Full list of banks in Ghana and contact details (2023)

Ghana is one of the fastest growing countries on the continent.  The development in Ghana can’t be overemphasized enough. Ghana currency is economically friendly, thus making it easier for foreign investors to do business within the country. There are various sectors in the country that are contributing to the growth of Ghana. Sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, Housing, education, Health, and Finance, etc.

Full list of banks in Ghana and contact details

Ghana Financial sector is doing a great job, with its banking policies. This policy tends to attract foreign banks into Ghana. In 2018 the Bank of Ghana (BoG) started a policy that removes the bad eggs from the financial sector in other to strengthen the sector.

This policy was able to plot out the weak bank from being a financial institute. Two or more Banks who are not up to standard merged to become one.

This article is going to provide you with the full list of banks in Ghana and contact detail. In no particular order below is the full list of banks in Ghana.

Full List of banks in Ghana and contact details.

Zenith Bank Ghana

Zenith bank began its operation in Ghana in the year 2005. It is officially known as Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited. Zenith Bank headquarter is located in Accra, Ghana.

Address: Premier Towers, off Liberia Road. PMB CT 393, cantonment Accra.

Phone: +233 302-660075, +233 302-660091, +233 302-660085

Fax: +233 302-660760, +233 302-683838.

Website: www.zenithbank.com.gh

Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana is one of the oldest banks in Ghana. Ecobank also the leading PAN African bank in the continent. Ecobank Ghana has been established in Ghana way back as 1989 and began its operation in 1990. Ecobank Ghana has over 34 branches in Ghana and has its headquarter in Accra.

Address: No. 2 Morocco Road, Accra.

P.O Box AN 16746. Accra North, Ghana.

Phone: +233 302- 6811468, +233 302-213999.

Fax: +233 302-680428.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Website: www.ecobank.com.

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana was incorporated in the year 1896. Standard charted bank plc is a success story in Ghana. It has contributed a lot to the development of the country. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana headquarters is located at the state capital in Accra, Ghana.

Address: Accra high street.

PO Box – 59 Accra. Phone: +233 302668029 or +233 289546063

Website: www.sc.com/gh

E-mail: [email protected]

The Royal Bank Limited

Address: Adamfio Crescent, South Legon. The building is Adjacent to the Gulf House.

Box CT 8134 Accra.

Phone: +233 302-2135615

Fax: +233 302-2135667

E-mail: [email protected]

Societe General Ghana Limited

Societe general Ghana limited is formerly known as SOCIAL SECURITY BANK. This is one of the biggest commercial banks in Ghana with more than 40 branches across the country.

 Address: headquarter is located at the Ring Road Central Accra

Box – 13119 Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302-202001, +233-577606464, +233-302-248920.

Fax: +233 302-668651/220713.

Email Address: [email protected].

Barclays Bank of Ghana

Barclays Bank of Ghana is one of the oldest banks in Ghana. Barclays Bank of Ghana has been in operation for more than 90 years in Ghana, the bank has over 60 commercial bank branches and over 150 ATMs in Ghana.

Address: Headquarters is located at the Barclays House, High street, Accra.

Phone: +233 302-6649014

Email Address: [email protected]

CAL Bank

CAL bank is one of the recent banks in Ghana. it began its operation in July 1990. CAL bank is a household name which is recognized by the public an innovative bank, sometimes CAL bank is revered to as the most innovative bank in Ghana.

Address: No 45 Independence Avenue, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302680061 or +233 302 680069

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: www.calbank.net

 Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is also one of the early birds of banks in Ghana. Fidelity Bank began its operation in the year 2006, ever since then the bank has grown to become one of the leading banks in Ghana. The bank is owned by foreign and Ghanaian investors.

Address: PMB 45, cantonments. Ridge Tower, Accra Ghana.

Phone:+233 302214490

website: ww.fidelitybank.com

ARB Apex Bank

ARB Apex bank function in the form of a central bank for Rural and Community Banks, aka RCBs. ARB Apex bank was established on the 4th of January 2000 and began its operation in 2001. ARB Apex Bank has branches in 9 cities in Ghana. Accra, Kumasi, Bolgatanga, Sunyani, etc.

Address: head office is located in Accra, Ghana. P.O. box Gp 20321

Phone: +233 302247633

Email Address: [email protected]

The Trust Bank (TTB)

The Trust Bank merged with Ecobank at first, then was later sold to Ecobank. Now The Trust Bank is currently known as Ecobank.

