Doctors’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (2023)

Medical doctors are one of the most important set of people in the country why? Because healthcare is part of the basic human rights of humans. This was stated by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948.

Doctors being the leading experts in healthcare cannot be ignored in the planning of a country. In this post, we will be talking about the salary of doctors in Ghana.

Doctors’ Salary in Ghana

How much do doctors earn in Ghana?

There have been arguments on the salary scheme of medical practitioners in Ghana. This is made evident by the incessant strikes by doctors over the years. Most people think that doctors all over the world get well paid.

The case is different in Ghana because doctors are on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) like other institutions in Ghana. Senior doctors earn about GHC 3600 while specialist doctors earn about GHC 5000 monthly which’s before tax deduction.

Apart from their monthly salaries, there are other allowances. Here is a breakdown of their allowances:

  • Accommodation allowance – 40% of the basic salary
  • On-call duty facilitation allowance – 20% of the basic salary
  • Clothing allowance – 30% of the basic salary
  • Book allowance – 30% of the basic salary
  • Utility allowance – 20% of the basic salary
  • Professional allowance – 50% of the basic salary
  • Special risk allowance – 30% of the basic salary
  • Vehicle maintenance -20% of basic salary

Here is an overview of the other jobs related to the medical field in Ghana.

Job TitleAverage Salary


Chief of Surgery20,593 GHS
Clinical Microbiologist5,032 GHS
Clinical Molecular Geneticist5,798 GHS
Clinical Neuropsychologist5,790 GHS
Dental Assistant3,256 GHS
Dental Hygienist3,315 GHS
Dental Laboratory Technician3,464 GHS
Dental Receptionist3,546 GHS
Dental Technician3,312 GHS
Dental Therapist5,995 GHS
Dentist11,780 GHS
Dermatologist17,838 GHS
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer5,015 GHS
Dietetic Technician3,477 GHS
Dietitian11,248 GHS
Director of Medical Staff Services7,075 GHS
Discharge Coordinator3,860 GHS
Dispensing Optician4,333 GHS
District Nurse3,867 GHS
Doctor11,719 GHS
Dosimetrist6,446 GHS
General Medical Practitioner9,209 GHS
Genetic Counselor7,854 GHS
Head Nurse4,408 GHS
Health Compliance Director6,490 GHS
Health Economist5,610 GHS
Health Information Manager5,828 GHS
Health Services Manager6,864 GHS
Health Systems Specialist5,012 GHS
Health Technologist5,228 GHS
Health Unit Coordinator3,343 GHS
Healthcare Assistant3,757 GHS
Healthcare Consultant5,413 GHS
Healthcare Data Analyst5,416 GHS
Hearing Aid Specialist5,124 GHS
Home Nurse3,713 GHS
ICU Registered Nurse3,872 GHS
Immunologist8,919 GHS
Intake Coordinator3,786 GHS
Internist15,044 GHS
Medical Administrator4,178 GHS
Medical Assistant3,447 GHS
Medical Biller3,116 GHS
Medical Billing Clerk3,262 GHS
Medical Billing Specialist4,001 GHS
Medical Coder3,510 GHS
Medical Courier2,697 GHS
Medical Director10,919 GHS
Medical Records Coding Manager5,406 GHS
Medical Records Director5,929 GHS
Medical Records Transcriptionist3,069 GHS
Medical Scribe3,801 GHS
Medical Secretary2,895 GHS
Medical Staff Services Specialist4,513 GHS
Medical Technologist3,943 GHS
Medication Aide3,622 GHS
Mental Health Aide3,739 GHS
Mental Health Nurse3,647 GHS
Mental Health Technician3,708 GHS
Mental Health Therapist8,288 GHS
Mental Health Worker3,718 GHS
Mobile Phlebotomist3,603 GHS
MRI Technologist3,945 GHS
Nurse3,760 GHS
Nurse Educator4,397 GHS
Nurse Midwife4,394 GHS
Nurse Practitioner4,069 GHS
Nursing Assistant3,562 GHS
Nursing Coordinator4,175 GHS
Nursing Director5,608 GHS
Nursing Services Instructor4,262 GHS
Nursing Supervisor4,416 GHS
Patient Services Director7,144 GHS
Patient Sitter2,899 GHS
Pediatrician12,081 GHS
Perfusionist12,303 GHS
Periodontist14,033 GHS
Perioperative Aide3,999 GHS
Personal Support Worker2,954 GHS
Phlebotomist8,266 GHS
Physical Therapist7,633 GHS
Physical Therapy Aide3,164 GHS
Physical Therapy Assistant3,106 GHS
Physical Therapy Director9,556 GHS
Physician12,717 GHS
Physician Assistant7,759 GHS
Physiotherapist8,496 GHS
Podiatrist9,081 GHS
Practice Manager5,944 GHS
Pre Authorization Case Manager4,922 GHS
Preventive Medicine Physician11,317 GHS
Surgeon15,957 GHS
Surgeon – Burn15,056 GHS
Surgeon – Cardiothoracic20,340 GHS

Who is a doctor

In simple terms, a doctor/physician is a person that provides medical treatment to people. They can be found in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.

How to become a doctor in Ghana?

The journey to becoming a medical doctor starts from senior secondary school. Those with an aspiration of becoming a medical doctor have to be in the science class. This leads you to study medicine at university if you fall into this category.

You have at least credits in the core subjects relating to life sciences. These include mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. With these, you are able to apply for medical studies at any university in Ghana.

There is one more step. You must also pass their entrance exams exceptionally well to gain admission. This is because of the increase in candidates applying for entry into the field.

You undergo 6 years of rigorous training in the university before graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine. After this, you enroll for residency training and complete a period of houseman-ship and district rotation. This is for a year and is part of the criteria stated by the Ministry of Health to practice medicine.

The final step to becoming a doctor is obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health. Those who studied medicine outside Ghana will have to take special exams to be granted the license to practice medicine.

 Responsibilities of a doctor in Ghana

  • Doctors in Ghana are responsible for the correct prescription of drugs to patients.
  • Enlighten patients on the risks, advantages, and disadvantages of treatment and operations prior to the time of the treatment.
  • Doctors in Ghana do follow-up check-ups on patients after treatment.
  • Doctors swore an oath to patient confidentiality.

Requirements of a doctor in Ghana

  • Bachelor in medicine and surgery.
  • Residency training.
  • Houseman-ship.
  • Medical practice License.
  • The person must have been certified by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council.


Due to the poor salary scheme, there has been a hike in the number of medical practitioners leaving the country. We have provided you information on how much doctors in Ghana earn and how to become one.

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