Businesses You Can Start With 500 Ghana Cedis (2023)

Before going any further, let’s make it clear. It is business, not a “get rich quick scheme” or “magic cash.” One of the biggest dreams of any young person is to become rich enough to not just care for their needs but maybe to live a bit more flamboyantly.

Ghana is one of the most blessed countries in Africa with several mineral resources and opportunities to make money. Despite the availability of these opportunities for wealth creation, many of the youth in the country are still dependent and living in lack.

Businesses you can start with 500 Ghana Cedis

It is obvious that there is a need for young people to engage in business to help them make a sustainable income. One of the biggest challenges of starting a business anywhere in the world is that of little or no capital. This is one of the reasons people in Ghana find it difficult to engage in business activities.

If you fall into this category, there is no need to worry so much. We have got you covered in this post. We will discuss a few opportunities that you can take advantage of to make a decent income for yourself. Who knows, you could be the next big entrepreneur in Ghana.

Businesses you can start with GHC 500 or less

Social media management

There is no doubt that the internet has become a major source of opportunities these days. Social media is the new oil and if you can tap from it wisely, you could become a millionaire very soon. What does social media management entail? It is quite simple, so many people are too busy to handle their social media accounts, especially the rich folks.

Since they do not have the time and you do, you can simply charge them for managing their social media accounts. Several big companies also need people to do this and would rather outsource rather than employ someone for the job.

All you need for this job is understanding how to use different social media apps, be able to create content, have a good phone, and access to the internet. A good way to start is by growing your own social media followership, you might end up being an influencer.

Freelance writing

Many people feel this is farfetched because it requires some writing prowess. It is really not that difficult. Yes, you need to know how to write, but the human mind can learn anything as long as there is a determination to do so.

If you have some skill in writing already then all you need is a laptop, notepad, and internet connection. You should also consider signing up on as many freelance platforms as possible. A few of them include Fiverr,,,, etc.

In less than no time, you could be earning, not just in Cedis, but in Dollars. Try it out today, you probably wouldn’t spend up to GHC 500.


Being a tutor is a big deal these days. As they say, knowledge is power, meaning that people will always seek knowledge. If you have knowledge in a certain academic area, you could make use of this to earn yourself some good cash.

You may start by publicizing your services through social media, printing a few posters and handbills, signing up on a few websites, and via word of mouth. This way you can make a lot of money and even start a tutorial center. You should consider whether you want to specialize in a particular subject or a couple of subjects. Just make sure you are capable to teach the subjects you pick.


You probably know about this already. Agriculture is a money-spinner anywhere in the world, the world is going green and you can be part of this revolution. Agriculture is the rearing of animals and cultivation of crops for consumption purposes.

Obviously, with GHC 500, you cannot start an export business but you can start something to help you make a decent earning from your neighborhood. You can either decide to focus on crops or livestock. If you want to do livestock then you can choose from poultry, raising snails, raising fish, or rearing goats and sheep. There are several other livestock you can rear.

Planting of crops is also very lucrative and there are several crops you can invest in to make a good income. Some of these include vegetables, maize, potatoes, fruits, etc.

Development of mobile apps

Mobile apps are a huge deal these days and if you can develop them you will be making a huge amount of money monthly for yourself. You will need some skill to get into this line of business, it is not a business for novices.

If you know that you want to get into this business then you need to learn the ropes so you can be efficient. There are two ways of being involved in this line of business. You can come up with app ideas, develop them, and put them on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. You can also decide to lend your services to other people who want to develop apps but don’t have the technical skill to do so.

Making liquid soap

One of the most important ingredients in any kitchen is liquid soap. It is needed to clean up dishes and other kitchen utensils. You do not need up to GHC 500 to begin this business and if you are diligent, you could make a fortune in a very short time.

All you need to do is learn how to make the soap, get the raw materials, and work on your packaging. There are several ways to market your liquid. You can use word of mouth, visit supermarkets, social media, etc.


There are so many businesses you can start and engage in with GHC 500 or less in Ghana. Make sure you build yourself as much as possible and get all the necessary skills. Business requires being shrewd and being consistent. Just in case it doesn’t work immediately, don’t stop, press harder because there is always gold beneath the surface.

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