Top 10 Investment Companies in Ghana (2023)

Investment companies are now growing in numbers in Ghana. We all know that investments can be really tricky. The risks are usually very high if you’re investing in something that will bring a lot of profit or something that will provide you with financial security for a very long time. This is why many people partner with investment companies across different regions in Ghana.

Investment companies are responsible for investing the capital of investors in profitable financial securities. In whatever way, they ensure that your investment is protected. You’ll need the right investment company if you hope to make a profit from your investments.

In Ghana, there are several investment companies that rank above all others. They reduce the risk of you losing your investments by investing in the right places which places them among the best investment companies in Ghana.

Top 10 Investment Companies in Ghana

investment companies in ghana

In this article, we’ll review the top 10 investment companies in Ghana that will give you the best returns on your investment.

1. First Allied Savings and Loans Limited

First Allied Savings and Loans Limited was established in 1996. It provides loans/credit services to businesses and consumers. The company has grown from just a single branch in 1996 to over 20 branches spread all over Ghana.

Presently, it is known as one of the leading savings and loans companies in Ghana. First Allied Savings and Loans Limited offers several savings and loan programs that are tailored to suit the needs of the public.

2. Bond Savings and Loans Limited

Established in 2007, Bond has grown to become one of the reputable investment companies in Ghana. A bond is a non-bank financial institution that offers investors a way to save their money.

They also offer loans with one of the lowest interest rates you’ll ever find. This makes them one of the top choices for investors looking for investment companies in Ghana.

They offer three exclusive investment products – Bone Fixed Deposits, Bond Duapa, and Bond Ezi Access. Their investment products have different features, interest rates, and charges that should suit the need of every investor regardless of their investing power.

3. VIP Estates Ghana

VIP Estates Ghana is one of the leading estate development companies in Ghana. It offers housing and investment services to customers.

VIP Estates is mainly known for its top-quality housing which is located in serene environments in Ghana. They also offer one of the best investment services in Ghana.

They are among the few investment companies that guarantee customers of the safety and security of their investments. They do this in line with the Securities Industry Law, PNDC 1993 and Barclays Bank Ghana Limited

4. Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana was established in 1989 and commenced business in 1990. It has grown to become one of the well-recognized corporate brands in the banking and investment industries.

With Ecobank Ghana, you can never go wrong with your investment. The bank offers a lot of investment packages which you wouldn’t get from other investment companies in Ghana. This is due to the fact that the bank is one of the largest in Ghana and West Africa.

Ecobank’s open investments options include fixed-income funds and money market funds. You can check out their investment page for more investment options.

5. GCB Bank

GCB Bank is one of the oldest banks in Ghana. It is also one of the most trusted investment companies in the country. GCB Bank was established in 1953 with the sole aim of providing quality banking services to Ghanaians.

The bank offers loans, savings and investment programs to individuals and businesses. Being among the most successful banks in Ghana has earned it a good reputation and placed it comfortably above most investment companies in Ghana.

6. African Alliance Securities Ghana Limited

African Alliance Securities Ghana Limited is a top investment company in Ghana. The company has several branches in other African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Botswana. It offers a wide range of investment products that should meet the need of every investor.

Some of their investment products include Alliance Investment Plus Plan, Income Investment Plan, and Money Appreciation Plan.

7. Bullion Investment Group

Bullion Investment Group is another top investment company in Ghana that not only provides the best investment solutions but also ensures the safety and security of their client’s investments.

Bullion Investment Group provides services like fund & private wealth management, securities brokerage, collections, credit & debt recovery, real estate investments & refurbishments, and infrastructure & project development.

8. Cal Brokers Limited

Cal Brokers Limited is a Broker-Dealer and a subsidiary of CalBank. Cal Brokers offers its investment services to investors within and outside Ghana. Its investment services include trading, investment banking, research, and Cal Supersave.

Cal Brokers has been able to gain a major market share in the investment industry due to its provision of high-quality services. Its trading and investment banking services offer the best features that beat most of the competition.

9. Republic Bank Ghana

Republic Bank Limited is one of the leading financial institutions in Ghana. It is not only known for its high-quality banking services but also for its investment services. They offer a lot of investment opportunities including security for the client’s investments.

Some of their investments products and services include stock brokerage, fixed income trading, capital & money market, analysis & research, and portfolio management.  Other investment options offered by this bank include asset management and financial advisory.

10. National Trust Holding Company

Established in 1976, the National Trust Holding Company (NTHC) has grown to become one of the favorite options for investors searching for reputable investment companies in Ghana to handle and manage their investments.

NTHC offers one of the widest ranges of investment services among investment companies in Ghana. its subsidiary, NTHC Securities Limited, offers investment options to investors who wish to list their companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Over the years, they have helped some big names in many industries get listed in the Ghanaian stock exchange. Some of their clients include Standard Chartered Bank, Anglogod Fan Milk, and Benso Oil Palm Plantation.

These investment companies in Ghana are considered to be the best by many investors. They offer high-quality investment services that have kept them at the top.

In conclusion, if you want to get the best out of your investment and get an assurance of the safety of your investment, you can go ahead and choose any company of your choice from those listed above.

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