DCE Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (2023)

Choosing a career path in any part of the world goes beyond passion. Most times this aspect of our lives is influenced by how much we are likely to earn. This is the case of many young people in Ghana who want to choose a career.

One of the jobs young people look forward to in Ghana is being a DCE. In case you don’t know what the acronym stands for or how much they earn, this post is for you. We will discuss these pieces of information along with several others before the end of this post.

DCE Salary in Ghana

Who is a DCE?

Before we even go ahead to discuss how much a DCE earns in Ghana, it is important that we look into who they are. DCE is an acronym that stands for District Chief Executive.

With this information, the next question on your mind is who is a District Chief Executive? A District Chief Executive is an individual who works in public service but holds the appointment of the head of a district in Ghana.

The position is equivalent to what we know as a mayor in many countries. It is regarded as an official and national position with the responsibilities prescribed in the Ghanaian constitution.

Ghana has 212 districts currently and they are divided into two groups. A district can either be a municipal or a metropolis.

Salary of a DCE in Ghana

In recent times, the Ghanaian government has hidden the salaries paid to government officials in the country. Several reasons contribute to this action. The major reason lies in the fact that there have been complaints about government officials earning very high salaries.

Even though the salaries of District Chief Executives in Ghana are not known publicly one thing is certain. Their take at the end of each month is quite handsome. So if you are motivated by salaries, then you should consider working towards this position.

Responsibilities of a DCE in Ghana

We have established the fact that a DCE is an important officer in Ghana. Just like every other occupation, or position, in this case, there are responsibilities that should be carried out. The Ghanaian government had a vision of decentralizing governance and appointing DCEs is just part of that plan.

The duties or responsibilities of DCEs in Ghana are stated in the Ghanaian 1992 Constitution. Generally, they are expected to carry out both administrative and political responsibilities. Their functions include but may not be restricted to:

  1. To act as the presiding officer over Executive Committee meetings held at the assembly.
  2. Are in charge of the daily performance of both administrative and executive functions of their districts.
  3. Directly supervise the departments under their districts.
  4. Act as the Chief Representative of the Ghanaian Central Government at the district level.

Becoming a DCE in Ghana

At this point, you must be wondering how you can become a District Chief Officer in Ghana. This is not farfetched as long as you put yourself to it. The first step is to become a public servant. You also have to be good at what you do considering that the position is by appointment.

If you can satisfy both criteria above, then the rest really is not up to you. You can get into office by being appointed by the Central Government of Ghana. However, this is subject to a vote of approval by the Assembly. That’s how simple it is to become a District Chief Executive in Ghana.

Cessation of tenure as a District Chief Executive in Ghana

The fact that you have been appointed into the office of the District Chief Executive in Ghana is not the end of the road. It is possible to be removed from office if you are deemed to have failed in your responsibilities.

These are the general conditions that may translate to the cessation of tenure as a District Chief Executive:

  1. Removal of office by the veto power of the President of Ghana.
  2. When a vote of no-confidence is passed by members of the Assembly led by the DCE. At least, two-thirds of the Assembly must vote in favor of the motion before impeachment can occur.

Other than these two, the only other ways an individual can cease to function as a DCE include:

  1. When the term of office is complete.
  2. In the event that the individual dies in office.

DCE Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (Roundup)

In this post, we have described to you who a District Chief Executive is and how much they earn. We have also explained their responsibilities, how to become a DCE, and cessation of tenure. It is definitely an attractive position but it comes with a lot of responsibility. The pay is definitely worth the trouble which is why many people are interested.


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