Freemason in Ghana: All You Need to Know

The oldest fraternity in the world is the Freemason, it is also the most popular and the largest too. Members of this fraternity express deep brotherhood towards one another which makes their relationship enviable to many other fraternities in the world. Ghanaians are not left out of this interesting group of people.

Freemason in Ghana: All You Need to Know

Freemason in Ghana

If you are in Ghana and you want to know about Freemason in Ghana, you have just picked out the right post. We shall be discussing intricate details about the brotherhood in Ghana and all that it entails. Let’s get to the details.

History of Freemason in Ghana

The Brotherhood has been established in Ghana since the nineteenth century. This was when the premier Masonic Lodge was consecrated in Ghana. Globally, the fraternity has over six million members with members forming a large percentage of the membership in Africa.

It is expected that the members in Ghana believe in a Supreme Being or Creator. You can be a member, despite your social status or ethnicity. These are the oldest grand lodges in the world and the years they were consecrated:

  1. England – 1717
  2. Ireland – 1725
  3. France – 1728
  4. United States of America – 1730
  5. Scotland – 1736

You can become a member of the Freemasons in two ways. The first is by invitation from an existing member while the second is by free-will. The mode of entry is usually dependent on the geographical region.

The inspiration behind freemasonry can be traced to 4,000 years ago, the period when the Solomonic Temple of the biblical reference existed. This was the Middle Ages when the craft of stonemasonry thrived.

There are several references to the craft of Freemasonry in several religious books including the Bible, Quran, Vedas, and Torah. Also, the Masonic books, and the old lodge charters and manuscripts which date back to 1390 bear reference of the art of this fraternity.

Some of the principles guiding the friendships and fellowships include:

  1. Education
  2. Personal integrity
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Morality
  5. Character
  6. Ethics
  7. Contribution towards charity and philanthropy

The internal matters of the Freemasonry in Ghana are kept private even though most of their principles have been made public. Political discussions are also not allowed at their meetings.

The first Freemason lodge in Ghana was consecrated in 1810 and it is known as Torridzonian Lodge No. 621. The second lodge, Cape Coast Lodge N0. 599, was constituted not too long after, in 1833. Both lodges became defunct in 1863.

The Gold Coast Lodge No. 1075 was instituted by the United Grand Lodge of England in 1859. The number of the lodge was later changed to No. 773 and it has remained active since then. Many other lodges were consecrated with the turn of the nineteenth century by the English Constitution of the UGLE.

Some of them include:

Lodge Date of Consecration Location
Victoria Lodge No. 2393 2 December 1891 Accra
Accra Lodge No. 3063 2 March 1905 Accra
Sekondi Lodge No. 3238 19 March 1908 Sekondi
Taquah Lodge No. 3356 27 May 1909 Tarkwa
Ashanti Lodge No. 3717 20 March 1914 Kumasi
St. George’s Lodge No. 3851 25 September 1918 Sekondi
McCarthy Lodge No. 4132 29 January 1921 Kumasi

Several other lodges have been consecrated after these under several other constitutions.

The Grand Lodge of Ghana

The steps leading to the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Ghana were rolled out by a Joint-Committee formed by virtue of two constitutions. The District Grand Master of the Scottish Constitution and the Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution came together to form the Joint-Committee.

After a series of deliberations, contributions, and several other events, the Grand Lodge of Ghana was established on January 24, 2009. Charles William Stanley–Pierre became the first Grand Master and five years later, Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI succeeded him as Grand Master.

The Grand Lodge of Ghana has the motto, “That All Shall Be One.”

Chapters of Freemasonry in Ghana

These are the Masonic chapters located in Ghana

Chapter Location
Gold Coast Chapter No.773 Cape Coast
Victoria Chapter No.2392 Accra
Secondi Chapter No.3238 Sekondi
Taquah Chapter No.3356 Tarkwa
Ashanti Chapter No.3717 Kumasi.
St. George’s Chapter No.3851 Sekondi–Takoradi
McCarthy Chapter No.4132 Kumasi
Accra Chapter No.3063 Accra
Harmoni Chapter No.4190 Accra
Three Pillars Chapter No.4867 Accra
Amity Chapter No.7140 Accra
Concordia Chapter No.7199 Accra
Mfantsiman Chapter No.7260 Cape Coast
Osu Chapter No.7627 Accra
Excelsior Chapter No.7670 Kumasi
Winneba Chapter No.7708 Winniba
Adisadel Chapter No.7791 Cape Coast
University of Technology Chapter No.7792 SC Kumasi
Tamale Chapter No.7823 Tamale
Legon Chapter No.8266 Achimota
Asanteman Chapter No.8351 Kumasi
Chapter Of Perfection No.8559 Accra
Public Service Chapter No.8587 Accra
Togo Chapter No.8605 Lome, Togo
Volta Chapter No.8652 Ho
Okwawuman Chapter No.8754 Abetifi
Meridian Chapter of Installed 1st Principals No.9386 Accra

Freemason Lodges in Ghana

These are the established lodges in the different cities in Ghana.

Lodge Location
Gold Coast Lodge No.773 Cape Coast
Victoria Lodge No.2392 Accra
Accra Lodge No.3063 Accra
Sekondi Lodge No.3238 Sekondi–Takoradi
Taquah Lodge No.3356 Tarkwa
Ashanti Lodge No.3717 Kumasi
St. George’s Lodge No.3851 Sekondi–Takoradi
McCarthy Lodge NO.4132 Kumasi
Harmonic Lodge No.4190 Accra
Three Pillars Lodge No.4867 Accra
Travellers Lodge No.6758 Accra
Amity Lodge No.7140 Accra
Wassaw Lodge No.7141 Tarkwa
Mfantsipim Lodge No.7260 Cape Coast
Coronation Lodge No.7309 Sekondi–Takoradi
Gold Coast Jubilee Masters Lodge No.7457 Accra
Keta Lodge No.7467 Keta
Osu Lodge No.7627 Accra
Exelsior Lodge No.7670 Kumasi
Tema Lodge No.7718 Tema
Adisadel Lodge No.7791 Cape Coast
University of Technology Lodge No.7792 Kumasi
Tamale Lodge No.7823 Tamale
Brong Ahafo Lodge No.7862 Sunyani
Mfantsiman Lodge No.7863 Cape Coast
Concordia Lodge No.7199 Accra
Winneba Lodge No.7708 Winneba
Sir Charles Tachie–Menson Lodge No.8058 Accra
Legon Lodge No.8266 Achimota

District Grand Masters in Ghana

District Grand Master Tenure of office
D. J. Oman 1931–1934
Major G. T. Kingsford 1935–1945
Major Charles Owen Butler 1947–1950
Sir Charles W. Tachie–Menson, KBE 1950–1962
Dr. Stanley Walker Coope 1963–1968
Dr. Ebenezer A. Sackey, OBE 1969–1988
Dr. J. V. L. Philips 1988–1998
E. A. B. Mayne 1998–2002
B.K. Otoo 2002–2004
Kow Abaka Quansah 2004–2015
Isaac Owulaku Hood 2016–

Grand Masters in Ghana

Grand Master Tenure of office
Charles William Stanley–Pierre 2009–2013
Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI, Kamenahene of the Akwamu 2013–2017
Naval Captain (rtd.) Kwadjo Adunkwa Butah 2017–

Freemason in Ghana roundup

If you were searching for information about Freemasons in Ghana, this post must have provided you sufficient information. There is still a lot to know about this fraternity which prides itself as the oldest in the world. To get these pieces of information, you may have to become a part of the Freemasons in Ghana.

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