Israel Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details

An embassy performs one major function which is acting as a diplomatic representative of the home country on foreign soil. We all know that to travel from our home countries to another country we must visit the embassy of the other country in our home country. Israel has an embassy in Ghana which was shut down for almost 38 years but was re-opened in 2011.

Israel is officially known as the State of Israel and it is located in the Western part of Asia, off the northern shore of the Red Sea. The country has a very long history as it dates back to biblical times. The country refers to itself as a Jewish and democratic State and is part of the earliest record of migration from Africa.

Israel Embassy in Ghana

Israel Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact details

Israel’s largest city, which also happens to be its commercial capital, is Tel Aviv while the seat of government is in Jerusalem. Israel has the highest standard of living among the countries of the Middle-East despite the unrest experienced in the area for several years. It is no news that Israel has been in a tussle with Palestinian forces for a very long time. Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is regarded as the longest in modern history.

Israel runs a liberal democracy where a Prime Minister is the head of government and the legislature is known as the Knesset. Israel is among the league of developed nations of the world and it is a member of Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. Israel’s economy is ranked as the thirty-second in the world based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The country’s inhabitants were the eleventh happiest in the world in 2018. The life expectancy in Israel is one of the highest in the world.

If you are reading this then I guess you want to know more about the Israel Embassy in Ghana. Whatever your reason for seeking such information, there is no need to worry. We have got you covered as we will discuss all the necessary information about the Israel Embassy in Ghana.

Responsibilities of the Israel Embassy in Ghana

As stated above, one of the major functions of an embassy is acting as a diplomatic representative of a country in another country. The Israel Embassy in Ghana ensures that both countries maintain cordial bilateral relations. It also acts as a venue for seminars involving citizens of both countries and organizes meetings that will birth the development of both countries.

Israel is recognized for being technologically more advanced than Ghana and one of the functions of the embassy is to facilitate technological support to Ghana from Israel. The embassy also handles all visa related issues. These include accepting applications, conducting interviews, and issuing visa approvals to successful visa applicants.

Officials of the Israel Embassy in Ghana

H. E. Shani CooperAmbassador 
Asaf EitanChief Security Officer  
Scotia AkarPersonal Assistant to the Ambassador  
Dana ChocronMASHAV Coordinator  
Daniel  SilbermanYehieliPublic Diplomacy Coordinator  
Noam AmielAdministration & Consular  
Edem Kofi YevutseyTrade & Economic Coordinator  
Henrietta Amele KoduaAdministration & Consular Affairs  
Keren EitanAdministration  
Juliana YorkePress & Media Coordinator  
Ayelet Levin-KarpTrade and Economic Mission  
Edwin AcquahTrade and Economic Mission  

Contact details of the Israel Embassy in Ghana

Address: Embassy of Israel, 7th Floor, Manet Towers C, Airport City, Accra, Ghana.

Postal address: P. O. Box CN 91 Cantonments, Accra

Telephone: +233 302 743838

Fax: +233 302 743857


Opening hours: Mondays to Thursdays (8.00 am to 5.00 pm), Fridays (8.00 am to 2.00 pm)

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