Ghana Scholarships Secretariat: Functions & Contacts

Getting a sound education is one of the problems plaguing Ghanaian citizens who are not privileged enough to put themselves or their wards through school.

To this effect, the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat was created to offer scholarships to Ghana students to study in the country and abroad. The scholarships cut across almost all fields as well as levels of study and they are only targeted at less privileged individuals.

In this post, we are going to talk about the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat: Functions & Contacts. Through the post, you will know how to get apply and get a scholarship in Ghana or abroad.

Ghana Scholarships Secretariat

What is the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat?

The Ghana Scholarships Secretariat was established in 1960 to administer and award government scholarships to underprivileged individuals who wish to study in Ghana or abroad. The Scholarship Secretariat through funds from the government, GETFUND, and Donor Support offers scholarships to a selected number of individuals who meet the eligibility criteria.

It also provides bursaries for postgraduate training. The bursary is targeted at Ghanaian citizens aiming to further their education in a public tertiary institution.  Through their scholarships, the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat has been able to provide many Ghanaian citizens with access to quality education.

Ghana Scholarships Secretariat: Functions

The Ghana Scholarships Secretariat exists for the following reasons

  • To award scholarships to less privileged but intelligent students in second cycle institutions based on merit and hardships
  • To provide access to scholarship training in government priority areas for qualified Ghanaian workers in foreign tertiary institutions
  • To provide bursaries for postgraduate training locally in public tertiary institutions.
  • To improve the human resource capacity and create a conducive working environment for the Secretariat
  • To improve the quality of education and provide Ghanaian citizens with access to quality education at all levels.
  • To close the gender gap to access to education

Ghana Scholarships Secretariat: Contact Details

The Ghana Scholarships Secretariat can be contacted through the following mediums

Address: Ghana Scholarship Secretariat P.O. Box. M 75 Accra, Ghana,

Telephone: +233 (0)302 662732

Fax: +233 (0)302 662732

Countries That Offer Scholarships Through the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

Through the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, you can apply and get a scholarship to study in the following countries.

  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Algeria
  • China
  • Morocco
  • German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD)

Types of Scholarships Offered at the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

Foreign Tertiary Awards

Foreign Tertiary Awards are scholarships awarded to qualified candidates to study at the tertiary level in a foreign country. These scholarships are based on a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of the awarding country.

Countries that offer scholarships under the bilateral agreement include

  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Algeria
  • China
  • Morocco
  • German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD)

In addition to these countries, there are other countries that award scholarships to Ghanaians without any form of agreement with the Government of Ghana

These countries include

  • Australia Government Awards
  • Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships
  • Turkish Government Awards
  • Mauritius Government Scholarship

How to Apply For Foreign Tertiary Scholarships

To apply for the foreign tertiary scholarships, the candidate must meet all the eligibility criteria as posted on the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat‘s website, notice board, and media outlets nationwide.

If considered eligible, the candidate will be called up for an interview and thereafter, be selected among other candidates. The selected candidates will be submitted to the awarding country for further screening and then, the scholarship will be awarded to the successful applicants.

Hardship Scholarship

To apply for the hardship scholarship award, the interested candidate must pick up the application form from the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat during the first term of the academic year.

The completed forms will be received by the Secretariat and the applicants will be considered for the scholarship based on the eligibility criteria.

Local Tertiary Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in the form of payment of Thesis and Bursary grants to Postgraduate Students in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

The scholarships also cover funds for Disability Grants to the physically challenged Ghanaian students in tertiary institutions and long stay allowance for medical science students in public tertiary institutions in the country.

How to Apply

Before the registration for this scholarship award commences, a registration code will be sent to various tertiary institutions in Ghana at the beginning of the academic year.

To register, the interested candidate will have to

  • Download the application forms from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat’s website (
  • Fill and complete the application forms and have them endorsed by the designated institution authority.
  • Submit the forms through the Dean of Graduate School to the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat.
  • The forms will be vetted by the Secretariat and only the candidates that meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for the scholarship award.

Note: Candidates applying for Disability allowance will be to submit the completed application forms along with a medical certificate confirming the percentage of disability.

Merit Scholarships Awards

Merit Scholarships Awards are scholarships awarded to Ghanaian students based on their academic performance. This scholarship award is targeted at underprivileged but intelligent Ghanaian citizens.

The Merit Scholarship Award is administered by the School Authorities. The names and details of the beneficiaries will be submitted to the Secretariat, after which, the Secretariat will disburse funds to the successful candidates.

How to Get Updates on Available Scholarships and Awards

Every year, there are several scholarships available and awarded to Ghanaian citizens. To know and get updates on ongoing and future scholarships, simply visit the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat’s website ( and check their notice board.

Some of the most common scholarships awarded through the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat include

  • Scholarship awards to study in India
  • Scholarship awards offered by the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Chinese Government Scholarship


The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat functions as a means for Ghanaian citizens to get easy access to quality education in Ghanaian tertiary institutions and universities abroad. Through the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat contact details above, you can make your complaints and inquiries about upcoming scholarships.

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