Top 10 Haulage Companies in Ghana (2023)

Haulage companies are involved in the transportation of goods from one location to another. Some haulage companies have an extensive network that allows them to deliver goods to any part of the country regardless of the location.

Haulage companies make use of large vehicles to deliver a large number of goods. Then they make use of smaller vehicles to deliver the goods to their final consumers. Haulage companies have become more popular as more people turn to the internet to buy things.

haulage companies in ghana

Top 10 Haulage Companies in Ghana

In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 haulage companies in Ghana that offer the most excellent delivery services.

1. Global Haulage Co. Limited

Global Haulage Co. Limited is a reputable haulage company in Ghana. The company was initially named Green Grunshie, however, in 1992, its name was changed to Global Haulage Co. Limited.

At that time the company had only 80 vehicles in its fleet. Today the company has about 382 vehicles. Its fleet includes 271 Articulators and 111 cargo trucks.

The company offers services like road haulage, cocoa evacuation, warehousing, forklift & reach stacker operations, vehicle parking facilities, real estate development, and vehicle towing services.

Global Haulage Co. Limited has received several awards for its excellent performance. This makes it one of the top haulage companies in Ghana to consider.

2. Vehrad Transport & Haulage Co Ltd

Vehrad Transport & Haulage Co Ltd is a haulage company involved in clearing, storage, warehousing, and haulage.

Vehrad is based in Tema, Ghana where it offers most of its services, however, it has an extensive network that allows it to carry out its transport and haulage services to any location in Ghana.

Vehrad is also involved in the importation and exportation of goods. This service offers a faster way to clear goods off ports and the country’s borders with minimum delay.

Other services it offers include waste management, the sale of chemical reagents, and the sale of large-scale industrial equipment.

3. BAJ Freight & Logistics Limited

BAJ Freight & Logistics Limited was established in 2009 to handle haulage services in Ghana. The name “BAJ” is culled from the first names of its first three shareholders – Bart Fred Simpson, Ato Quagraine and Joe Biney.

The company has two branches located in Takoradi and Accra with its head office at Tema. It has an extensive network that allows it to provide its haulage services to every part of Ghana.

The services offered by this company include logistics, ship agency, customs brokerage, and international freight forwarding.

4. Crown Transport & Logistics Ghana

Crown Transport & Logistics specializes in the disposing of chemicals. Their services include waste disposal, auditing & investigation, logistics & warehousing, HSSE & Environmental Consultancy, and Transport.

Over the years, Crown Transport & Logistics has been able to gain a loyal client base which includes some of the biggest brands in Ghana. These brands include Borderless2012, BOSCH, Truegold, 2MT.TRANSIT Sarl, London Mining, Endeavour Mining, Perseus, Aramex, and We love Logistics.

5. Global Cargo & Commodities Ltd

Global Cargo & Commodities is one of the best haulage companies in Ghana. They are also known for their clearing services. They clear commodities faster and prevent any delay that could occur at the port or country borders.

They have been able to build a good relationship with Ghana Customs and the legal entities in charge of the clearance of goods. This makes them one of the best haulage companies in Ghana to consider.

Other services they offer include transport and shipping

Global Cargo & Commodities Ltd has been able to build a reputation for itself through its high-quality services that beat most of the competition.

6. Green Light Logistics Ghana

Green Light Logistics is an international haulage company. It offers its services to several industries all over the world. The company was established in Ghana in 1994.

Its services include the customs clearance, turnkey project logistics, warehousing, packaging & storage, equipment rentals, air freight, sea freight, and heavy haulage & lifting.

Their services are offered at an affordable price by top professionals who take customer satisfaction very seriously. They also have an extensive network that allows them to reach all areas in Ghana.

7. Tumffour Limited | Haulage & Logistics

Tumffour Limited is a leading haulage and logistics company in Ghana. It is among the fast-rising haulage companies in Ghana. It strives to become the leading provider of haulage and logistics services in Ghana. It also plans to extend its services to other parts of West Africa.

Tumffour Limited offers its road haulage services to both domestic and commercial clients. Its services are among the most affordable in the Ghanaian market.

8. La Vita Ghana Limited

La Vita Ghana Limited was established in 2013. It is one of the new haulage companies operating in the competitive Ghanaian market. It has been able to rise to the position of the market leader in the haulage industry. Currently, it offers its products in 10 regions in Ghana.

Its services include haulage, logistics, and the importation & distribution of cosmetics products.

9. Hippo Transport

Hippo Transport is one of the oldest haulage and logistics companies in Ghana. It is a subsidiary of Hippo Group of Companies which has over three decades of experience in the transport business.

Hippo Transport has maintained a market position in the Ghanaian industry since it was established in 2010.

The company has won several awards for its excellent services. Its services are not only high-quality but are also affordable. This makes them one of the best transport companies in Ghana.

10. BHJ Logistics

BHJ Logistics is a provider of global cargo services in Ghana. BHJ Logistics doesn’t just offer its services in Ghana, but also in over 150 locations all over the world. Their high-quality services have made them very reliable in the industry.

They also boast of an extensive network in Ghana which allows them to offer their services to every part of the country.

Their services include sea freight, air freight, trucking & warehousing, customs brokerage, LCL consolidation, supply chain solutions, and expertise in products.

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