Top ICT Companies in Ghana and their Locations (2023)

ICT in Ghana is one of the most thriving sectors in Ghana’s economy. The sector has witnessed rapid growth in the last 20 years. Ghana’s ICT sector includes telecoms operators, software manufacturers, broadcast institutions, internet service providers, and internet cafes. ICT drives other sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

ict companies in ghana

The country’s ICT infrastructural base comprises of undersea cable connectivity, VSAT systems, Fixed wired line networks, wireless mobile operators, public telephone systems, telecentres, public distribution networks, dedicated transmission networks, internet backbone connectivity and public access point, broadcasting systems, etc.

The country has put in place legal and regulatory framework to guarantee the safety of ICT investments in the country.

Top ICT Companies in Ghana and their Locations


This is a bulk SMS service provider. They provide customised SMS for their clients. Their office is located at 8, Boundary road, ARS roundabout, Ogobojo, Accra. Mobile contact: 0553538855. Website:


This is an IT company that uses mobile and web application technologies to secure products against faking, counterfeit and diversion. The company was established in 2007 and it is partnering with more than 24 telecom operators, fortune 500 tech companies and regulators in various countries. Some of their services include brand protection from counterfeiting and tampering using the goldkeys platform, brand promotion and EarlySensor used in predicting threats. Their office is located at 2 Goldkeys Heights, Relax Court Bend, Dzorwulu, and Accra.

Rancard Solutions Limited

Founded in 2001 by Kofi Dadzie and Ehizogie Binitie with a vision to become a world-class software developer, the company built a software application development platform and a carrier-class mobile internet gateway. The company also developed a cloud-based mobile SDP and content management with dynamic carrier billing. They have extended their connectivity into more than 6 countries and have connected more than 70 mobile networks all over Africa and beyond. The company has also hosted developers including Google, BBC, MTV, VOA, and ESPN. Their mission is to reach one of the fastest growing markets. Their office is located at 16, Ridge Road, Roman Ridge, Accra. Tel: +233302782669.

Logiciel Ghana

This is an IT firm that provides a variety of mobile and cloud-based software for financial institutions focused on banking the unbanked with incorporated features like branchless banking, field agent monitoring, group loans, customer geo-location mapping, etc. the company has more than 5years experience in the development of banking systems for more than 250 financial bodies across West Africa. Their mission is to provide cutting edge technologies for financial bodies (micro and macro), governments and enterprises that will help them create and maintain a cost-effective solution that promotes financial inclusion. Their office is located at Nalag house, Gulf Street, Accra. Tel: +233302902764.


Founded in 2007, the IT Company offers a broad range of services which include e-payments and collections, cloud services, digital strategy, and innovation. Some of their products include iWallet, Cocoa link, Xylo, myTXTbuddy, mobi and qikli. Some of their achievements include Youth Excellence Awards, Gold Award in ICT, and Ghana Telecom Awards. The company is located at Crystal Plaza, Lashibi.

Soronko Solutions

This is a software development firm with the mission of using technology to boost human potentials. The company was founded by Regina Honu in 2012. Their services include domain purchase and renewals, web hosting, software development, mobile, and apps development. More than 70% of the profit realized by the company is used to fund Soronko foundation which focuses on empowering women and girls with relevant IT/coding skills.


This is an IT company founded in 2011 with the aim of using IT solutions to solve key problems in Africa. The company was nominated for African Awards for Entrepreneurship and was also featured in Forbes Africa, BizTeh, iAfrikan, HumanIPO and Cranchon. Some of the company’s products and services includes BISA, a health management app, Ebola Ghana Alert a web and mobile platform that gives relevant information for combating Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), ANASIPEDIA which is an educational resource platform, AFRIAPP a platform for web developers to showcase their apps and also earn income and DR. DIABETES a web app that helps people determine their diabetes status by answering online questionnaires about their health status. Their office is located at Awoshie Junction, George Bush N1 highway. Tel: 0244636555.

SoftTribe Limited

This is a software development company focusing on the design and implementation of computerised business application systems. It is one of the top business management systems providers in Ghana with more than 300 clients.

The company was founded in 1991, the company created the first e-commerce platform in the country called Sundiata and it has also received several awards including Ghana Club 100 awards, Mobile World Lifetime Achievement Award, GUBA awards, and Ghana Millennium Excellence Awards for IT. Their office is located at Quartey Papafio Avenue, Airport Residential Area Accra. Tel: 0302786093.

Leti Games

This is a game development company founded in 2009 by Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya. The aim of the company is to create African Superheroes using comics and games. They are faced with the challenge of developing the game industry in West Africa, but they have been able to develop interactive and fun apps. Leti Arts and Games have participated in Global Game Developers conference, US-Africa Business forum and a host of others and have also received awards from British council for Young Creative Entrepreneurs Media Awards, Ghana TopApp Awards, Vodafone AppStar awards, and was also nominated for other awards.

This is an IT firm that provides satellite, microwave and optic fibre for internet backbone connectivity, broadband and MPLS services. The company is in partnership with Cognosec to provide services in payments, communications, networking and e-commerce security to clients which includes international banks, utility organisations, global payment providers, insurance firms and government institutions.

Kamptech Limited

Kamptech provides structured cabling solutions and services. They specialize in structured cabling, network cabling, CAT5, data drop, voice drops and cabling networks, LAN networking solutions, Patch Panel cabling, Telephone cabling, voice and data cabling, Ethernet cabling and a host of other cabling services.

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