Top 10 HR Companies in Ghana (2023)

HR companies are important for businesses looking to hire competent individuals as a part of their workforce. These companies are responsible for recruiting, screening and interviewing workers (critical processes necessary for hiring highly-skilled professionals).

In Ghana, there are several leading HR companies, but we have selected the top 10 companies that are making landmark achievements in the area.

Top 10 HR Companies in Ghana

HR Companies in Ghana

  1. Ghana HR Solutions

Ghana HR Solutions is one of the leading HR companies with over 15 years of experience in human resources consultancy, recruitment agency, training & development organization, and human resource outsourcing organization.

Ghana HR Solutions services include recruitment, training & development, benchmarking, HR outsourcing, staff management services, and payroll service providers.

Over the years, the company has maintained a reputation as one of the best options for businesses and organizations seeking full-service HR companies.

Ghana HR Solutions Contact Info

  • Office Address: Ghana HR Solutions, La Road, Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +233-302-797-657, +233-200-181-695,
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. L’AINE Services Limited

L’AINE Services Limited is a leading human resource development company in Ghana. The company offers several HR services that aim to boost the quality, efficiency, and productivity of their clients’ workforce.

Their services include

  • L’AINE Training and Development
  • L’AINE Outsourcing
  • L’AINE Recruitment
  • L’AINE Workforce Solutions
  • L’AINE Job Seeker Solutions

L’AINE Services Limited Contact Info

  • Office Address: Ocean View Estates, Community 13, Sakumono
  • Mail Address: P.O. Box GP1198 Accra, Near The Nungua Barrier
  • Tel: 0302-717039 / 0302-716983 / 0302-716986 / 0302-717038
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  1. Rakes Company Limited

Rakes Company Limited is one of the key players in the HR industry. The company was established in 1999 and has grown exponentially due to its high-quality services. Currently, the company has spread to other high-profit cities including Takoradi, Kumasi, and Tamale.

Rakes Company Limited boasts of one of the most impressive HR clienteles which includes high-profile companies like Nestle Ghana Limited, Unilever Ghana Limited, Barclays Bank and Access Bank Ghana Limited.

Rake Company Limited Contact Info

  • Office Address: Rakes House, East La, Accra
  • Tel: +233 30 701 1154, +233 20 816 9764
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. HR Bureau Ghana

HR Bureau Ghana is a full-service HR solutions company providing people management and development solutions, products, and services.

Though the company is new, with only 5 years of experience in the industry, it has been able to attract several high profile clients and handle projects in recruitment, training, hospitality services, and HR consulting nationwide.

HR Bureau Ghana Contact Info

  • Office Address: No. 188, Boundary Road, Spintex (Coastal Estates) Accra.
  • Tel: 030 396 6412
  1. Human Intelligence Recruitment (HIREghana)

Human Intelligence Recruitment (HIREghana) is an HR management and recruitment company in Ghana which specializes in the provision of intelligent and exceptional human resource and recruitment solutions to business and institutions in Ghana.

HIREghana Contact Info

  • Office Address: P.O. Box NB 17, Nii Boi Man – Accra
  • Tel: +233 266 555 907, +233 50 228 5155
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. Rectrain Limited

If you’re looking for an HR company that provides the best services in areas of productive, return on investment, and retention, then you’re probably looking for Rectrain Limited.

Rectrain Limited was established with the aim of recruiting and training highly competent and qualified individuals for clients based on their needs.

Rectrain Limited services include recruitment, training, procurement, event consultancy, HR Office management, and graduate services. Job seekers can also go to their website and search for available positions that are within their qualifications.

Rectrain Limited Contact Info

  • Office Address: Office Address: 2nd Floor, C & G Plaza, Christian Village Junction, Westlands, Accra
  • Mail Address: P.O. Box CT 8165, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: 00233 (0) 5401 15588
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. Axis Human Capital Limited

Axis Human Capital Limited is an HR company set up with the aim of offering recruitment & selection, learning & development, professional development, advisory, and technical support services to businesses and organizations interested in hiring competent hands.

Though the company began its operations in a small office in Tudu, Accra, Ghana, it quickly expanded its network to other parts of Ghana. Today, it ranks as one of the leading Human resources management developers in Ghana.

Axis Human Capital Limited Contact Info

  • Office Address: North Dzorwulu, Accra. Ghana
  • Tel: +233. 20. 630. 9902 | +233. 20. 202. 8569
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. Capital Group Limited

Capital Group Limited is one of the influential companies in Human Resource Development in Ghana. The company began operations in 1996 with the objective of solving HR problems in the country.

Capital Group Limited offers services in People and Project Management, Psychometric Testing, Debt Recovery, Factoring, and Financial Advisory. Today, it is a leading HR company with clients in various sectors of the economy.

Capital Group Limited Contact Info

  • Office Address: The Capital Place, No. 5, 1st Zoti Link Zoti Res. Area, Korle – Bu, Accra.
  • Tel: +233-302-670991-2 / +233-302-674697
  • Email: [email protected]
  1. Keeping “U” Simply Intact (KUSI) Consulting

Keeping “U” Simply Intact (KUSI) Consulting is a leading provider of human resource (HR) management and marketing solutions. Their services include HR audits, staff development training, digital marketing, and recruitment.

Keeping “U” Simply Intact (KUSI) Consulting Contact Info

  1. Excel HR Consult

Excel HR Consult boasts of one of the best management and financial consultants in the industry. They are well-versed in the dynamics of human resource management and the challenges that organizations would face in the wake of huge enlightenment of employee rights and labor regulations.

The company ranks as one of the best options for institutions, businesses and organizations seeking to benefits from and to develop their human resource capacity.

Excel HR Consult offers the following services to their clients

  • HR Outsourcing Services
  • Recruitment And Selection
  • Training And Development
  • Performance Management
  • Job Seeker Solutions

Excel HR Consult Contact Info

  • Office Address: Accra Digital Center
  • Mail Address: P.O.Box KN 1574, Kaneshie- Accra, Ghana

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