LG TV Prices in Ghana (2023)

Life’s good; isn’t it? LG has not only made life more comfortable for lovers of gadgets and users of home appliances, but they have also rebranded technology in the sleekest of ways. LG has proven over time they can compete with the very best in whichever industry they find themselves in. From their gadgets, kitchen appliances and electronics, the brand has identified among the leading brands, a feat you’d expect their televisions to follow. One thing is very certain, with LG televisions, you can never be wrong.

If you desire a TV that takes your viewing experience to another level, whether in terms of picture quality, sound quality or overall functionality, then you should strongly consider LG televisions. Along with Samsung TVs, LG televisions are among the most sought-after TVs in Ghana today. Deservedly so, the televisions offer much more than just the views, it is a whole new level of entertainment. Asides from the fact that this TV brand gives you almost everything you desire in television, their televisions are among the most rugged, sleek and beautiful at the moment. To top it all up, it is difficult to find a TV brand that offers more durability than LG. This means that you can comfortably use their TVs for a long time without any issue.

LG TV Prices in Ghana

Talk about picture quality; talk about sound appreciation; talk about amazing features; LG televisions give you all you need, and even much more. It is no wonder the brand remains among the fans’ favourite in Ghana. This is beyond the name of the brand, it is beyond the reputation they have built over the years, this is far more than the fans’ reviews, when it comes to television efficiency, it is difficult to beat LG.

Although LG TVs are not the cheapest in the Ghanaian market at the moment, they go for prices that are relatively competitive despite their outstanding features and top-notch qualities. Just like other brands of televisions, LG TVs are available in different types and vary in screen displays. They come as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs and other types of televisions. They vary in size and design. They also differ in additional features although most of their TVs come with USB connectivity and other basic features. Their smart TVs connect easily to the internet and can be used to stream live videos online and surf the internet. They manufacture televisions as small as 20 inches to as high as 89 inches.

How much do LG televisions go for in the market today? Have you been asking this question? Great; this post answers that. This post brings to you the market prices of various sizes of LG televisions in Ghana. We will also highlight how where televisions can be easily gotten and the reasons why LG television is regarded among the very best in the industry.

Prices of Various LG TVs in Nigeria 

If you are a follower of gadget and electronic brands in Ghana today, then you will understand when we say LG is among the kings of the electronic gadgets market in Ghana. They are one of the most sought-after television brands and undoubtedly rates among the very best in the industry. LG products speak for themselves. They stamped their authority in the Ghanaian electronic industry quite early and have remarkably maintained top standard ever since.

LG TVs come in various types, sizes and designs. They also vary in additional features and functionality. It should be noted that the prices of these TVs are dependent on the type of TVs. They are also dependent on sizes and features. Year of manufacture rarely affects the prices. This means that it is possible for a 2015 TV model to be more expensive than a 2017 model of lesser feature and say, different types of TV. Also, plasma TVs are generally more expensive than LEDs and LCDs. Generally, curved LG TVs are more expensive than regular LG TVs of the same inch.

LG TVs can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors around the country. They can also be gotten from online stores and other gadget stores in the country. It is always advisable to purchase LG TVs directly from the manufacturers. This only makes it more convenient for buyers, it also makes it easy to activate the warrantee option when need be.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various types and models of LG TVs available in Ghana today.

  • LG Digital full HD Satellite TV 32 inches: ¢800 – ¢1, 000
  • LG Digital full LCD HD TV 43 inches: ¢1, 200 – ¢1, 700
  • LG Ultra HD Smart LED TV 49 inches: ¢3, 000 – ¢3, 500
  • LG Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 inches: ¢4, 000 – ¢5, 100
  • LG OLED TV with web OS 2.0 55 inches: ¢6, 500 – ¢7, 800
  • LG UHD Smart LED TV 86 inches: ¢38, 000 – ¢40, 500

The variation in prices is a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Prices of electronic gadgets also go up during festive periods, especially towards the end of the year and the turn of a new year.

 Things You Will Like About LG TVs

  • Lovely Designs: Beauty is one thing you cannot take away from LG televisions. Regardless of the size and type, these TVs are built in such a way as to attract viewers. In fact, there is a high possibility you fall in love with the TVs by merely looking at it.
  • Durability: LG TVs are one of those TVs you can use for a long time without any issues. They are built in a way to adapt to harsh weather conditions. Whenever they develop issues, they can be easily fixed.
  • Top Class Picture Quality: Your movies, football matches, favourite TV programs and music videos just get more exciting with LG TVs. They boast wonderful picture qualities which are accompanied by scintillating sound output.
  • Variety: LG TVs are available in different types and grades. They come as LED, LCD, OLED, Smart 4K TVs and lots more.

 Things You May Not Like About LG TVs

  • When it comes to picture and sound quality, there is a huge difference between the cheap ones and the high-grade ones. This is to be expected given the difference in prices and qualities anyway.

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