Dumbbell Prices in Ghana 2023

Dumbbells are a necessary addition to any workout routine. That’s why we took our time to research about dumbbell prices in Ghana. These instruments could help you build your biceps and triceps and best of all, they are cheaper than many other workout equipments.

While dumbbells are one of the best workout equipment, they do wear down faster especially when you buy the ones made with low-quality materials. When shopping for a dumbbell, always look out for the models with the best reviews as they will help you make better buying decisions.

Dumbbell prices in ghana

Prices of Dumbbell in Ghana

Body Power 35kg Dumbbell Prices In Ghana

  • GH₵ 425 – GH₵ 450

Body Power 35kg Dumbbell Review

Body Power 35kg Dumbbell is one of the few high-quality options in the market. It features a high-quality screw thread for secure attachment and a well-designed body to allow for a precise grip on the handle. The body of the dumbbells is also designed to prevent slips and also, provide great flexibility during training.

This dumbbell comes with 16 different plates which give trainers more training options.


  • Weight: 17.5kg x 2
  • Total Capacity: 35Kg
  • Accessories: 16 Plates, 2 Bars, 4 Knobs

35kg Body-Solid Rubber Hex Dumbbells Price in Ghana

  • GH₵ 670 – GH₵ 700

35kg Body-Solid Rubber Hex Dumbbells Review

The Body-Solid Rubber Hex Dumbbells are quite different from the traditional dumbbells which feature a circular design. However, hexagonal dumbbells are just as effective as or even more effective than their circular counterparts.

These dumbbells feature a unique design that not only makes them durable but safe to train with. The dumbbells are made from solid cast iron and its ends are encased in rubber. Its 6-sided ends feature the rubber enclosure which is why this dumbbell is considered one of the safest options on the market. Also, its ergonomic anti-slip handles assure you of a very good grip while training

As said earlier, the rubber design improves the durability of the dumbbell. Due to the design, the dumbbell is less likely to crack and fade due to wear and tear.


  • Weight: 17.5kg x 2
  • Total weight: 35kg
  • Material: Solid Cast Iron/Rubber
  • Length of the handle: 13.5 cm

Body-Solid Hexagon Rubber Dumbbell Prices in Ghana

  • GH₵ 40 – GH₵ 80

Body-Solid Hexagon Rubber Dumbbell Review

These dumbbells have a small capacity and are most suitable for beginners or amateurs. They are also quite durable and safe to use due to their high-quality design. The dumbbells feature an ergonomic design that allows for a strong grip. They are made from solid cast iron with the ends encased in virgin rubber. This makes it less likely for the 6-sided ends to crack or fade due to use.

More on the design, these dumbbells come with securely fastened heads that ensure that it remains intact at all times. It uses a uniquely designed pin mechanism that keeps it in place, so you won’t have to worry about spinning or loosening.


  • Weight: 1kg
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Solid Cast Iron/Rubber

1X Weight Adjustable Hand Weights Set Prices in Ghana

  • GH₵ 352 – GH₵ 704

1X Weight Adjustable Hand Weights Set Review

Storing training equipment is a challenge for many people and it is more problematic for those with a lot of equipment at home. If you’re one of those people with storage issues and you’re considering getting dumbbells, then you should go for no other than the 1X Weight Adjustable Hand Weights Set.

The 1X Weight Adjustable Hand Weights Set is a set of inflatable dumbbells that not only saves you storage space, but also the cost of purchasing dumbbells of different weights. You can easily adjust the weight of the dumbbells by controlling the volume of water in the weight bags.

Its high-quality PVC weight bags ensure that the water doesn’t leak and they are less likely to burst under pressure.


  • Material: PVC + Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: Adjustable (Max.25kg)
  • Total Size(Inflated): approx. 51 x 21cm / 20 x 8.3inch
  • Weight: approx. 1099g

12kg Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells Prices in Ghana

  • GH₵ 400 – GH₵ 500

12kg Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells Review

The Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells are just right for individuals looking for durable and safe options that don’t cost a fortune. The 25kg adjustable chrome dumbbell is designed to work the entire body, strengthen, sharpen and tone the body while providing health benefits like improved blood pressure, circulation, and immunity.

The dumbbells are made from high-quality cast iron and it features a silver body build that makes it reflective and attractive.

The metallic nature of the dumbbells heavily contributes to its durability. It makes the dumbbells highly resistant to cracking, chipping, and peeling. The weight plates of the dumbbells also feature a smoothly designed inner ring that makes it easier to load and unload them onto the handles.


  • Material: Cast Iron / Chrome
  • Colour: Silver
  • Capacity: 12.5kg x 2
  • Total Weight: 25kg

York Fitness 50 KG Barbell / Dumbbell Prices in Ghana

  • GH₵ 1 000 – GH₵ 1 200

York Fitness 50 KG Barbell / Dumbbell Review

York Fitness 50 KG Barbell / Dumbbells are not for everyone. It is best for professionals who want to push themselves a little further and show off their toned arms and abdominals.

The equipment comes with a mix of 20 weight plates making it easy for you to set up the correct weight for your barbell or dumbbells.

One important thing to note is the cost of this equipment. Its price tag is significantly higher than many others in the market, but its safety, durability, and flexibility are second to none.


  • Capacity: 50KG
  • Includes: 20 Plates, 2 Rods, 2 Bars, 6 Knobs

30kg Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells Price in Ghana

  • GH₵ 450 – GH₵ 600

30kg Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells Review

If all you need to get in shape is a pair of high-quality and compact set of dumbbells, then you should get this 30kg chrome dumbbell set immediately.

This set of dumbbells come with a high-quality chrome cast iron design that is durable, efficient, and attractive, so you won’t have to worry about the dumbbells breaking down due to wear and tear during use.


  • Capacity: 30Kg
  • Material: Chromed cast iron

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