How to Calculate Electricity Bill in Ghana (2023)

Since its invention, electricity has become an integral part of our everyday life. A life without electricity is almost impossible to lead. Electricity literally powers human existence, at least in the urban areas. Almost everything, from our kitchen devices and living room electronics to our mobile phones. None will function if they have not come in contact with electricity.

How to Calculate Electricity Bill in Ghana

This is a major reason why people in Ghana seek out information on how to calculate electricity bill in Ghana. I know that before you found this article you had so many questions relating to this subject. I will try as much as possible to provide answers to those questions in this article.

Electricity in Ghana is supplied and distributed by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). The ECG had proposed a new billing system which came with a promise of more constant electricity. However, it was likely to raise electricity tariffs. It took a while for the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) to approve. The proposed change was approved in December 2015.

As suspected, the tariffs became almost unbearably high for the citizens of the country thereby making many unhappy. As a result, there have been more questions than answers with respect to the new electricity tariffs. Most of these questions are unanswered and I am sure you have your fair share as well. Not to worry, in this article I will be dealing with as many of those questions as possible.

Let’s get straight to business.

What are the new tariffs and how do I calculate my electricity bill?

The newly approved electricity tariffs is a 59.2% increase from the previously established tariffs. With this percentage stated, it is quite easy to calculate your electricity bill. You simply increase your previous charge based on units consumed by 59.2%. Here is a simple breakdown:

  • If your consumption falls between 0 and 50 units of consumption, then your bill increases from 21p to 34p.
  • If your electricity consumption falls within the 51 to 300 unit bracket, then your bill is increased from 42p to 67p.
  • If your consumption lies between 301 to 600 units, your tariffs have increased from 55p to 87p.
  • Finally, if consume above 600 units then your tariffs have increased from 61p to 97p.

In January 2016, a memorandum was signed by both the government and Ghanaian organized labor to bring about a few changes to the tariffs. It was therefore prescribed that the lifeline bracket of 0 to 50kWh will receive a 45% reduction. Also, the lifeline rate of 51 to 300kWh was to receive a reduction of 50%.

Why do I run out of electricity credits quickly, does it mean I am being cheated?

I am sure this question has passed through your mind more than once this year alone. The truth is no one is cheating you. It is just that the new ECG billing system is cyclical in nature. This means that it is run as a monthly cycle. If your units have run out unexpectedly, you are not alone in this. Several others are in your shoes. When the new tariff system was endorsed on December 14, 2015, most meters began reading from December 1, 2015. In total out of the 500,000 prepaid meters in Ghana, 300,000 of them faced this issue. Out of this number, 280,000 of them have been fixed and their owners reimbursed. Ifyou haven’t been reimbursed, you will probably fall under the second batch.

Why are my electricity units running out quickly?

This is quite simple to figure out. Definitely, you are having a better electricity supply than before. This means your electricity consumption is higher than before since you use your appliances for longer periods. I am sure you know that the amount of electricity you consume determines the lifeline bracket you fall into. The different lifeline brackets are 0 – 50kWh, 51 – 300kWh, 301 – 600kWh, and 601kWh and above.

Why should I pay my bills?

A few people complain about paying certain levies like street light levies. What they don’t know is that these levies are needed by the government to fix and maintain these facilities for optimal performance. Some of the levies are also used to sponsor the government’s National Electrification Programme. The payment of these levies has helped Ghana grow her electricity coverage to 76%. This brings Ghana to second in Africa, only led by South Africa.

With the above information, I am sure you can calculate your electricity bill on a monthly basis. You should also have been acquainted with the reasons why your tariffs are the way they are. If you need further information about this subject, you can contact the Electric Company of Ghana (ECG).

  1. Electricity Company of Ghana hotline – 0302671671
  2. Contact ECG on Facebook and Twitter – ecgtariffs
  3. Visit the ECG official website –

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