How Much Is iPhone 7 Plus in Ghana?

iPhone 7 is a line of phones made and sold by Apple Inc. that runs on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

They are the iPhone’s tenth generation. They were introduced on September 7, 2016, to replace the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as the iPhone series’ flagship devices.

Throughout September and October 2016, Apple also released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a number of countries globally including Ghana.

How much is iphone 7 plus in ghana

Key Features of iPhone 7 plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is a device that hardly requires an introduction. The latest from Apple always gets the most attention, regardless of how much or how little the firm has changed.


When it comes to multitasking, the A10 Fusion CPU is a true beast, and it will seamlessly transition between different apps with ease. There is absolutely no lag. Because of the chip’s optimization, you will be able to have a superb light and heavy gaming experience with only 3 gigabytes of RAM.


The iPhone 7’s display is excellent for both watching video in full HD and playing games. The retina display technology is excellent for use in all lighting settings since it automatically adjusts and optimizes its colors to match the lighting conditions of your environment.

Battery Life

According to current Apple trends, the iPhone 7 Plus battery is not particularly powerful. This, on the other hand, is not a problem at all. You will get the most battery life out of your 2900mAh battery with the help of the A10 chip thanks to the optimization of iOS 10 and iOS 11, should you want to upgrade to those versions.


The photographic capabilities of the new iPhone 7 Plus have been totally redesigned by Apple. Both the Plus and the regular Plus share the same improved 12MP sensor that is purportedly 60% faster and 30% more efficient, as well as a brighter f/1.8 aperture, a new six-element lens, and optical image stabilization.

How much is iPhone 7 plus in ghana

The iPhone 7 plus costs in Ghana are not significantly different from the prices at which Apple is currently selling the smartphone, which is two years old. The 128GB Plus model of the iPhone 7 costs GH 3 670 on Jumia, which is the cheapest place to buy it in Ghana.