Top 10 Investment Companies in Ghana (2023)

With the quest to attain financial security, the best decision that one could make is to invest one’s money. There are so many investment opportunities in the country, but the best choice is to partner with companies that can be trusted.

The investment sector in the country is growing fast and when it comes to returns in investments, there have been quite a number of success stories.

Top 10 Investment Companies in Ghana

Top 10 Investment Companies in Ghana

So that being said, we will be discussing the top 10 investment companies in Ghana.

There are so many investment companies in the country that gives their investors the opportunity to grow. So we will be taking an in-depth look at these firms that you can look up to when you intend to grow your money.

1. Bond Saving and Loans

With this company, clients or customers are given the opportunity to save money and at the same time acquire loans. They have a fixed deposit plan, which is regarded to be one of the highest that you could obtain in the market and this has made them one of the most preferred investment companies in Ghana.

And interestingly, you can start an investment with the company with as low as GH¢100. And there is no limit to how much you can invest with them.

2. First Allied Savings and Loans

The company is a financial institution that gives value for money to its customers. They have a fixed deposit plan, which is quite negotiable and they also allow their customer to invest in Treasury Bills. The rate of their Treasury Bills is also mouth-watering when compared with other companies.

3. VIP Estates Ghana

This is a real estate company and it has been rated as one of the best in the country. They have been able to enter into a partnership with entrepreneurs and banks to provide efficient and satisfactory investment services to their customers.

Apart from the fact that they offer investment advice to their customers, they also guarantee the safety and security of their customers’ investments.

When you invest with VIP Estates, you get an annual return on your investments to the tune of 6%. That is just fair enough!

It is also important to understand that the real estate business is getting more profitable and this is the time for you to consider delving into it. Real estates, especially landed properties increase in value over the years and most millionaires and billionaires in the country are key players in this industry.

4. EcoBank Ghana

EcoBank is one of the best banks in the country. It is a Pan-African bank with branches in Nigeria and most other African countries.

Over the years, the bank has been involved in the provision of investment programs to their customers. They have open investments as money market funds and fixed income funds.

The bank has actually helped a lot of Ghanaians to generate tangible returns on their investments.

5. UT Bank Limited

The bank has enjoyed tremendous growth over the years. It started as a micro-financial institution but has now grown into a successful commercial bank.

They are involved in the provision of investments with low risks and which promises high Treasury bill rates. Old customers with the bank are also rewarded for their loyalty.

6. Sovereign Bank

The bank was incorporated on October 9th, 2015 in Accra and it was granted a banking license by the Bank of Ghana.

Since its establishment, the bank has focused on the pursuit of excellence for its customers and there have been reports that the bank offers a whopping 19.5% rates on their deposits.

This rate is reportedly higher than what is obtainable in the industry and this has made some rating firm to rank the bank as Ghana’s best investment bank.

7. Capital Bank

The back started as a privately owned bank with a license from the Bank of Ghana. But, their license was revoked in the year 2017, by the Bank of Ghana and it was subsequently taken over by GCB Bank.

GCB Bank has on offering a wide range of investment packages for their customers and they have an attractive interest rate of their fixed deposits. Even the savings plan for customers has been so attractive as well.

Investment in Stock Exchange

Investing in the Ghana Stock Exchange is also one of the ways through which investors can grow their money. To engage in this, one will need to consult the services of a licensed brokerage, who will then assist the investor in opening an account.

The broker will then help with the purchase of stock from the profiting companies.

8. CAL Brokers

This is a subsidiary of CAL Bank and they pride themselves in innovation, especially with the growing trend in internet technology. They are the only Ghanaianbroker that offers to trade on the internet.

9. African Alliance

African Alliance trade on many African exchanges and they are very innovative when it comes to their customers’ investments.

10. First Bank Brokerage

This is an investment bank and they offer a wide range of asset management packages and investment advisory. They have a Platinum Account Package and it is a mutual fund that invests in local equities.

11. Stanbic Bank Brokerage

This is an affiliate of the Standard Bank Group and they offer professional services to their customer. Any Ghanaian can invest through their platforms, but foreigners that want to trade in stock will be required to open a local bank account to withdraw their dividends.

Trading Costs

If you have the passion to trade in stocks, it is more advisable to go through brokers that will guide you in your investments.

To trade, you will expend costs on fees and commissions, which might be about 2.5% of the entire transaction value, though some brokers charge less.

Stanbic Bank Brokerage charges based on the level of transaction and they have rates as low as 2.1%.

There are so many investment opportunities in Ghana, but it is wise for an investor to make their researches and understand the ones that are relevant and credible at the same time.

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