iPhone X Prices in Ghana (2023)

Apple products are among the most celebrated on the tech market all over the world. This makes it understandable if you are resident in Ghana and searching for iPhone X prices in Ghana. The iPhone X is arguably one of the best products Apple has placed on the market in recent times. The amazing specifications could keep one glued to the phone for the whole day without flinching.


Among tech specialists, geeks and entertainers the iPhone X has become a major tool of the trade as Apple has made available several softwares to ensure flexibility and user-friendliness. Well, without wasting much of your time let’s dive into the specifications of the iPhone X and how much it costs in Ghana.

Prices of iPhone X in Ghana

Apple launched the iPhone X in October 2017. Before launching the product there was already a huge buzz about it and it is still one of the best phones on the market to date. The smartphone comes with special features which make life interesting for the users. It is hot and very sleek no wonder it is in very high demand all over the world.

There are two different versions of the smartphone-based on compatibility, the A1865, and the A1901. Both versions are dependent on the location of the user. The former is compatible with users resident in Hong Kong, United States, China, Australia, and New Zealand. The latter is compatible with users in Canada, UAE, Singapore, EMEA, LATAM, and AT&T/T-Mobile subscribers in the US.

There are also two separate versions of the iPhone X based on inbuilt memory size. The first is a 64GB version while the second and obviously more expensive version is the 256GB. The different versions have different prices so you can easily make your choice based on price or capacity. The current prices for iPhone X in Ghana range from GHS4,800 to GHS7,000.

Now that you have an idea of the iPhone X price in Ghana, let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications.

Features and Specifications of iPhone X


This is one of the most important aspects of any phone. Gone are the days when people chose bogus phones. Now, the sleeker the phone is, the more appealing it is. We all want a phone that can fit into our pockets or purses easily while looking very beautiful at the same time. This is the perfect description of the iPhone X. at 174g it is very light making it easy to move around. It also has a height of 5.65 inches and a width of 2.79 inches. The phone comes with glass behind which is classy but detrimental to the careless. Finally, it is water-resistant and dust resistant as well.


Taking a close look at the phone one will notice the absence of the home button. The home button carries the fingerprint sensor in previous models of the iPhone. Well, Apple took security a notch higher by fixing a face recognition software to replace the fingerprint sensor. This is definitely a huge step forward for the company and a picture of greater inventions in the nearest future.


In the phone market today “display is everything.” There is a lot one can do with a phone now like see movies, watch music videos, and even play games. No one wants poor quality this why Apple has come up with the best screen ever seen on an Apple phone in the iPhone X. Apple has made the switch from LCD screens to OLED screens in this amazing phone. Asides from this the iPhone X is equipped with a Super Retina HD display possessing 3D touch capability. It also has an HDR display that sports a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. The iPhone X screen is equipped with the ability to display multiple characters and languages simultaneously.

Processor and Storage

With the kind of apps at one’s disposal in this tech age, it will be quite annoying to experience your phone hanging. There is no need to fret over your iPhone X hanging as Apple has got you fully covered. iPhone X comes with a hexacore processor (made up of 1.42GHz Quad-core Mistral and a 2.53GHz Dual-core Monsoon). What can beat that right now? As stated earlier the phone comes in two versions with respect to memory size. You can choose between the 64GB and the 25GB versions. While making your choice however ensure you pick what suits your memory needs. This is because none of the versions has a provision for an external memory device. Lest we forget, the smartphone is also equipped with 3GB of RAM.


Most network carriers have switched to 4G which allows for faster internet connectivity. To enjoy this however your phone must be 4G LTE enabled. iPhone X comes with three different network modes to meet your network connection needs. They are stated below:

  • GSM/EDGE (in layman language it supports 2G)
  • UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (meaning it supports both 3G and 3G+)
  • FDD-LTE & TD-LTE (this means it supports 4G LTE)

You also consider the fact that the smartphone comes with a single SIM slot that supports Nano SIMs only.


We are in an age where social media is the order of the day. Approximately one-seventh of the total world population is on social media. What makes social media thrive is the quality of pictures and videos posted. Apple knows this so the iPhone X was equipped with a 12-MP dual back camera that comes with auto-focus and 2x optical zoom. The camera also has the ability to shoot HD videos in the range of 720p and 1080p. With the 1080p you have slow-mo and noise reduction functions. The front camera is 7-MP and it also comes with auto face detection.


Every phone user is concerned about battery life as no one wants to sit with their phone plugged in the whole day. The iPhone X comes with a 2716mAH battery that allows the user 60 hours of music play upon full charge. The battery is non-removable and it is equipped with the fast charge feature.

With all of these features and the amazing price it looks like you are more than eager to get your own iPhone X. You can purchase it on Jumia or any of the top phone stores within the country.

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