France Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

France is one of the top countries in the world by all standards. Officially the country is known as the French Republic. It sits on the western part of Europe and is made up of metropolitan France along with several territories and regions overseas. The country is surrounded by Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, and Andorra.

France Embassy in Ghana

The country has a very rich history and has several economically important cities. The largest of those cities is Paris which is also the country’s capital. Other cities include Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, and Toulouse. The country receives an estimated 83 million visitors yearly, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

France Embassy in Ghana

Currently, France is the seventh largest economy in the world with respect to nominal GDP and the tenth by virtue of purchasing power parity. The country also ranks very high when it comes to education, health, human development, and life expectancy. It is one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

We could go on and on about France but with the above-stated points, it is easy to see why anyone will search for information about the French Embassy in Ghana. People from all over the world want to travel to France for several reasons, Ghanaians are no exception.

To travel to France from Ghana you definitely have to go through the French Embassy in Ghana. This is part of the reasons why you should have sufficient information about the embassy, its address, and working hours. In this article, you will be furnished with all of this information.

Responsibilities of the French Embassy in Ghana

The French embassy in Ghana functions as the country’s only representation on Ghanaian soil. It acts as home and office to the French ambassador as well as other French diplomats in Ghana. Asides these, it carries out several other functions on behalf of the home country on Ghanaian soil.

It ensures the safety of French citizens in Ghana and also ensures that they live according to the rules of the host country. It also acts as a venue for seminars and meetings between French diplomats and Ghanaian citizens. It fosters bilateral trade relations and helps to improve the host country in several quarters.

Some of the key aspects of the contribution made by the French embassy to the Ghanaian government include legal matters, economic development, security, financial growth, science and technology, health care, education, etc.

The French embassy also conducts visa interviews for Ghanaians who plan to travel for whatever reason to France from Ghana. It also facilitates the travel of French students to Ghana for exchange programs and seminars.

To ensure its responsibilities are effectively carried out, the embassy is divided into seven departments. They include:

  1. Chancery
  2. Press and Communication office
  3. Consular section
  4. Cultural and cooperation department
  5. Department of Economic Affairs
  6. Defense Department
  7. Security department

Contact details of the French Embassy in Ghana

Address: Fourth Circular Road, Cantonments, ACCRA / GHANA

Postal address: PO BOX 187 Fourth Circular Road, ACCRA / GHANA

Email:[email protected]

Telephone: (+233) 302.21.45.50

Fax: (+233) 302.21.45.89


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