Indian Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

India has a High Commission in Ghana which is the country’s only representation in Ghana. Are you wondering what a High Commission is? Before we go ahead let me briefly define it as it will be part of our discussion in this article.

Indian Embassy In ghana

A High Commission is the diplomatic presence of a Commonwealth country in another country. This means there is a slight difference between a High Commission and an Embassy. While a High Commission is the diplomatic presence of a Commonwealth country in another. An Embassy is the diplomatic presence of a non-commonwealth country in another country.

The highest officer in a High Commission is a High Commissioner. The High Commissioner is the senior representative assigned by the government of a country to head the country’s representative in a foreign country. The High Commissioner is of the same rank as an Ambassador.

Now that we have these figured out, let’s discuss the functions of the Indian High Commission in Ghana.

Functions of the Indian High Commission in Ghana

Every embassy or high commission has specific functions it carries out on behalf of the home country. The Indian High Commission is no different as it carries out so many functions on behalf of India in Ghana. First, the High Commission maintains bilateral relations between both countries and ensures that trade goes on unhindered between both countries.

Second, the High Commission ensures that citizens of India are protected and their interests are satisfied in Ghana. They are also responsible for ensuring Indian citizens conduct themselves accordingly. Third, the commission organizes and hosts seminars and meetings having in attendance citizens of both countries.

Areas of interest supported by the high commission in Ghana include scientific research, educational development, economic affairs, legal issues, etc. India has one of the most developed health sectors in the world. For this reason, it has become one of the top destinations for people seeking treatment from terminal diseases.

It is an impossible feat for a Ghanaian citizen to visit India from Ghana without visiting the Indian High Commission in Ghana. It is the High Commission that is in charge of organizing visa interviews, scheduling of visa appointments, and approval of visas. Students from India who plan to come to Ghana for exchange studies are facilitated by the Indian High Commission in Ghana.

Contact details of the Indian High Commission in Ghana


Indian High Commission in Accra, Ghana

9 Ridge Road,
Roman Ridge,
P.O. Box CT-5708, Cantonments,


(+233) (30) 702 0903 to 5


(+233) (30) 277 2176



Head of Mission:

Mr.Birender Singh Yadav, High Commissioner

Opening hours for the Consular section

Monday 08.00–11.00
Tuesday 08.00–11.00
Wednesday 08.00–11.00
Thursday 08.00–11.00
Friday 08.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening hours for the Visa section

Monday 09.00–11.00
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 09.00–11.00
Thursday 09.00–11.00
Friday 09.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening Hours for the Economic Section

Monday 08.00–16.00
Tuesday 08.00–16.00
Wednesday 08.00–16.00
Thursday 08.00–16.00
Friday 08.00–16.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed


To get more details about the Indian High Commission in Ghana kindly visit the commission’s official website.

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