10 Best Hangouts in Accra, Ghana (2023)

The buzzing city of Accra has always been a go-to destination for tourists and those on holiday vacations. If you’re looking for places to hang out with your family and friends, then Accra is the right place to be.

There are lots of hangouts locations in the city. From beaches to bars and museums, the excitement never ends.

10 Best Hangouts in Accra, Ghana

hangouts in Ghana

We’ve picked out the 10 best hangouts in Accra, Ghana where you can socialize and enjoy your free time with your family and friends. Our top picks can be visited in the morning, afternoon or night time. Whichever time you prefer, you will definitely find a place you will want to go on this list.

1. National Museum Of Ghana

If you’re a lover of history and culture, you can take this as the best hangout location for you and your friends. The National Museum of Ghana is the largest of the six Museums in Ghana. You can find objects of fine art, archaeology, and ethnography in this museum.

It offers one of the best experiences for history lovers as you get to explore the Stone Age, Ghanaian musical instruments and several Ghanaian paintings. This museum is home to works from other countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Congo.

2. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach is the most popular beach in Ghana, however, it is not the best location for those looking for a serene environment. If you want to have fun and get involved in lots of exciting activities, then this beach is the perfect destination.

Party life on this beach is at a whole new level with musicians, acrobats, and performers giving you a show you will never forget. While you would have to pay an entry fee to hang out on this beach, the experience is totally worth any price they would place on it.

3. Legon Botanical Gardens

Legon Botanical Gardens is the best hangout location for the family. You can also go with your friends and enjoy the many exciting activities the garden has to offer.

The garden is just located at the tip of the University of Ghana campus. It is nothing short of amazing with various tourist attractions and natural sites. You would go hiking, explore the lake, have fun on the rope course, go on a canopy walk, canoeing and have a get-together in the woodlands.

4. Efua Sutherland Children Park

This park is another great place for the family to hang out. The park is named after the Ghanaian playwright, Efua Sutherland and features one of the most serene environments in the city. You and your family can have picnics and enjoy a fun time at the park.

5. Kwame National Memorial Park

This is a popular spot for most people because it is one of the quietest spaces in Accra. There are several benches where you could sit and watch the elaborate fountains that light up at night.

The park is named after Ghana’s first leader and Pan-Africanist hero, Kwame Nkrumah. It shares the same compound as the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum where his remains lie.

6. +233 Jazz Bar & Grill

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill is the perfect spot to hang out if you want to catch live performances under the stars. You can also order a delicious meal while you listen to sweet melodious music.

You can check out this bar every evening (except on Mondays) and you’ll be sure to get one of the most amazing experiences.

7. Republic Bar & Grill

Republic Bar & Grill is one of the famous choices among tourists because it is nothing short of exquisite. Although it’s quite small, it offers the best space to chill out and listen to good music while filling yourself with local spirits that will get you in the right mood.

The DJs and karaoke session makes this bar one of the best places to hang out with friends after the day’s work.

8. Skybar25

What better place to hang out than the rooftop of the tallest building in West Africa. The Alto Tower is definitely a marvel to behold but its rooftop has something even better.

Skybar25 is situated here and offers one of the best experiences with great music and drinks. Unfortunately, you would have a hard time accessing this hangout spot as it is open to only members. However, you can check their website to book a reservation.

9. Afrikoko

Afrikoko welcomes you with Spanish, Thai and African delicacies that are meant to impress. This bar is one of the few bars that take food as seriously as they take music and drinks. You get to dance the night away after getting filled with some of the best delicacies on the planet.

Afrikoko isn’t a single venue but a number of restaurants that make a big stage.

10. Kona

There aren’t many hangouts in Accra that are meant for the locals. That is why spots like Kona are in high demand. At Kona, you can try out local drinks like palm wine and enjoy loud music blasting from the speakers. The place is a nice spot to relax and hang out with friends after the day’s work.

You would also visit in the morning or afternoon but nighttime is usually the best because that’s when all the fun happens.

These are the 10 best hangouts in Accra. You would try out 2 or 3 of the hangout locations in a day to get the best experience with your family and friends.

If you’re in for more fun you can try out the other 2 hangouts below.

11. Coco Longue

Coco Longue is a great place to hang out in Accra if you want to drink and socialize. You will get a good show of salsa dancers doing what they know how to do best.

The drinks served at the bar are one of the best in Accra. Tequila and many other signature drinks which are hard to find are some of the reasons why many people patronize this lounge.

12. Rockstone’s Office

What better place to party than in the bar of a music legend. Reggie Rockstone who introduced the musical style “hiplife” owns one of the most exquisite bars in Accra.

Django’s bar as it is sometimes called makes for the best places to hang out in Accra with a great drink selection and danceable songs that will keep you entertained.

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