Kia Picanto Prices in Ghana (2023)

At first glance, the Kia Picanto looks more like a huge mobile toy rather than a powerful automobile with a 1.25 83bhp petrol engine that gets the car up to 70 mph without much effort. Actually, the Picanto has three petrol engines to choose from and many other impressive features.

The car is one of the best options for those buying a car for the first time. It also ticks all the checkboxes when it comes to fuel economy, performance, and durability.

Kia Picanto Prices in Ghana

Kia Picanto Prices in Ghana

About Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is a city car first introduced into the market in 2003. The automobile is one of the few options in the market that is not only efficient but affordable.

These days, manufacturers prefer you spend more on a small SUV or hybrid cars making it impossible for those on a tight budget or those looking for something small to get a decent ride. That’s where the Kia Picanto comes in. This cheap option might not rack up a good space, but it does well in other areas.

Prices of Brand New Kia Picanto in Ghana

Third-generation Kia Picanto cars are the only options you can find brand new on the market. These models were introduced in 2016 and they come with many modern features. Fortunately, the latest models still remain more affordable than many other options on the market.

You can purchase a Kia Picanto directly from the manufacturer (you would have to deal with shipping and clearance costs) or directly from any of their distributors in Ghana.

Depending on where and whom you’re buying from, you should be able to get the brand new version of the latest models of Kia Picanto between GH¢74,000 – GH¢100,000.

Prices of Foreign Used Kia Picanto in Ghana

Foreign used vehicles are cheaper options and most suitable for individuals on a tight budget, yet looking for something efficient and durable.

Foreign used vehicles are used to describe vehicles that have been used in other countries outside Ghana and then put up for sale. Most foreign vehicles are from European and Asian countries and while they might have been used for several years, they still maintain their durability and efficiency.

Below is a list of the price of foreign used Kia Picanto cars in Ghana.

  • 2005: GH¢19,000 – GH¢25,000
  • 2006: GH¢20,000 – GH¢25,000
  • 2007: GH¢20,500 – GH¢25,000
  • 2008: GH¢21,000 – GH¢25,000
  • 2009: GH¢22,000 – GH¢27,000
  • 2010: GH¢23,000 – GH¢28,000
  • 2013: GH¢25,000 – GH¢34,000
  • 2016: GH¢35,000 – GH¢47,000

Prices of Locally Used Kia Picanto in Ghana

Locally used vehicles are another type of used vehicle, unlike their foreign used counterparts, they are far from perfect. Locally used vehicles are vehicles that have been used in Ghana and then put up for sale. The main issue with locally used vehicles is that a lot of owners skip on maintenance which significantly reduces the performance of the vehicle.

The only good thing about locally used vehicles is their cost. These vehicles cost significantly lesser than foreign used vehicles, unfortunately, these locally used vehicles do not last as long.

Below is a list of the price of locally used Kia Picanto cars in Ghana.

  • 2006: GH¢19,500 – GH¢25,000
  • 2007: GH¢20,500 – GH¢25,000
  • 2008: GH¢20,500 – GH¢25,000

Kia Picanto Review


On average, the Picanto can get you from 0 – 60 miles in an hour but you could get up to 70mph depending on the engine type you go for. As said earlier, the Kia Picanto offers three petrol engine options, starting with the 1.0 66bhp.

Its 1.0 66bhp is an entry-level engine and it lacks some key features like a turbocharger. In addition, you would have to put in more effort to keep the engine running or to go through expressways and highways. This could be pretty challenging for the average user. Fortunately, the other engine options offer more impressive performance.

The 1.25 83bhp is probably the best option for users. While it won’t match up the fastest versions of most modern cars by top brands, it still gets up 70mph without much effort.

Another impressive feature of this engine is its optional automatic gearbox (the only engine that comes with such). Furthermore, this engine revs better than the 1.0.

The last option is the 1.0 T-GDi 99bhp engine. This engine has more features (including a turbocharger) and it is more flexible than the other two. If you’re looking for something that will give you a superb driving experience, then this is pretty much the best option. However, you would have to spend a lot more to purchase a Picanto with this engine than you would with the other two.

Ride Comfort

Aside from its engine, the Picanto packs points for comfort. It is one of the good cars that don’t bounce around uncomfortably when driving on undulating roads.


The automobile doesn’t fail to impress in the area of handling as its steering is quite accurate and precise. Also, the steering wheel is made from very comfortable material so you’re less likely to stress your hands even drive long distances.

Noise and Vibration

The Picanto is nowhere near silent, but it isn’t noisy either. The best experience comes from its four-cylinder 1.25-liter engine. Although is a bit too loud at really high revs, it sends less vibration through the pedals and steering wheel.

Fortunately, the noise and vibration don’t affect the performance of the engine in any way.


The Interior of the vehicle is pretty impressive for its price. It has enough side support on the driver’s seat to keep you comfortable throughout your journey. It is well-positioned pedals and the driver’s seat height adjustment offers more comfort than you would ever expect.

The dashboard layout of the vehicle is pretty much basic, but it is well-placed buttons and easy-to-understand descriptions are a big bonus for the automobile.

While the interior is quite small, it is big enough for five people to fit in comfortably. It also has a pretty large boot space which takes up more luggage than most other city cars in its class.

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