List of Fashion Schools in Ghana (Accredited) (2023)

Fashion has become a major part of the world economy and so many youths are drawn into the industry on a daily basis. A lot of these youth just visit other fashion designers to learn the trade and they actually become very good at it. However, it is if you are going to make it big in the industry, it is important to visit and enroll at a fashion school.

fashion schools in ghana

There are so many reputable fashion schools worldwide and Ghana has its own fair share. If you are a fashion enthusiast or you feel you have a gift in that area, then you should pick a fashion school to sharpen your skills. The career opportunities in the fashion industry are endless so it is a very lucrative industry to be involved in.

I made a list of fashion schools in Ghana that have received their accreditation seal from the National Accreditation Board. This list should make it easy for you to find one fashion school close to your location and fit for your purposes.

Fashion schools in Ghana

Recent years have seen so many fashion schools established in Ghana. It is evident that all these schools are in competition for intakes each year as they seek to satisfy the huge market demand. Here is a list of the top fashion schools in Ghana.

School of Fashion and Design, Ghana

This is one of the most established fashion design schools in Ghana and it is regarded as one of the best as well. The school offers a variety of fashion design programs with certificates in degree and diploma programs issued to successful students. The school also has some of the most qualified fashion teachers in the country who are skilled in administering knowledge to students in the best possible way. One of the best things about this fashion school is that it provides its students links to the fashion market which gives them a platform for success.

Second Image Beauty School

This school is one of the oldest in Ghana as it was established in 1986. At the time of its inception, fashion design was not really a lucrative business but this did not deter the school from chasing the dream.  Today, Second Image Beauty School sits among the best fashion schools in Ghana. The school provides training to both men and women in fashion and hair beauty. They do not just teach the trade but how to act as a fashion designer and how to stay strong and resilient in the face of challenges in the industry.

Riohs Originate

This school is obviously one of the most recognized in the Ghanaian fashion industry. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest names on the scene were trained here. The school offers training in a wide range of courses thus giving its students a wider playing ground in the industry. The school hosts a yearly fashion show where latest designs form its best students are showcased. Winners at the event receive awards and are given the opportunity to showcase their works on some of the biggest fashion stages in Ghana. This show has provided a platform for some of the students to receive funding and support from some of the biggest players in the industry.

Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design

This school offers high-quality training to students across different fields in the fashion industry. The training is offered by some of the best and most experienced hands in the Ghanaian fashion industry. Students of this prestigious school are highly marketable in the industry because of the training they are exposed to. The school is one of the few that helps the students develop their creative side as they train them to come with designs of their own. This puts them in line to become very successful as they are sought after by some of the biggest fashion companies in Ghana.

Jiffah Fashion Design School

This is one of the few fashion design schools located outside the capital city, Accra. This school is located in Madina and it lets its students enjoy the luxury of networking with other talented fashion designers. The school also offers the students the latest equipment and an amazing study environment to go with for conducive learning. The students are also taught the latest trends in fashion presentation, after all, fashion design is a visual industry.

Libelt School of Fashion

This school has a huge reputation for producing quality designers, artists, and creators who are not just skilled but are ready to take over the Ghanaian fashion industry. The students here are taught how to convert their creative imagination to physical designs in the most subtle of ways. Instructors in this fashion school are among the best in the country and they are reputed with having loads of valuable experience. Students are taught the latest fashion trends and developments in the fashion world and how they can maximize these to become successful entrepreneurs. The school provides assistance to its students with developing their business plans and gives them a platform to market their work on the big stage.

There are several other fashion schools in Ghana but I have brought you a list of the accredited ones, each with a reputation of producing top-notch fashion designers in Ghana. You can simply reach out to any of the schools if you are interested in studying there and I am sure you will not be disappointed. Good luck with your search.

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