German Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details (2023)

An embassy functions as a diplomatic representation of a country in another country. Basically, the embassy is in charge of communication between the home country and the host country. Ghana and Germany have forged a very fruitful relationship which has existed since Ghana gained independence.

German Embassy in Ghana

German Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details

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With all the information about Germany stated above my guess is your zeal to know more about the German Embassy in Ghana has increased. If it has then you are reading the right article as we have carried out our research to provide you all the details you need about the embassy. Let’s get straight to business, here’s all you need to know about the German Embassy in Ghana.

Functions of the German Embassy in Ghana

As explained earlier, the embassy is the diplomatic representation of Germany in Ghana and as expected, it performs several functions on behalf of Germany in Ghana. Asides acting as the residence of the German Ambassador to Ghana and the other German diplomats, it helps to pass messages between both countries.

Germany and Ghana have been in partnership since 1957 and this partnership has produced great advancement in Ghana’s social and economic sectors. Several programs are run by Germany in Ghana and these are facilitated by the German Embassy in Ghana.

The embassy also handles all visa related issues which include applications, interviews, and approvals. German nationals visiting Ghana are catered to by the embassy and students who want to visit Ghana on study exchange programs are facilitated by the embassy as well.

Contact details of the German Embassy in Ghana

Address: No. 6, Kenneth Kaunda Road (former Ridge Street), North Ridge, P. O. Box 1757, Accra, Ghana.

Telephone: (+233) 302 21 10 00, (+233) 302 22 13 11.

Fax: (+233) 30 222 13 47

Email: [email protected]


Head of Commission: Ambassador ChristophRetzlaff

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