DStv Decoder Prices in Ghana (2023)

Cable TVs are undoubted the main source of entertainment in Ghana. Apart from the fact that they enable you to have access to the majority of local channels, cable TVs also give you access to international channels within the range of cable TV. When it comes to cable TVs in Ghana, one of the most popular, complete, and understandably most sought after is the DSTV. From the establishment of this cable network in 1993 to when they dominated the West African market and became among the most popular and recognized cable TVs in Africa, it has always been a fact that DSTV is one of the best to give you a complete cable TV experience.

Talk about entertainment; talk about news updates; talk about sports, talk about movies; talk about music videos and latest happenings in town; DSTV gives you far more than you bargained for. The channels cover various spheres of life and are as educational as they are entertaining. They are not the first cable TVs in Ghana and other cable TVs have sprung up since then but DSTV has survived the test of time so far and looks even stronger by the day. With more innovative and educative channels being introduced almost every quarter, DSTV remains the cable TV to beat in Ghana.

DSTV Decoder Prices in Ghana

DSTV Decoder Prices in Ghana

DStv Ghana has made it possible for one to have access to international channels even within the confines of your room. If you are a football fan, DStv is just as much a darling to you like your food. You can watch all English premier league games, UEFA Champions League games and leagues of other European countries. You also have access to happenings in other sports including Formula 1, tennis and other sports.

DStv has the largest customer base in West Africa, with a chunk of those coming from Ghana and Nigeria. They also boast of the highest number of channels and are flexible in their subscription pattern. The cable TV is easy to operate and understand; you don’t need special training to find your way around the interface of the cable TV.

In this post, we will take a look at how much various DSTV Decoders go for in the market. We will also consider various plans available on the platform and how much they go for.

Price of DStv decoders in Ghana 

DStv Ghana is not the most expensive cable TV in the country. Although it is relatively expensive compared to some other cable TVs, DSTV has the edge over most other popular cable TVs. Thanks to the number and quality of channels they offer, no amount would seem too expensive for the value they give. The decoders are available in different types. There is a general DSTV decoder and an explorer decoder that offers more in terms of picture quality and more compatibility with 3D HD view.

The prices the decoders go for are dependent on certain factors which include whether or not the decoder is coming with the full kit which includes the dish, installation and subscription charges. Usually, the installation charge is added to the overall charge which will also include the dish and sometimes, a free one-month subscription.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of these types of DStv decoders. For convenience and proper understanding, we will look at the mated prices of these decoders with and without installation charges.

DStv Explora Price in Ghana

  • ¢499 (Without Installation)
  • ¢854 (with the installation. This also includes the dish)

DStv HP Zapper Decoder + Dishkit +1 Month Access

  • ¢169 (with the installation. This also includes the dish. This usually comes with a month free subscription)

Please note that the variation in prices is a result of some factors including the place and period of purchase, the type of decoder and other related factors. The only major challenge with DSTV is that the installation needs to be done by a specialist.

DStv Ghana Packages and Bouquets Prices

DSTV Ghana packages come in different tariff packages. They vary in the number of channels and other basic access. The difference between these packages is how much they go for. DSTV offers a monthly payment plan and unlike some other cable TVs, is flexible and one can easily port from one plan to the other. Here, we will take a look at the various packages available and how much they go for.

  • DStv Access Package: The DSTV Access package is the cheapest and the most subscribed package in Ghana today. The package gives you access to basic DSTV channels although there is restricted access to some more entertaining channels. With just ¢45, viewers have access to about 45 top-class local and international channels. The channels include four SuperSport channels including Blitz, African Magic World, African Magic Yoruba, African magic Hausa, E-Entertainment, AIT, and other top-rated local and international channels including GTV. It should be noted that this package is not available for HD decoders. Price: ¢49 per month.
  • DStv Family package: The Family package is the next after the access package. Just like the name implies, this package is designed for the general pleasure of the family. It includes channels dedicated to entertainment, kids, educational, historical, sports, movies, music, and local channels. This package gives you access to over 55 local and international channels which include CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN classic, Mnet Series, Cartoon Network, and so on. It also includes all the channels available for Access Package. Price: ¢86 per month
  • DStv Compact: The DSTV Compact package offers extra sports channels in addition to the channels available on the family package. The package is particularly suitable for sports lovers, especially football fans. The plan gives viewers access to over 60 local and international channels including BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, and so on. Price: ¢152 per month
  • DStv Compact Plus: There is just a little difference between this plan and the compact plan. This plan gives access to more channels, most of which are SuperSports channels. It includes SuperSports 7 and 10. This plan gives access to all English Premier League matches and most other European leagues DSTV is licensed to televise. Price ¢228 per month.

DStv Premium Package: This is the most expensive package on DSTV. It gives access to all the channels available on DSTV.

Price: ¢369 per month.

  • DStv Indian ADD-ON: If you are a fan of the Indian culture or Bollywood movies, then DStv Indian ADD-ON is your best bet. Price: ¢142

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