Canadian Embassy In Ghana: Address & Contact Details (2023)

An embassy is the foreign representation of a country in another country. When you are in an embassy of a country it is safe to assume that you are in that country at that point in time. This is because the only rules and policies that apply are that of the foreign country. An embassy performs diplomatic duties on behalf of its country’s government in the host country. These include educational, financial, scientific, economic, legal arrangements and so on. They are also in charge of issuing visas to citizens of the host country who want to visit the home country.

Canadian Embassy In Ghana: Address & Contact Details

If you are reading this, you are either a Ghanaian who is interested in visiting Canada soon or you are just a person who wants to know more about the Canadian embassy in Ghana. Don’t worry we got you covered as we will be filling you in with the information you need to know about the Canadian embassy. We will also discuss their function in Ghana.

Canada and Ghana have a very strong,long-standing relationship. Ghana has a number of cultural organizations in major cities in Canada. This is to foster understanding and a sense of belonging in Canada. The number of Ghanaians in Canada are over 70,000 and it is growing. A lot of Canadians also come down to Canada for either work or schooling.

The Canadian high commission/embassy in Ghana is located in Accra. It is one of the 90 foreign representations in Ghana and one of the 83 in Accra. It is the only representation of Canada in Ghana.


They handle immigration applications from Ghana to Canada and also for some African countries around Ghana. This includesSierra Leone, Togo, Gambia, Liberia, Principe, St. Helena, Sao Tome, and many more.The embassy also makes possible the bilateral relationship between Canada and Ghana. On a frequent basis, meetings are held at the embassy to discuss issues that bilaterally affect both countries.

Another responsibility of the task of the embassy is the organizing and overseeing of forums to discuss and share scientific and innovative ideas.These are expected to promote the economic growth of both countries. They also act as a bridge to support the study of Canadian students in Ghana and vice versa.

It is important to note when you want to apply for immigration to Canada, you should do so through the Canadian embassy of the country of origin. However, there are exceptions to this rule in which case you should consult an immigration lawyer to assist you with the application. For countries that have to go through Ghana, this information is very good to keep to heart.


Canadian high commission,

Immigration section.

42, Independence Avenue

Accra Ghana.

Mailing address:

Canadian high commission

Immigration section.

P.O. Box 1639

Accra, Ghana

Phone number: (233-0302)211-521/: (233-0302)7011596

Fax number:      (233-0302)211-524

Email address:[email protected]

Opening hours for the Consular section

Monday08.00–12.00/ 14:00-15:30(by appointments only)
Tuesday08.00–12.00/ 14:00-15:30(by appointments only)
Wednesday08.00–12.00/14:00-15:30(by appointments only)
Thursday08.00–12.00/ 14:00-15:30(by appointments only)

Opening hours for the offices


 This is all you need to know about the Canadian Embassy in Ghana. You can visit the embassy for any of your needs or simply visit the official website of the Canadian Embassy in Ghana for more details.

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