Top 10 Drilling Companies in Ghana (2023)

There are many drilling companies in Ghana which offer different drilling services. Some drilling companies are in the oil and gas sector while others focus on borehole drilling to provide clean and drinkable water in Ghana.

When it comes to drilling, using the right equipment and personnel is very important. This is why some companies have been able to top others.

Top 10 Drilling Companies in Ghana

drilling companies in ghana

In this article, we are going to highlight the top 10 drilling companies in Ghana. These companies are the favorite choices of domestic and industrial clients looking for high-quality drilling services.

1. MASSOUD I.S.S Ventures

MASSOUD I.S.S Ventures offer borehole drilling services for water wells in all parts of Ghana. Their services are offered to domestic and commercial clients. The company is also involved in the sales of hand pump accessories.

They have been able to successfully execute several large-scale projects which grew their client base.

Their services include borehole drilling, geophysical survey, plumbing & water pipeline works, hand pumps supply, pumps installation, and pump repairs.

MASSOUD I.S.S Ventures prides itself in providing quality services and providing customers with value for their investment. They boast of some of the best-trained professionals in borehole drilling. MASSOUD I.S.S Ventures also offer free consultation on all their services.

2. Joissam Ghana Limited

Joissam Ghana Limited was established in 1996 to offer quality water supply and general civil engineering works to domestic and commercial clients.

Their services include borehole drilling, water treatment systems, pipe schemes, water stations, hand pumps, spare parts & tools, and mechanized pumps.

Their client base includes Catholic Relief Services, World Vision International, District Assemblies, Ministry of Local Government, and several Small Scale Businesses.

3. Global Water Ghana Limited

Global Water Ghana Limited was established in 2012 to offer water drilling and solar borehole services in Ghana.

Global Water Ghana Limited initially started out as water treatment and borehole drilling company. Due to its high-quality service, it was able to build a large client base and become the top choice of most domestic and commercial clients.

Today, it provides multi-disciplinary construction services. Its full list of services includes water treatment, general construction, borehole drilling, plumbing services, swimming pool construction, geological survey, and pump installation & storage services.

4. Geosource Drilling Technologies Ltd

Geosource Drilling Technologies Ltd was established in 2008. It offers borehole drilling services in Ghana. Geosource Drilling has completed a lot of water projects in Ghana. They own some of the most sophisticated equipment which they use to offer their services.

Their services include geophysical survey, borehole drilling, borehole rehabilitation, mining, core drilling, hand pumps supply & installations, and submersible pumps supply & installations.

Geosource Drilling has an impressive client base which includes mostly commercial clients from all regions in Ghana. They have been able to drill more than 200 boreholes in all these regions.

Due to their high-quality and affordable services, they have become a favorite choice in the Ghanaian market.

5. Mint Borehole Drilling Services

Mint Borehole Drilling Services is one of the leading borehole drilling companies in Takoradi and Temale. The company has completed several projects in Ghana which has gained them a good reputation.

Their services are similar to those offered by other borehole drilling companies in Ghana. However, the high quality of their services has put them above most borehole drilling companies in Ghana.

Their services include geophysical survey, borehole servicing and rehabilitation, borehole drilling, and supply of hand pumps & submersible pumps.

Mint Borehole Drilling Services is located in Accra, Ghana, but they offer their service to all regions in Ghana.

6. M-Mesh Borehole Drilling

If you need an expert borehole drilling company with the best equipment and a high-quality workforce then M-Mesh Borehole Drilling could be the best choice for you.

M-Mesh Borehole Drilling was established in 2006 to offer borehole drilling services for domestic and commercial uses. They have their head office located in Accra, Ghana, but they also offer their services to other areas in Ghana including the difficult terrains of the country.

Their services include borehole drilling, water quality test, hydrological survey for drilling, installation of hand pumps, installation of electrical submersible pumps, repairs of borehole & old pumps, and construction of concrete water reservoir & stands & plumbing.

7. Elite Borehole & Watercare Limited

Elite Borehole & Watercare Limited uses some of the most sophisticated equipment to offer high-quality services to its customers in Ghana.  Although the company is fairly new, it has grown really fast in a couple of years to become one of the contenders in the Ghanaian market.

Its services include site survey, borehole drilling, general water treatment, installation & replacement of pump, and maintenance & repair of boreholes. It is also involved in the supply of equipment like poly tanks, submersible water pumps, and poly tank stands.

The company offers its services in all parts of Ghana, irrespective of the location.

8. Tovila Water Solutions

Tovila Water Solutions specializes in water treatment. The company was established in 2012 to provide quality water services to citizens through research and other engineering means.

Today, it offers borehole drilling services which include the construction and installation of pipes, storage tanks, and pumps.

9. Echad Ghana Limited

Echad Ghana Limited is a construction and drilling company located in Accra, Ghana. They offer drilling services for agriculture, commercial, domestic, industrial, and mining purposes.

Their services include hydro-geological survey, pumping testing, water analysis, rehabilitation of borehole, water treatment, borehole drilling, pump installation, video well inspection, and hydro-tracking.

Echad Ghana Limited is able to offer a high-quality service to its customers through the use of highly sophisticated equipment and a well-trained workforce. They have grown to become one of the top borehole drilling companies in Ghana.

10. Able Water Solution

Able Water Solution offers its drilling services in Ghana. Although they began their business operations in 2014, they have been able to build one of the most impressive client bases among drilling companies in the country.

Their client base includes GS International Developers, Ghana Prison Service, GRIDCO Ghana Limited, and Blooming Africa.

The services they offer include pump supply and installation, general plumbing works, borehole drilling & construction, and water test analysis.

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