How to Get An International Passport in Ghana (2023)

If you are reading then you most likely are in search of knowledge on how to get an international passport in Ghana. Prior to 2017, international passport application in Ghana was done manually.

The online passport application in Ghana was introduced in 2017 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. This new method makes it easier and safer to apply for an international passport in Ghana.

How to Get An International Passport in Ghana

In this article we shall discuss how to apply for an international passport in Ghana, mostly focusing on the online application process. It promises to be interesting and eye-opening so grab some popcorn and let’s go on this journey together.

What is an international passport?

To be clear, an international passport is not your regular passport photograph. That’s on a lighter note. By way of definition, a passport is an official endorsement by a government showing that the holder is a citizen of the issuing country. This document acts as identification on the international scene and also gives the individual an opportunity to travel to other countries. Without this document, you can hardly travel from one country to another, especially when there are immigration checks.

The old method of applying for an international passport in Ghana

As stated earlier, the new online method of application was introduced in 2017. Prior to this, applicants had to purchase forms known as Ghana passport forms that would be filled and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A major challenge with this application process was that the requirements were so ambiguous and difficult to understand.

The process was not as straightforward as the online process and so it made an allowance for a lot of middlemen. As you know, 90% of middlemen are usually not conversant with regulations and requirements. They are usually just out to cheat applicants out of their hard-earned money. It was so bad that most applicants were issued fake passports by these terrible middlemen.

There was also the problem of long queues at the different Passport Application Centers. It was not uncommon to have fights and unruly behavior at these centers. Passport officers were also frustrated out of their wits because they were under intense pressure by a large number of applicants.

Is the old method still valid?

The old method of the international passport application is not totally obsolete. It is still in use and you can still apply for your international passport by obtaining and filling the Ghana passport forms. The reason for this is to make provision for applicants who lack confidence in the new online passport application method. The challenge, however, is that people have found it difficult to purchase the old Ghana passport forms from the GCB Bank.

In a nutshell, the application process is not solely online and is not totally online. Even though you start the application online, you still have to complete a part of it at the Passport Office in Ghana.

Classes of International Passports that can be applied for in Ghana

There are two classes of Ghanaian International Passports differentiated by application timeframe. They are:

  • Standard application. This application is the regular International Passport and it costs GHS50.00.
  • Expedited application. This could be referred to as express service and it is costlier than the Standard application though it is processed faster. It costs GHS100.00.

Online Passport Application in Ghana

The process is quite simple and straightforward. To start up the process simply the Ministry of Information website.

Paying for your Online Passport Application in Ghana 

There are a couple of options you can choose from when you want to pay for your Ghana International Passport. Among them include Tigo Cash, MTN Mobile Money, or Vodafone Cash. There are also partner banks you can make your payment through, they include:

  • Zenith Bank Ghana – all the branches in the country. You can also Airtel Money, VISA card, Vodafone Cash, MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money, etc.
  • EcoBank Ghana – all the branches in the country. The different methods stated above.
  • GCB Bank – all the branches nationwide. Vodafone Cash.

Making your payments using Mobile Money

Just in case you plan to pay with Mobile Money, we have come up with the steps to follow to make the process very easy. The steps are stated below:

  • Register a new account with the Ministry of Information website.
  • Click on applications.
  • Click on new
  • From the menu, select any of the banks which include GCB, EcoBank, Zenith Bank.
  • Then select any of your Mobile Money options.
  • Type in your mobile number and confirm your payment through your phone.
  • You can now continue your application.

Documents you should make available for your application

Just like every other application, you need certain documents to complete your application process. These documents include:

  • Birth certificate. This is the number one proof of Ghanaian citizenship.
  • Identification documents. National Identification Card, Driver’s license, Voter’s Card.
  • Occupational Identification. Work identification, Student identification, business registration certificate, and so on.

To renew your old passport, you need the following:

  • Provide the first page of the old passport showing your biodata and passport photograph, as well as biometric information.
  • Provide your previous visa, if you have one.
  • The last page of the passport.
  • Supply proof of change of profession, if applicable.

How many days does it take to process an International Passport in Ghana?

Once you have supplied all the necessary documents and uploaded them along with the right information. Make sure you have made your International Passport application fees with the necessary proof of payment. Submit your application online and with your fingers crossed, you can expect your new passport in 10 to 30 days. You should also note that you can only process your online applications at the Accra Passport Application Center.

This is all of the basic information you need to apply for your new International Passport in Ghana. We hope this article has been helpful to you in your quest for knowledge on how to apply for an International Passport in Ghana. Good luck with your application.

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