to be among the best restaurants in Accra.

5. Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant

Eating the right meal is important. It’s not just about getting the taste right but having the correct amount of nutrients in the food. That’s why you need to try out Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant at least once a week to get the best dishes in the whole of Accra.

You can take your breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner in this restaurant. Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that offer American dishes with a wide range of juicy burgers that fill you up the right way.

6. Santoku

Santoku takes continental dishes to another level with its exquisite menu of seafood, sashimi, tempura, and crisp salads. This restaurant has grown in popularity not just because of its tasty dishes but also due to its brilliant cocktail bar.

The outlook of the restaurant is just great and could be a great spot for you to have a romantic evening with your partner.

7. Zion Thai Restaurant

Zion Thai Restaurant is also known as the first Thai food restaurant in Osu. It is one of the best Asian restaurants you can find in Accra. Its menu features some of the most amazing Thai dishes prepared by a highly skilled Thai chef.

Their salads are second to none and we’ve to warn you – they very addictive.

This restaurant doesn’t fail to meet up with demand and maintains a fast reliable service that will keep you coming back for more. With great food and great service, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t ditch your kitchen and get comfy in this restaurant.

8. Buka

Local dishes get even better with this restaurant. There are quite a number of restaurants offering Ghanaian dishes in the city of Accra but only a few offer it with a perfect taste that leaves that satisfactory feeling

Buka doesn’t just give you Ghanaian dishes. Its menu consists of dishes from Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal. Buka is the perfect representation of an African restaurant in Accra.

Diners can either choose to sit outdoor or indoor and enjoy their meals. No matter the choice you go for, the service remains the same and the food always tastes great.

9. La Chaumiere

For lovers of French cuisines, La Chaumiere is the perfect restaurant to try out. Their menu includes a wide range of classics including French and African dishes. It also has a full bar.

Its services and hospitality are one of the reasons why the restaurant made it to our list.

10. The Republic

Another African-themed restaurant takes the spotlight on our list. The Republic features a range of Ghanaian dishes with a wide mix of cocktails and traditional music that leaves a satisfactory feeling at the end.


Accra is filled with lots of restaurants but only a few make for the best restaurants in Accra. You can try out any of the options above depending on your taste and location.

Which other restaurants in Accra do you think should be on our list?

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