Glo Ghana Data Plans and Bundles (2023)

With a strong presence in Ghana, Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Glo is on the path to building the biggest and most preferred telecommunications network in Africa.

Glo Data Packages

Glo Ghana Data Plans and Bundles

For every smartphone or desktop, Glo has a variety of data bundles that is suitable for different calibre of persons.

In recent times, individuals and groups require unlimited access to the internet in a bid to be abreast of world happenings and have access to information. To this effect, the Glo Ghana data bundle is very reliable and cost-effective.

In Ghana, Glo data plans are extremely cheap and can be easily afforded by their subscribers. subscription can be done monthly, weekly or even daily.

Glo Ghana Data Bundles, Codes, Prices and Validity Dates

With these data bundles, you can stay online constantly, browsing through the internet or accessing your favorite social media platforms.

For instance, the Glo unlimited and Jumbo data bundles are mostly used by Ghanaian students and workers because of the unlimited access to data.

Glo Ghana Data Bundles for Desktop Devices

Browsing on a desktop is usually data intensive compared to surfing the internet on a mobile. The desktop version of a website is not as light as you have on Mobile.

Glo Ghana Monthly Internet Desktop Plan

This plan works for all kinds of internet users.

Price    Data       Expiry     Code


60        20GB.       30           *127*6#

50        15GB        30            *127*3#

40        10GB       30.            *127*5#

30        7GB         30.           *127*65#

25        5.5GB-     30.            *127*15#

20        4.2GB      30.            *127*22#

Glo Ghana Weekly Internet Desktop Plan

If you have a week-long internet activity, you can subscribe to this plan otherwise, the 3 days daily plan is best.

Price    Data       Expiry     Code


5          700MB         7        *127*2#

Glo Ghana Daily Internet Desktop Plan

It is cost-effective to subscribe to the  3.75GB 3 days bundle if your internet activities are intense.

Price    Data       Expiry     Code


  1. 3.75GB.         3         *127*24#
  2. 300MB          3.         *127*17#
  3. 750MB.         1.         *127*18#

Glo Ghana Jumbo Data Desktop Plan

This is recommended if you plan on using data for a lengthy period.

Price    Data       Expiry     Code


150      75GB.         90.      *127*7#

100      40GB.         90.      *127*19#

80*       30GB.         60.       *127*33#

Glo Bundles for Smartphones

Browsing on a mobile or tab is less expensive unlike browsing on a desktop device. The smartphone plan is available to all and sundry.

Glo Ghana Monthly Data Bundles

This usually suffices for the month especially if you do fewer downloads. You should consider the desktop monthly bundles if you use data intensively.

Price  Data    Expiry     Code


25        5.5GB      30       *127*15#

20        4.2GB      30       *127*22#

15        3GB         30        *127*4#

10        1.7GB       30       *127*14#

Glo Ghana Weekly Data Bundles

For those who have social media platforms or prefer reading online, you will love this. However, it is better to subscribe to the 750mb or 3.7gb daily data plan If you are a data-intensive user than go for the weekly plan.

Price    Data        Expiry Days          Code                               

5          700MB      7                           *127*2#

3          350MB      7                           *127*13#

Glo Ghana Daily Data Bundles

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


10ghc  3.75GB     3     *127*24#

3ghc    300MB      3     *127*17#

3ghc.   750MB      1     *127*18#

2ghc.  300MB       1     *127*12#

1ghc    100MB      1     *127*1#

Glo Jumbo Data Bundles

This bundle gives you extra data and validity for the month.

Price  Data    Expiry     Code


100      40GB      90     *127*19#

80        30GB       60    *127*33#

Glo Ghana Data Plans For Social Media

Although this bundle can be used to surf other internet activities, it is most suitable for apps like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the likes.

Glo Monthly Social Network Data Plans

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


20        4.2GB     30         *127*22#

15        3GB        30         *127*4#

10        1.7GB     30          *127*14#

Glo Weekly Social Network Data Plans

For optimal use of data, the 700MB is most suitable. The other bundles may require turning off app images to last for the week.

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


5          700MB     7.         *127*2#

3          350MB.    7.        *127*13#

2          200MB.    7          *127*12#

1          50MB       7.         *127*10#

Glo Daily Social Network Data plans

Interested in watching videos online or chatting with friends daily, this plan is all you need.

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


3          300MB         3.     *127*17#

2          300MB         1.     *127*12#

1          100MB         1.     *127*1#

0.5*      40MB.          1.    *127*16#

Glo Monthly Data Bundle For YouTube

For active YouTube users, this Glo bundle makes it easy to watch your videos.

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


60        20GB      30          *127*6#

50        15GB      30.         *127*3#

40        10GB      30.         *127*5#

30        7GB        30.         *127*65#

25        5.5GB     30.          *127*15#

Downloads Data bundles on Glo

Downloading and updating apps with the glo data bundle is highly recommended. It is available for phones and PC.

Glo Monthly Downloads Internet bundles

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


60        20GB        30       *127*6#

50        15GB        30       *127*3#

40        10GB        30        *127*5#

Glo Weekly Downloads Internet bundles

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


5          700MB      7         *127*2#

3          350MB      7         *127*13#

Glo Daily Downloads internet bundles

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


10        3.75GB.      3.       *127*24#

3          750MB.       1        *127*18#

 2         300MB        1        *127*12#

Downloads Jumbo data bundles

Price    Data    Expiry     Code


150      75GB        90       *127*7#

100      40GB        90        *127*19#

Glo Special Bundles

With Glo TWIN BASH, you get 600% extra value on calls and data. The code to load is *127*pin#.

The Glo CAMPUS BOOSTER is revolutionary as it offers a 50% bonus on all your data subscriptions on campus without charging extra.

The Glo Unlimited Data Bundles offers monthly data for just

300GHC. To subscribe, just dial *127*30#.

The Glo Ghana internet bundles connect easily and is very fast. Also, most data bundles have a 100% bonus added with a rollover option if unused before validity.

How to subscribe

Dial *555# for the data offers available.

 Borrowing data on Glo Ghana

Dial *5321# and pick the offer that suits you.

Balance Check

Simply dial *127# to check your Glo Ghana data balance

Details about Glo Ghana data bundles can be provided by their customer care. You can also visit the Glo office.

Although they are not a major telecommunication company in Ghana, Glo Ghana indeed has several juicy data bundles that are suitable for most Ghanaians.

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