Address: No. 2 Morocco Road, Accra.

P.O Box AN 16746. Accra North, Ghana.

Phone: +233 302- 6811468, +233 302-213999.

Fax: +233 302-680428.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Energy Bank Ghana

Energy Bank Ghana was established on February 21, 2011. Energy Bank is a subordinate of the Global Fleet Group.

Address: No 30 Independence Ave, GNAT Height Ridge Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 302 234033

Website: www.energybankghana.com

Prudential Bank

Prudential Bank began operation in Ghana in the year 1993. As at 2012, the bank had two agencies and more than 30 branches nationwide.

Address: Head Office at Ring Road Central, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302 7812007

Email Address: [email protected]

Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana

Guaranty Trust bank Ghana is a member of the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Guaranty Trust bank Ghana was established in the year 2004. This is one of the fastest growing banks in Ghana.

Address: 25A, astle Road, Ambassadorial Enclave Ridge, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302680668

Website: gtbghana.com

First Atlantic Merchant Bank (FAMB)

FAMB is a commercial bank in Ghana which was established on the 4th of May 1994. The bank headquarters is sited in the heart of Ghana, Accra.

Address: No 1, seventh Ave Ridge west, cantonment Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302682203

Email Address: [email protected]

House Finance Company (HFC)

House Finance Company is fondly revered to as HFC. HFC was established in Ghana in 1990. HFC is a leading medium-sized financial service provider in Ghana.

Address: No 35, Sixth Avenue North Ridge, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 3022420902

Email  Address: [email protected]

Citibank NA Ghana

Citibank Ghana is a member of the American based Citibank. Citibank is currently operating in over 17 countries in Africa. Citibank Ghana headquarters is located at No 25 Liberia Road, Accra Ghana.

Address: No 25 Liberia Road, Total house Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 3026725934

Ghana International Bank (GHIB)

GHIB was incorporated in 1959. Its main purpose is to render services to Ghanaian in the diaspora. GHIB goal is to targets Ghanaian in other countries by taking local banking services to them. The GHIB has been able to provide a bridge for local banks and their international customers.

Address: Liberia Road, Cedi House 9th floor, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302660809

Email Address:

United Bank of Africa (UBA) Ghana

UBA Ghana is a member of Nigeria-based United Bank for Africa PLC. UBA Ghana was established in 2005, currently has 24 branches and 32 ATMs which is located in different cities in Ghana.

Address: Heritage Tower PMB 29, off Liberia Road  Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302674085

Website: www.ubaghana.com

Access Bank Ghana

Access Bank Ghana is a member of the Access Bank Group which is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Access Bank is a financial service provider giant in Africa. Access Bank Ghana headquarters is located in Accra Ghana.

Address: Stalets 91 Road, opp Accra sports Stadium Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302 684860

Email Address:

Universal Merchant Bank

Universal Merchant Bank is formerly known as the Merchant Bank Ghana (MBG).  This bank currently has 22 branches nationwide.

Address: Airport city, North Ridge Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 3026663316

Email address: [email protected]

 National Investment Bank (NIB)

National Investment Bank is a universal bank that focuses on the development and commercial banking activities. NIB has contributed a lot in the development of banking in Ghana. NIB has over 27 branches spread across different cities in Ghana.

Address: Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302661701

Website: www.nib-ghana.com

UniBank Ghana

UniBank Ghana is a financial institute classified as the medium-sized financial service. As at 2010 UniBank total assets was worth 393 million GHS, which includes 307 million GHS of customer deposit.

Address: No 29 Independence Ave, World Trade Center building, Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 3022161115

Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)

ADB Ghana is development and a commercial bank which is owned by the Ghana government. 52% of the ADB shares are owned by the government. ADB was founded in 1965, the Bank headquarter is located in Accra.

Address: 3rd Ambassadorial Development Area, Accra financial centre. Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 30277043

Website: www.agricbank.com

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)

GCB is the leading indigenous financial service provider in Ghana. Ghana Commercial Bank has a total; a number of 160 branches spread across the country. GCB also owns 200 ATMs which provide a 24 hours service.

Address: Headquarter at High Street P.O. Box 134 Accra Ghana.

Phone: +233 302672852

Website: www.gcbbank.com.gh

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