10 Best Hospitals in Ghana 2023

Hospitals are meant to provide healthcare for sick or injured people and to perform this function they need to have the latest medical equipment and qualified medical personnel on the ground.

However, only a few hospitals in Ghana can boast of a world-class system that meets the health needs of Ghanaians.

Among all the healthcare centers in Ghana, we have singled out the best. In this article, you will find the 10 best hospitals in Ghana which have the proper medical facilities and well-trained personnel to handle all important health matters.

Hospitals in Ghana

10 Best Hospitals in Ghana

  1. Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is one of the most referenced hospitals in Ghana. It is a world-class center for the treatment of many medical conditions.

The hospital was established in 1923, and at the time, it had only just 200 beds and a few medical personnel to handle a large number of patients. Over recent years, the hospital has witnessed a rapid expansion. Currently, it boasts of over 1,500 beds and many well-trained medical professionals handling day-to-day activities. It is one of the largest hospitals in Ghana and Africa.

  1. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

The need for more medical institutions to cater to the growing Ghana population gave rise to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Initially, it was named the Kumasi Central Hospital when it was established in 1945.

It was renamed to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in honor of the legendary fetish priest, Komfo Anokye.

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is currently tasked with the training of medical students and offering quality clinical and non-clinical care and training. Currently, it has a workforce of about 4,000 workers and holds the status of the second-largest hospital in Ghana.

  1. Tamale Teaching Hospital

Tamale Teaching Hospital is the referral hospital for the three northern regions of Ghana. It began its full operations in 1998 and gained prominence in 2003 when it was adjudged the Best Regional Hospital.

The hospital cooperates with the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Northern Ghana to provide undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine, nursing, and nutrition.

Tamale Teaching Hospital is tasked with providing advanced clinical health services to the Northern regions of Ghana namely: the Northern region, Upper East region, and Upper West region.

  1. Nyaho Medical Centre

Nyaho Medical Centre is a prominent healthcare center in Ghana named after its founder, late Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo. The hospital was established in 1970 with the aim of providing top-quality nursing and medical care services in Ghana and to other countries outside its borders.

The company currently offers general health care services. It also boasts of several specialist clinics namely

  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Dietetics
  • Endoscopy
  1. HO Teaching Hospital

Initially known as Volta Regional Hospital, the Ho Teaching Hospital was upgraded to the status of a teaching hospital to serve the University of Health and Allied Sciences. It had previously served mainly the Volta region of Ghana and other surrounding regions.

Currently, it boasts of a 300-bed capacity, 20 professional doctors and several thousands of clients and students receiving medical attention and medical training in its clinical departments.

  1. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre

Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is one of the best options for cancer treatment in Ghana. The hospital boasts of advanced medical systems that enable them to deliver high-quality services and the right personal health care to its patients.

It offers consultation services, treatment services, and screening services to both patients living within the borders of Ghana and patients outside the borders.

  1. West End Hospital

West End Hospital was established to provide health care to patients within and outside Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. It was named after the famous WESTEND KLINIKUM in Berlin, Germany. Since its establishment in 1978, it has served as one of the best private medical centers in Ghana providing health care to over 20,000 patients every year.

The hospital has a 40-bed capacity and offers medical services namely: General medicine, Paediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology /Ultrasound, ECG Services, and more.

  1. The Trust Hospital

The Trust Hospital began operations in 1992 as a not-for-profit healthcare center to provide health services to SSANIT staff and their dependents. It was later upgraded to a full-fledge hospital and then opened its doors to the general public.

Today, the Trust Hospital is made up of three main hospitals and 6 satellite clinics

Trust Hospitals

  • The Trust Hospital
  • The Trust Specialist Hospital
  • The Trust Mother and Child Hospital

Trust Hospital offers one of the widest ranges of medical services including general surgery, fast track clinic, clinical psychology, dental care, diabetic clinic, cardiology clinic, asthma clinic and so on.

Its six satellite clinics are located in the following areas

  • Tema Community 2
  • Pension House Ministries, Accra
  • Adenta Shopping Mall
  • Dome, Dome Telecom
  • Dansoman, Opposite Baptist Academy
  • Sakumono, Opposite the Tennis Court Sakumono Estates
  1. Ghana Canada Medical Centre

Ghana Canada Medical Centre began its operations in 2009 and has since grown into an ultra-modern, well-equipped diagnostic and treatment hospital.  It serves mostly patients in the Greater Accra Region, however, its referral base extends to all the regions of Ghana and West Africa.

Currently, the Ghana Canada Medical Centre offers services in the following areas; General healthcare, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Surgery, Eye, Internal Medicine, and Heart disease management.

The hospital also boasts of a cardio-diagnostic laboratory where it carries out the evaluation of heart diseases and evaluates medical therapy.

  1. Lister Hospital

Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre is one of the most advanced private hospitals in Ghana. Through its modern and advanced medical facilities and highly trained staff, it offers exceptional general and specialist healthcare and diagnostic services.

Lister Hospital also boasts one of the best fertility centers in Ghana. Due to the success of its fertility treatments, it is renowned by individuals living within Ghana and in the West African regions.


Whether you’re looking for a well-equipped hospital in Ghana, that can handle minor or major surgeries perfectly, or you are looking for a medical center with excellent diagnostic services, you can always count on the options we have listed above to provide you with the best of services.

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