How to Start an ECOM BRAND on a Shoestring Budget (2023)

If you’ve ever wanted to start an Ecom Brand and you’re low on funds, you’d want to read this to the end and then take action.

Starting a brand can be expensive and not budget-friendly but what you’re about to learn is a less known secret to build a brand in 90 days or less and make your first 4-Figures selling.


Ready?Let’s goooo

First action step


Carefully find out what your ideal audience looks like what their disposable income is,  what their main problem is and which emotions of theirs is tied to the problem

Is it prestige/status?

Are they running away from pain?

Are they focused on the family?

Is it confidence?

Once you’ve identified it, use Google trends tool to see the search volumes and also to confirm if there’s already a competition for that market.

Once you’ve concluded that,  Go straight to Alibaba

Search for the product

Let’s say an epilator, for example, is your intended product. Look for the best sellers on there with enough reviews and credibility then reach out to them.

Look for one with a sensible MOQ (minimum order quantity), then ask for free samples

Still here eh?


Don’t act desperate

Just tell them you’d want to be sure of the product quality before you buy and that you actually do plan to buy now once that’s shipped to you.

Find a local photographer

Take amazing pictures of the product

Also, create a dope video (aesthetically pleasing audiovisuals)

Now we’re halfway through.

Proceed to Instagram then search hashtags related to your audience (that you already clearly know now right)

So assuming it was epilator, you’d choose the following hashtags




-skincare etc

Once you’ve done that,

look for 5-10 active and engaged profiles reach out to them and strike a bargain

tell them you’re willing to send them a free product sample in exchange for a review on their page, more like a shoutout but it’s an agreement

Once that’s sorted,

Remember you already took amazing product photos eh?
post them on a carefully curated IG PAGE of yours

With your brand name in bio

A cool CTA (call to action like get yours here ??) then a link to your virtual store (could be Shopify or Funnels).

so now you have products setup

a page already

amazing pictures and a deal with an influencer

once they get the products

what they’d be saying is

their audience can pre-order for the products if they love the review

Remember (you don’t want this to look like a sponsored ad)
What you’re looking for is to get enough data of your ideal audience

so the product shouldn’t be too pricey

just a sweet spot between marginal cost of production and a little bit of profit

when you’ve gotten 100-500 orders

which is possible if product is priced between $27-$47 you now have their data (of course Facebook pixel is installed)

This data will serve as your custom audience you can later retarget a LOOK ALIKE AUDIENCE from that

so you’ve made between $2700-$4700 at just 100 orders you can then use that to fulfill your orders by paying the manufacturer

then send an email to everyone who buys that

they get 50% off their next purchase if they post an amazing review on their page and tag your brand IG

so you now have extra social proof
I can bet with you, you’d have a solid brand raking in 4-5 figures in less than 90 days

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