List of Energy Companies in Ghana (2023)

The demand for sustainable energy solutions has given rise to several energy companies in Ghana. Over the years, several energy companies have been able to acquire and sustain their position as market leaders in the Ghanaian energy market. These energy companies offer the best energy solutions and high-quality energy services.

List of Energy Companies in Ghana

energy companies in ghana

In this article, we’re going to highlight the energy companies in Ghana.

JLAW Energy Solutions

Established in 2014, JLAW Energy Solutions has grown become one of the top providers of energy solution in Ghana.

The company offers a wide range of energy solution and services in Ghana. They are involved in the sales, installation, and maintenance of power systems in the country.

Their wide range of products includes power generators, UPS, AVR, ATS, green hybrid power, power inverters, solar inverters, solar panels, CCTV, controllers, batteries, air conditioners, circuit breakers, fire and panic alarms, and cables.

Africano Electro

Africano Electro is a piece of energy equipment and power-producing enterprise manufacturer. Its energy solutions are made from renewable and non –renewable sources.

Africano Electro offers its services to power agencies and organizations in Ghana and some parts of West Africa. Its services include the manufacture and sale of electric power generators and the distribution of energy equipment.

Its products include solar-powered street lights, solar-powered traffic lights, and utility-scale solar farm.

GASMENCO Ghana Limited

GASMENCO Ghana Limited provides services in the oil and gas industry. They deal with the sourcing, buying, selling and delivering of energy-related products. These products include crude oil, liquefied natural gas, refined petroleum, and renewable energy products.

They also provide ship chartering, bunkering services, chandelling, and staffing. If you need alternative sources of power like wind, solar, biohydrogen, etc, you can count on this company to deliver them to you.

Gaia Energy Ghana Limited

Gaia Energy Ghana Limited is a large scale renewable energy developer in Accra, Ghana. It has several branches in other African countries and its headquarters in Morocco.

It is the first local company to develop large scale renewable energy projects in Africa.

Vivo Energy Ghana Limited

Vivo Energy Ghana Limited was established in 2011. The company sells and distributes Shell-branded fuels and lubricants to domestic and commercial customers in Africa. It has grown to become the major supplier of superior fuels and lubricants in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

International Energy Services Limited

International Energy Services Limited is one of the reputable energy companies in Ghana. It offers energy services to domestic and commercial clients in the countries.

Its services are heavily focused on the oil and gas industry. They have one of the best workforces among energy companies in Ghana. Their workforce consists of a team of well-trained professionals including a highly-qualified team of engineers.

They continue to provide high-quality services that have made them one of the top choices for clients in the energy sector.


NOCHESKI Solar is a Victorn Energy partner and specializes in the sale and supply of Victron products. Victron is a reputable energy company in Europe. They have a wide range of high-quality products that are in high demand in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

Victron products include solar panels, inverters, pure sine wave inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, batteries, and transfer switches. Victron also sells battery monitors which come with a 5-year warranty. This is one of the longest warranties you’ll ever see in a battery monitor.

NOCHESKI Solar makes the products sold by Victron available in Ghana. They provide these products to both domestic and commercial clients in the country.

Takoradi Renewable Power Resources Limited

Takoradi Renewable Power Resources Limited provides renewable energy services in Ghana. They provide renewable energy systems for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

Due to its quality services and products, it has become one of the best options for clients looking for renewable energy solutions in Takoradi and other parts of Ghana.

Global Hydro & Solar Engineering Ghana

Global Hydro & Solar Engineering Ghana offers electrical services in Ghana. It also offers solar energy system. Its major services including electrical panel building, home automation engineering, industrial electrical contracting, and solar system engineering.

It also provides systems that allow you to monitor to control all your power sources. Their services are affordable, reliable and among the best in Ghana.

RABAI Enterprise

RABAI Enterprise is a supplier of solar energy solutions in Ghana.  They are also involved in the sale, installation, and maintenance of solar energy products.

They have been able to build an interesting client base due to the quality of their services. RABAI Enterprise offers its services to government, corporations, and residents in Accra, Ghana.

The solar energy market in Ghana is one of the most competitive markets, however, RABAI Enterprise has been able to break through due to its affordable prices and the high-quality solar energy solutions it offers.

Some of its products include solar panels, GEL deep cycle batteries, and pure sine wave inverters.

KLATCH Solutions

KLATCH Solutions provides alternative power solutions for domestic and commercial uses. They are actively involved in the sales, installation, and maintenance of power solutions.

Their product line includes AVR, power inverters, panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, and solar air conditioning.

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited was established in 2013 to provide mechanical, electric and energy solutions to the public.

Their services include tower installation, telecom development, sales of lands & houses, electrical installation, civil engineering, and the sales of vehicles.  Their services are mainly targeted at industries, however, individuals can request for their services at any time.

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited has a lot of professionals that ensure that the services it offers remain the best. This is why it has remained among the best energy companies in Ghana.

Optima Solar Systems Limited

Optima Solar Systems Limited focuses on providing solar energy solutions to the general public. They target mostly resellers and installers of solar energy solutions.

Their product line includes solar kits, solar panels, and solar light. Their products are sold at very affordable prices which makes the company one of the top choices to clients looking for solar energy solutions.

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