EMT Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn 2023

EMTs play a very important role in ensuring people in emergency situations remain healthy. Their job description means that they have to earn a lot because of how sensitive it is.

The reason why you are reading this post is probably related to your desire to be an EMT in Ghana. If this is your reason, then it is important that you know about EMT salary in Ghana.

In this post, we will share relevant information regarding how much EMTs earn in Ghana. We will also discuss other relevant pieces of information regarding getting a job as an EMT in Ghana.

EMT Salary in Ghana

EMT Salary in Ghana

Just like other medical practitioners, EMTs in Ghana earn a handsome salary each month. The exact amount of money is not publicized but generally, medical practitioners earn an average of 5,688 GHS monthly.

Usually, this covers the basic salary and other benefits like housing and transport. To give an overview of other jobs relating to the medical field in Ghana, here’s a list of jobs and their salaries.

Job Title                                                                                               Average Salary
Academic Clinician6,973 GHS
Admitting Officer3,572 GHS
Ambulance Dispatcher3,648 GHS
Ambulance Driver3,288 GHS
Ambulance Officer and Paramedic3,951 GHS
Ambulatory Services Director5,909 GHS
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor8,169 GHS
Anesthesia Technician4,980 GHS
Anesthesiologist15,379 GHS
Anesthesiology Assistant4,949 GHS
Assistant Optometrist4,348 GHS
Audiologist7,470 GHS
Biomedical Engineering Director5,850 GHS
Biomedical Engineering Technician3,624 GHS
Cardiac Technician3,438 GHS
Cardiovascular Specialist18,843 GHS
Cardiovascular Technologist4,835 GHS
Central Sterile Processing Technician4,250 GHS
Charge Entry Specialist4,358 GHS
Clinical Application Specialist4,570 GHS
Clinical Biochemist5,590 GHS
Clinical Cytogeneticist6,575 GHS
Clinical Data Reviewer4,489 GHS
Clinical Development Specialist4,944 GHS
Clinical Field Associate4,327 GHS
Clinical Genetic Technologist4,823 GHS
Clinical Microbiologist5,032 GHS
Clinical Molecular Geneticist5,798 GHS
Clinical Neuropsychologist5,790 GHS
Clinical Research Coordinator4,932 GHS
Clinical Scientist6,652 GHS
CME Specialist5,551 GHS
CT Technologist4,543 GHS
Cytogenetic Technologist4,582 GHS
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer5,015 GHS
Dispensing Optician4,333 GHS
Dosimetrist6,446 GHS
EKG Technician4,254 GHS
Endoscopic Assistant3,848 GHS
Endoscopy Technician3,859 GHS
Enterostomal Therapist5,150 GHS
Epidemiologist7,712 GHS
FGP Ultrasound Technician3,793 GHS
Health Systems Specialist5,012 GHS
Health Technologist5,228 GHS
Healthcare Data Analyst5,416 GHS
Hearing Aid Specialist5,124 GHS
Histotechnologist5,246 GHS
Immunologist8,919 GHS
Industrial Hygienist6,184 GHS
Infection Control Coordinator4,836 GHS
Infection Control Practitioner6,000 GHS
Infection Preventionist5,332 GHS
Informatics Practice Specialist5,291 GHS
Interventional Radiographer6,417 GHS
Lab Assistant3,647 GHS
Laboratory Manager6,395 GHS
Laboratory Technician3,589 GHS
Low Vision Therapist5,642 GHS
Mammography Technician3,886 GHS
Medical Coder3,510 GHS
Medical Courier2,697 GHS
Medical Equipment Preparer3,691 GHS
Medical Forms Designer3,097 GHS
Medical Technologist3,943 GHS
MRI Technologist3,945 GHS
Music Therapist4,717 GHS
Neonatologist6,593 GHS
Neurodiagnostic Technician3,765 GHS
Neuropsychology Testing Assistant3,513 GHS
Nuclear Medical Technician4,614 GHS
Nuclear Medicine Technologist4,751 GHS
Nutrition Assistant4,777 GHS
Occupational Therapy Assistant4,502 GHS
Operating Room Scheduler3,504 GHS
Operating Room Services Director10,678 GHS
Ophthalmic Assistant4,072 GHS
Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician3,999 GHS
Optician8,305 GHS
Orthopedic Technician3,901 GHS
Orthoptist11,160 GHS
Orthotist10,963 GHS
Pathology Assistant3,983 GHS
Perfusionist12,303 GHS
Phlebotomist8,266 GHS
Pre Authorization Case Manager4,922 GHS
Prosthetist9,209 GHS
Radiation Therapist13,667 GHS
Radiation Therapy Technologist4,915 GHS
Radiographer9,167 GHS
Radiography Technologist5,270 GHS
Radiologic Technologist5,239 GHS
Radiology Technologist5,259 GHS
Respiratory Care Practitioner7,158 GHS
Respiratory Therapist7,503 GHS
Respiratory Therapy Technician4,408 GHS
Sonographer5,712 GHS
Sonography Technologist5,438 GHS
Speech and Language Pathologist8,239 GHS
Ultrasonographer4,569 GHS
Ultrasound Technologist4,135 GHS
Vascular Technologist3,676 GHS
X-Ray Technologist5,690 GHS

Who is an EMT?

The term EMT is an acronym for Emergency Medical Technician. Their job involves providing treatment in emergency cases such as accidents before the arrival of doctors and other medical personnel. Usually, they just need basic education but then, they need to undergo necessary EMT training.

To become an EMT in Ghana, you need to have the following qualities:

  • Confidence
  • Strong communication skills
  • An interest in medicine
  • Compassion
  • Attention to detail
  • Good eyesight
  • No allergy to blood
  • Ability to work amidst lots of pressure
  • Valid NHIA card. NHIA stands for National Health Insurance Authority.

Eligibility requirements for EMTs in Ghana

Just like every job, there are specific requirements every person who wants to become an EMT in Ghana must satisfy. We have put together a list of these requirements below to help you. They include:

  • Possess Ghanaian citizenship.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • Medically, physically, and mentally fit.
  • It should be between 18 and 35 years.

EMT Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (Wrap Up)

Now you have information regarding EMT salary in Ghana. This should motivate you to apply for openings if you are drawn to the sector. Look out for openings in Ghana either in the public or private sectors and begin earning a good living.

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