CEOs’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (2023)

There is almost no one who doesn’t know what the acronym CEO means. We all aspire to be CEOs at some point in our careers.

The truth is that many people who aspire for this position do so because of how much they want to earn. This is true for many of the young people in Ghana.

One question begs to be answered, how much does a CEO in Ghana earn? This is quite tricky as CEOs own their companies and can decide how much they should earn. We will try to answer this question in this post.

CEOs’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn

Ceos salary in ghana

Who is a CEO?

Before we discuss how much CEOs earn in Ghana, let’s take a look at what the term means. CEO is an acronym for Chief Executive Officer. In some cases, they are known as Chief Executives.

A Chief Executive Officer is regarded as the highest-ranked executive in any company. This individual carries out a plethora of responsibilities tied to this executive position. Usually, a CEO is elected by a board of directors along with the company’s shareholders.

We will discuss a little about the responsibilities of a CEO later in this post, first, let’s see how much they earn.

How much does a CEO earn in Ghana?

Generally, a person who sits at the head of a company in Ghana earns an average of 10,832 GHS every month. This figure comprises of transportation, housing, and many other benefits. Please note that this is just an average salary can be less or more depending on the company.

To make it more enlightening for you, we have added a list of other executives working in management in Ghana. This list should give you an overview of how much you may earn in any of these positions.

Account Coordinator4,787 GHS
Administration Manager5,679 GHS
Area Manager5,014 GHS
Asset Protection Associate6,088 GHS
Assistant Director5,379 GHS
Assistant Manager5,885 GHS
Assistant Operations Manager6,664 GHS
Assistant Project Manager5,691 GHS
Assistant Section Head4,551 GHS
Assistant to CEO5,426 GHS
Assistant Vice President6,017 GHS
Associate Director5,821 GHS
Bid Manager6,400 GHS
Branch Manager6,311 GHS
Business Development Manager7,242 GHS
Business Operations Associate5,496 GHS
Business Operations Lead6,156 GHS
Campaign Manager6,563 GHS
Chairman of The Board10,616 GHS
Chairman Office Manager6,850 GHS
Chief Corporate Officer8,972 GHS
Chief Executive Officer10,832 GHS
Chief Financial Officer10,472 GHS
Chief of Staff5,157 GHS
Chief Operating Officer7,503 GHS
Chief Risk Officer7,249 GHS
Client Services Manager7,037 GHS
Commercial Project Manager6,100 GHS
Commodity Broker4,376 GHS
Corporate Affairs Executive6,309 GHS
Corporate Compliance Director6,784 GHS
Corporate Director7,746 GHS
Corporate Officer5,290 GHS
Corporate Partnerships Officer5,034 GHS
Country Manager8,493 GHS
Deputy Director7,859 GHS
Director8,527 GHS
Director of Accreditation7,234 GHS
Director of Catering Services6,387 GHS
Director of Client Services6,682 GHS
Director of Facilities Management5,742 GHS
Director of Operations7,234 GHS
Director of Process Simplification5,908 GHS
Director of Project Management7,933 GHS
Director of Revenue Management6,553 GHS
Director of Training and Development7,186 GHS
Distribution Manager7,551 GHS
Division Manager6,382 GHS
Duty Manager6,562 GHS
Engagement Manager7,766 GHS
Executive Director10,673 GHS
Executive Manager8,572 GHS
Franchise Manager9,517 GHS
General Manager8,288 GHS
Global Master Data Manager7,811 GHS
Head of Middle Office6,676 GHS
Head of Projects7,616 GHS
Head of Sustainability5,967 GHS
Housing Manager5,742 GHS
HSE Manager5,776 GHS
Key Account Manager5,810 GHS
Knowledge Manager6,724 GHS
Location Manager6,767 GHS
Logistics Manager5,710 GHS
Management Consultant5,520 GHS
Management Executive8,108 GHS
Manager7,221 GHS
Managing Director9,086 GHS
MIS Executive7,192 GHS
Ocean Services Manager7,294 GHS
Operations Assistant5,288 GHS
Operations Director8,211 GHS
Operations Executive7,759 GHS
Operations Manager7,917 GHS
Operations Supervisor6,531 GHS
Policy Administration Executive6,337 GHS
Private Sector Executive6,727 GHS
Product Development Manager7,163 GHS
Product Executive6,216 GHS
Production Executive7,369 GHS
Production Manager7,546 GHS
Production Supervisor6,436 GHS
Program Manager7,522 GHS
Programme Coordinator5,353 GHS
Project Control Manager7,918 GHS
Project Coordinator4,291 GHS
Project Management Officer5,042 GHS
Project Manager5,383 GHS
Project Portfolio Manager5,590 GHS
Quality Manager5,695 GHS
R/D Director6,230 GHS
Regional Director10,512 GHS
Regional Manager7,658 GHS
Relationship Manager7,451 GHS
Retail District Manager5,425 GHS
Revenue Manager5,694 GHS
Risk and Capital Manager8,233 GHS
Risk Officer5,409 GHS
Safety Manager5,306 GHS
Section Head5,738 GHS
Service Manager5,625 GHS
Shift Supervisor4,570 GHS
Solutions Manager4,970 GHS
Supervisor4,552 GHS
Supply Chain Manager7,781 GHS
Surveyor5,085 GHS
Technical Manager7,032 GHS
Territory Manager7,248 GHS
Validation Manager6,225 GHS
Vice President8,761 GHS
Zone Manager7,416 GHS

Responsibilities of a CEO

This post will be incomplete without discussing the responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Making decisions about the strategic direction of the company.
  • Acting as the public face of the organization.
  • Reporting to the organization’s board of directors.
  • Charting a clear course for the human resources department.
  • Building the company’s business network.
  • Seeking out opportunities for acquisitions.

These are just a few of the CEO’s responsibilities. Now you can see why they earn so much.

CEOs’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn Roundup

In this post, we have learned about CEOs and how much they earn in Ghana. We have also taken a peep into how much other executive and management roles earn in Ghana. Finally, we discussed the responsibilities of a CEO. If you are interested in becoming a CEO then you have to start working towards it from now.

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