Top 10 Bottling Companies in Ghana (2023)

The human body relies on water for many biological processes and cannot sustain without water for a certain period of time. While drinking water regularly is necessary, drinking clean water is just as important to keep you safe and prevent you from contracting several water-related diseases.

There are several bottling companies in Ghana that provide some of the safest drinking bottled water products and we’ve ranked them in this post.

Bottling Companies in Ghana

In this article, you will find Top 10 Bottling Companies in Ghana which make up the significant part of Ghana’s bottling water industry.

  1. Verna Natural Mineral Water

Verna Natural Mineral Water is one of the leading bottling water companies in Ghana. It is one of the many brands from the Twellium Industrial Company – one of the leading beverage companies in Ghana.

According to water and aquatic experts, reviewers and many other Ghanaians, Verna Natural is not only the best in terms of quality but also among the top-selling bottled water brands in Ghana.

The water used by this bottled brand is sourced from protected undergrounds, then cleansed with a high tech global standard purification system and bottled by the Twellium Industrial Company.

Verna Natural was introduced into the Ghanaian market in 2014 and instantly caught the attention of Ghanaians. To expand its market base, it underwent a rebranding exercise that boosted its popularity and acceptance. In 2019, the Ghana Manufacturing Awards conferred on the brand with the product of the year award.

  1. Voltic Ghana

Voltic is one of the largest bottling companies in Ghana and a leading bottling company in Ghana. It is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa and one of the oldest bottling water companies in Ghana.

In the eyes of Ghanaians, there are only a few bottling companies that offer the same quality as Voltic. This is the company won the “Brand of the Year” award at the 3rd edition of Ghana Manufacturing Awards.


BEL~AQUA is another bottling company in Ghana that is tested and trusted. The quality of BEL~AQUA products is considered one of the best in the industry and that is because of the effort put into producing it.

Through the use of highly-skilled consultants from other topwater bottling brands around the world, BEL~AQUA was able to setup up a world-class, 14-stage advanced treatment plant to produce its high-quality safe drinking water.

After going through several stages of purification, the water is then infused with natural minerals for added benefits.

  1. Awake Purified Drinking Water

Awake Purified Drinking Water is a winning water bottling company in Ghana. The company is one of the very few that can boast of producing high-quality safe drinking water which is one of the reasons why it is among the most popular options in the country.

  1. Special Ice Company Limited

Special Ice Company Limited is one of the oldest water bottling companies in Ghana. It was established in 2011 as a limited liability company and began operations with the objective of providing real and safe natural mineral water to Ghanaians at affordable prices.

The company deals in the production, packaging, and distribution of water in bottles, jars (for water dispensers), sachets, and expandable jars. Their products come in 350ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 750m;l bottle, 1.5 ltrs bottle, and Dispenser Jars – 18.5 ltrs.

  1. Standard Drinking Water

Standard Drinking Water is another water bottling company in Ghana revered for its high-quality products. The company which is a subsidiary of COB-A industries takes an extra step in the purification of its water to not only ensure that it is safe for drinking but also that it provides extra benefits to its customers.

To boost the quality of its product, the company invested in a multi-million-dollar water treatment plant to handle production at its sachet water and bottling factory in Ghana.

  1. Evenpure Ghana Limited

Evenpure Ghana Limited was established in Ghana with the aim of producing high quality purified drinking water to Ghana and the West African sub-region. The company began in 2008 as a 7-man dream and within six years it grew to a workforce of 450 highly skilled personnel. Its rapid growth was due to its high-quality products which are accepted in almost all regions of Ghana.

To produce its water, the company makes use of advanced water purification technology and utilizes the best practices. Its exceptional products and customer service are the main reasons why it is among the top water bottling companies in Ghana.

  1. Dasani Water

Dasani Water is produced by one of the largest beverage companies – the Coca-Cola Company. It is one of the many bottled water brands sold by the company in the world. Dasani Water is very popularly in Ghana not because it comes from Coca-Cola, but due to its quality. The bottled water is not only sold in Ghana but in the United States of America, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

  1. Kings Drinking Water

Kingdom Group is a leading conglomerate company in Ghana with interests in beverages, herbal, communications, and properties. They are also the brains behind the Kings Drinking Water brand.

One of the best things about Kings Drinking Water and one of the major things that differentiate it from other brands is the affordability of its product. Unlike other top brands, their bottled water products are very affordable and luckily, their affordability in no way affects the water quality. With this brand, you can expect safe drinking water at the most affordable prices.

  1. Ocean Spring Mineral Water

In the past, there were very few options to consider for affordable drinking water and this made it extremely difficult for individuals living in rural areas to get clean drinking water. Fortunately, brands like Ocean Spring Mineral Water have not only provided Ghanaians with affordable drinking water but also safe drinking water.

Ocean Spring Mineral Water is a water bottling brand that made its way into the Ghanaian market by providing affordable options for the average Ghanaian. Today, it is one of the most popular brands in Ghana’s water industry.


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