Top 20 Hotels in Kumasi, Ghana (2023)

Kumasi (also called “Garden City”) is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Ghana. The city is located in the Ashanti region which influences the culture of the people. It is the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom. It is also called West Africa’s largest cultural center.

Kumasi is not only known as a cultural center but one of the most hospitable locations in Ghana. There are a lot of hotels in Kumasi with the best facilities that serve guests in every occupational class and income level.

If you find yourself in the city and you want a place to relax and sleep for the night. You can try out any one of the Top 20 Hotels in Kumasi, Ghana that is listed below.

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Top 20 Hotels in Kumasi, Ghana

1. Fredrick’s Lodge

Fredrick’s Lodge is one of the exquisite hotels in Kumasi where the comfort of the guest is the top priority. It boasts of facilities like free Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and many other facilities that promote comfort.

The average price per night for this is quite high. To spend a relaxing and comfortable night in this hotel you would have to spend about 537 Ghanaian Cedi.

2. Oak Plaza Suites

Oak Plaza Suites takes luxury very seriously so you should expect to spend a little more if you wish to spend a night there.

While it has similar facilities (an outdoor swimming pool, fitness gym, free WiFi, etc) like other top-class hotels, it adds a bit more hospitality by offering excellent food service that beats much of the competition.

Spending a night in this hotel would cost you about 886 Ghanaian cedi

3. Golden Tulip Kumasi City

Family rooms, suites, and excellent food services are some of the few features of this magnificent hotel. Although it’s on the expensive side, you should expect to get the value of your money if you choose to spend a night in this hotel.

A night of free Wi-Fi, access to an outdoor swimming pool and picnic area would cost you 744 Ghanaian cedi

4. Gya-son Royal Guest House

Gya-son Royal Guest House is a more affordable option but don’t let that fool you. it still offers one of the best services you will get in the city. Rooms in the hotel offer the best views of the city with a bar to enjoy the nightlife.

Spending a night in the hotel would cost you 107 Ghanaian Cedi

5. Okumah Hotel

Okumah Hotel is another option to try out. The hotel has most of the facilities you can find in other hotels. However, it is not as expensive as most high-quality hotels. That doesn’t mean its services are no good.

Spending a night in this hotel would cost you about 241 Ghanaian Cedi

6. New Orleans Hotel

New Orleans Hotel is another high-quality hotel in Ghana that isn’t too pricey. Facilities like air-conditioned rooms, a bar, and a garden make it one of the best hotels.

A night in this hotel would cost you 295 Ghanaian Cedi

7. To Be Hotel

Comfy, relaxing and affordable – these are three words you can use to describe this hotel. To Be Hotel have facilities like air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant and a bar to keep you relaxed.

Spending a night in this hotel is more affordable and should cost you 120 Ghanaian Cedi

8. Sweet Garden Hotel

Sweet Garden Hotel has all the features you can possibly find in a top-class hotel and more. Private parking, a bar, a garden, and an outdoor swimming pool are just some facilities you can find in this hotel.

The good news is that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot to stay for the night. A night here would cost 406 Ghanaian Cedi

9. Roses Guest House (Vienna City)

If you want to have a little more fun than staying in a swimming pool or the bar, then you should head to this hotel. Roses Guest House has a casino that keeps guests entertained all through the night but you should be careful not to spend all your money here.

A night here would cost you 286 Ghanaian Cedi

10. Tumi Hostel

Located near the Baba Yara Stadium, Tumi Hostel boasts of elegance and comfort. It features a lounge, free WiFI, a garden and a terrace with air-conditioned rooms that should provide you with all the comfort you need.

Spending a night here is quite affordable and would cost you 54 Ghanaian Cedi

11. Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel is another great option to try out. It has similar facilities with other top-class hotels including air-conditioned rooms.

A night in this hotel isn’t as affordable as the rest but is good enough for its quality. You would have to spend 375 Ghanaian Cedi to stay for the night.

12. Sir Max Hotel

Sir Max Hotel is a great place to spend your night. Air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi are just some of the facilities you will find in this hotel.

A night here would cost you 375 Ghanaian Cedi

13. Chariset Hotel

Chariset Hotel is also a great place to spend the night and relax. Its air-conditioned rooms and bar should give you the comfort you need.

A night in the hotel costs 217 Ghanaian Cedi

14. Noble House Hotel

Noble House Hotel is another exquisite hotel located in the heart of Kumasi.

A night in this hotel would cost you 510 Ghanaian Cedi

15. Hotel De Texas

Hotel De Texas isn’t the most affordable option but it is one of the most comfortable options. But that doesn’t mean you will spend too much to stay here.

A night should cost you 418 Ghanaian Cedi.

16. Kumasi Wesley Guest House

Most affordable guest houses wouldn’t offer you what you will get from Kumasi Wesley Guest House.

With just 134 Ghanaian Cedi, you will get all the luxury and comfort you deserve.

17. Chaliemon Guest Lodge

Chaliemon Guest Lodge is another affordable option that will cost you just 134 Ghanaian Cedi for a night.

18. Awo Mma’s Place

This hotel is just right for those who want comfort at the right price. A night should cost you 279 Ghanaian Cedi

19. Nuben Court

Nuben Court raises the price bar a little high but that is what you should expect with the kind of quality it offers. A night in this hotel will cost you 547 Ghanaian Cedi

20. Villa Sankofa

Villa Sankofa is the right choice for those who value comfort and luxury but have a tight budget. A night in the hotel would cost you 338 Ghanaian Cedi


There are lots of hotels in Kumasi but these are our best picks. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re want to relax in the most serene environment, we have all the options listed out for you.

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