Gold Price in Ghana (2023)

Like currency, the value of gold changes from time to time. If you’re a trader in gold, you should always confirm the current market price of the metal before going about your business. This is important because many factors including demand and supply can increase or decrease its value and you might end up in losses if you lag behind.

In this post, we will reveal some sites that provide up-to-date information on the latest prices of gold in Ghana. These sites are reliable and even go a step further to tell you the cost of gold by weight and by purity.

Gold Price in ghana

Prices of Gold in Ghana


GoldPricez is an informative website that provides gold and silver price information based on its units of measurements.

On this site, you will find the prices of gold per kilo, gram, karats, and ounce. Below, you will find the current price of gold in Ghana as displayed on their website.

Gold Price Today in Ghana per Gram

KaratGold Price
24K286.08 GHS
23K274.16 GHS
22K262.24 GHS
21K250.32 GHS
18K214.56 GHS
16K190.72 GHS
14K166.88 GHS
12K143.04 GHS
10K119.20 GHS
9K107.28 GHS
8K95.36 GHS
6K71.52 GHS


Current Gold Price of Different Units in Ghana

Gram UnitsGold Price
1 Gram gold 286.0755 GHS
2.5 Grams gold 715.18875 GHS
5 Grams gold 1430.3775 GHS
10 Grams gold 2860.755 GHS
20 Grams gold 5721.51 GHS
50 Grams gold 14303.775 GHS
100 Grams gold 28607.55 GHS
1000 Grams gold 286075.5 GHS

Gold Price per Kg today in Ghana

KaratGold Price
24K286081.75 GHS
23K274161.68 GHS
22K262241.61 GHS
21K250321.53 GHS
18K214561.31 GHS
16K190721.17 GHS
14K166881.02 GHS
12K143040.88 GHS
10K119200.73 GHS
9K107280.66 GHS
8K95360.58 GHS
6K71520.44 GHS


Gold Price per Ounce today in Ghana

KaratGold Price
24K8898.15 GHS
23K8527.39 GHS
22K8156.64 GHS
21K7785.88 GHS
18K6673.61 GHS
16K5932.10 GHS
14K5190.59 GHS
12K4449.08 GHS
10K3707.56 GHS
9K3336.81 GHS
8K2966.05 GHS
6K2224.54 GHS

Live price of gold

Livepriceofgold is another site to check out for the current prices of gold in Ghana. On the site, you will find the current price of gold per gram, ounce, kilogram, and tola.

Gold Price Per Gram

GRAMS Gold Price per Gram in Ghana cedi [GHS]
1 GRAM GOLD 24K286.73
GRAM 22K263.22
GRAM 21K250.89
GRAM 18K215.05
GRAM 14K167.74
GRAM 10K119.57
GRAM 6K71.68

Gold Price Per Ounce

OUNCES Gold Price per Ounce in Ghana cedi [GHS]
1 TROY OUNCE 24K8,917.31
OUNCE 22K8,186.09
OUNCE 21K7,802.64
OUNCE 18K6,687.98
OUNCE 14K5,216.62
OUNCE 10K3,718.52
OUNCE 6K2,229.33

Gold Price per Kg

KILOS Gold Price per Kg in Ghana cedi [GHS]
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K286,730.09
KILOGRAM 22K263,218.23
KILOGRAM 18K215,047.57
KILOGRAM 14K167,737.10
KILOGRAM 10K119,566.45
KILOGRAM 6K71,682.52


Gold Price per Tola

TOLAS Gold Price per Tola in Ghana cedi [GHS]
1 TOLA GOLD 24K3,344.36
TOLA 22K3,070.12
TOLA 18K2,508.27
TOLA 14K1,956.45
TOLA 10K1,394.60
TOLA 6K836.09



Exchangerates247 is another site that you can trust for the current prices of gold in Ghana. The site is updated every 30 minutes and on its pages, you can find the current gold rates and historical gold rates in Ghana. The site also displays the prices of gold in ounces and grams.

Amount Gold UnitGold Rate in Ghana cedi (GHS)Gold Rate in U.S. Dollar (USD)
1Gold Ounce8,895.801,562.04
1Gold Tola3,336.01585.78
1Gold Gram Carat 24286.0450.23
1Gold Gram Carat 22262.2046.04
1Gold Gram Carat 21250.2843.95
1Gold Gram Carat 18214.5337.67
1Gold Gram Carat 14166.8629.30
1Gold Gram Carat 12143.0225.11
1Gold Gram Carat 10119.1820.93


Golden Chennai

On this site, you can find the price of gold in many currencies (including Ghanaian cedis). You will also find the prices of gold in different countries. As an international trader, you will need to have first-hand information on the prices of gold in other countries to help you make better bargains and more profits. Through this site, you can also know of the latest trends and possibly forecast future profits.

Another thing about the site is that it provides you with the prices of gold in different units. This includes gram, tola, sovereign, ounce, and kilogram.

Gold Rate in Ghana in Cedi

QuantityGold Rate (24K)Gold Rate (22K)Gold Rate (21K)Gold Rate (18K)
1 GramGHS 215.97GHS 198.00GHS 189.00GHS 162.00
1 TolaGHS 2,519.00GHS 2,309.43GHS 2,204.46GHS 1,889.54
10 GramsGHS 2,159.68GHS 1,980.00GHS 1,890.00GHS 1,620.00
1 SovereignGHS 1,727.74GHS 1,584.00GHS 1,512.00GHS 1,296.00
10 TolasGHS 25,190.04GHS 23,094.33GHS 22,044.59GHS 18,895.36
1 OunceGHS 6,717.34GHS 6,158.49GHS 5,878.56GHS 5,038.76
1 KilogramGHS 215,967.62GHS 198,000.00GHS 189,000.00GHS 162,000.00

Factors Affecting Gold Price In Ghana

Over the years, the value of gold in the world has grown exponentially. Today, the gold market is one of the largest mineral resource markets in the world. While gold is incredibly valuable, there are several factors that determine the price of the precious metal and we are going to discuss them below.

Financial Crisis

The health of the financial market is an important factor that determines not only the value of gold but that of almost all commodities in Ghana. In times of financial crisis such as inflation and currency devaluation, there is usually an increase in the price of gold.


Like all other goods, the demand for gold will have a significant effect on the price. Gold is mostly used in making jewelry and the demand for more gold for this adornment leads to a price hike.

Wrapping Up

There has been a significant increase in the price of precious stones like silver, gold, and diamonds even though these stones are becoming more common in the market. As a trader or miner, you should always have the latest information on hand as it will give you an edge in the market.


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