List of Electrical Companies in Ghana (2023)

Electrical companies are companies that are involved in the installation and construction of electrical systems. Ghana is host to a lot of electrical companies that offer some of the best electrical services in West Africa.

List of Electrical Companies in Ghana

electrical companies in ghana

The following is a list of electrical companies in Ghana.

Sinaresey Co. Ltd

Sinaresey Co. Ltd provides sustainable and clean (solar PV) energy solutions in Ghana. They are also involved in electrical wiring and maintenances services. You can get their wiring and maintenance services through any of their INNOVA retail stores spread all over Ghana.

Their products include solar modules, solar inverters & controllers, and solar PV energy components.

Emkay Electrical Construction Limited

Emkay Electrical Construction Limited was established in 1992 as a private limited liability company. It provides electrical solutions to residential and commercial clients in Ghana.

Due to its excellent services and strive for customer satisfaction, it has been continuously ranked among the top 5 best electrical companies in Ghana.  It is also among the first five largest electrical companies in West Africa.

The company is involved in the sale of electrical equipment, installation of electrical solutions and the maintenance of its electrical solutions.

Esca Tech Electrical Company Ltd

Esca Tech Electrical Company Ltd is a reputable electrical company in Ghana. The company is wholly Ghanaian-owned.

It offers a wide range of electrical services like solar PV installation, generator installation & and servicing, fire alarm, and CCTV systems, construction of overhead lines and installation of transformers, general electrical installations works, and training of electricians.

ESCA TECH Electrical Company Ltd is affiliated with several organizations like the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE), Energy Institute (UK) and Ghana Electrical Contractors Association.

MS Plus Engineering Limited

MS Plus Engineering Limited is an electrical company in Ghana. Their services include general electrical installation, solar PV installation, fire alarm system design & installation, testing & certification of electrical installations, PAT Testing, power quality analysis, and energy audit.

Solvit Engineering

Solvit Engineering provides several services both electrical and mechanical. They have grown to become one of the reputable electrical companies in Ghana due to their high-quality electrical solutions.

Some of their electrical works include house wiring, electrical contracting, and installation. They also offer other services like carpentry and tiling.

Alternate Power Services Ltd

Alternate Power Services Ltd specializes in various electrical services related to solar and wind systems. They have been offering their services for over 30 years in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

Some of their services include solar and wind power supplies, maintenance, and installation. They are also involved in the training of aspiring electrical engineers, welders, general electricians, and mechanical students.

Earth Electricals Engineers

Earth Electricals Engineers is a top electrical company in Ghana that provides electrical services for both domestic and commercial needs.

Their services include domestic electrical wiring, electric r-wiring, electric appliances installation repairs, repairs & services of generators, and installation of generators.

Power Solutions limited

Power Solutions limited provides high-quality electrical cables in Ghana. It is a subsidiary of Global Lighting Centre. They are one of the best cable suppliers in Ghana. They offer high-quality and environmentally-friendly electrical cables of all kinds for both domestic and commercial uses.

Their product line includes steel wire armored cables, underground phone cables, heatproof cables, and flame retardant cables

Power & CO Engineering LTD

Power & CO Engineering LTD is involved in the sales of electrical solutions like electric power transformers, generating sets and switching gears. They are also involved in the sale of solar water heaters, high-power LED lighting, voltage stabilizers, and UPS.

Power & CO Engineering LTD also offers installation and maintenance services for all the products.

Slaff Ghana Limited

Slaff Ghana Limited is a wholly-owned Ghanaian electrical company that offers electrical solutions to clients in Tema, Ghana. The company offers a wide range of services related to electrical engineering, civil engineering, and management.

Its electrical services include

  • Sales, installation & maintenance of power system & standby plants
  • Sales, installation & maintenance of cooling systems
  • Sales, installation & maintenance of inverter deployment and battery systems
  • Sales, installation & maintenance of solar systems


ISKUS Power LTD provides electrical services in Accra, Ghana. They are involved in the sales, installation, and maintenance of power systems in Ghana. They also supply electrical solutions all over West Africa.

Some of their products include UPS panels, AVR, ATS, green hybrid power air conditions, power generators & panic alarms, power inverters fuse, solar inverters cables, and batteries.

SPN Engineering Services Limited

SPN Engineering Services Limited is involved in the sales, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems in Ghana.

They work on industrials & domestic pumps, air-conditioners, generators, panels, motors, the supply of engineering parts, and the maintenance of all kinds of rotating equipment.

TunnyCool Stonemark Limited

TunnyCool Stonemark Limited provides high-quality electrical solutions in Tema, Ghana.

The company specializes in the sales, installation, and maintenance of various types of electrical equipment. This includes most types of air conditioning equipment like cold rooms, chillers, packaged units in workshops, and central units.

Other services offered by this company include the repair of electrical and mechanical faults in the water cool condensing unit and open type compressor.

Arc Flash Advisors Ghana Ltd

Arc Flash Advisors Ghana Ltd is a subsidiary of Arc Flash Advisors Ltd. The company offers energy management and electrical solutions in Ghana.

Their products and services are mainly targeted at industries. These products and services include arc flash hazard assessments, infrared scanning, and comprehensive energy audits.

PMC Electricals

PMC Electricals is one of the fast-rising electrical companies in Ghana. It was established in 2010 to provide electrical solutions in Ghana. It has grown to be a major player in the electrical industry.

PMC Electricals offers domestic, commercial and industrial electric solutions. Their services are offered in cities like Accra, Takoradi, and Kumasi.

5Star Engineering Ltd

5Star Engineering Ltd is a leading electrical company in Accra, Ghana. It offers electrical, mechanical and plumbing services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Some of its services include the sale, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and electrical solutions, plumbing works, and building design services.

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