List of Airlines in Ghana (2023)

One interesting fact about Ghana is that it has the largest open-air market in the whole of West Africa. Over time, the aviation industry in Ghana has seen sustainable development and growth. The nation has a viable and strong Aviation industry. As such, many Airlines are operating in the country’s airspace. Recently, New airlines have been launched to cater to the expanding Aviation sector in Ghana.

The objective of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

To ensure a vibrant aviation industry as the air transport industry is viewed as a vital engine of global economic growth.

List of Airlines in Ghana

List of Airlines in Ghana

Ghana Airlines

The aviation industry in Ghana has two divisions: domestic and international Airlines.

Ghana’s Domestic Airlines

The increasing number of active domestic airlines operating in Ghana and more significantly passenger uplift has enabled a thriving Aviation industry in the country.

The following are some of Ghana’s thriving domestic Airlines.

Starbow Airlines

Starbow Airlines in Ghana is a game-changer. Accra is the base of its hub. The perception that domestic flights are for only the sophisticated elites in the society was changed by Starbow. Another name for the Airline is Aero Surveys Limited. Currently, Starbow runs 46 departures weekly and in any domestic market operations, they hold a massive market share of any carrier.

In terms of passenger uplift, they are leading in the aviation market.

Starbow Destinations

The airline started operations in 1995. In September 2016, Starbow Airlines fully resumed the operation of Accra – Tamale which started on the 30th of September.

Flights scheduled to  Monrovia, Tamale, Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani, and Takoradi.

Starbow Airline fleets

 The airline fleets presently consist of ATR 72-500, BAe 146-300 and BAe 146-200.

Africa World Airlines(AWA)

AWA is located in Ghana and has its operation base in Accra. Notably, since 2012, this Ghanaian regional airline has been flying African skies and have many recorded successes. Amazingly, AWA started touching the skies because of a joint collaboration between SSNIT, SAS Finance Group Hainan Airlines, and China-Africa Development Fund.

 A study of the airline revealed that they have improved their regional route capacity to extend to the West Coast of Africa.

Flight routes and Destinations

If you are seeking to fly with the airline, AWA’s famous flights are en route from Lagos to Accra and Accra to Lagos, Abuja to Dubai, Lagos to Kaduna and Lagos to Johannesburg.


You can also book flights to Kumasi, Abuja, Accra and some other interesting destinations required.

Goldstar Air

This Airline has the capacity to provide non-scheduled and scheduled passenger uplift to several destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and The united states of America. Goldstar Air is of Ghanian origin and has the city of Accra as its hub.

The global airline travels from Accra, its base in Ghana to Asia, Europe, North America and the west coast of Africa.

They also deploy Direct non-stop services where it is required.

Goldstar operating cities

Most West African countries

Baltimore – Washington International Airport, 

Providence International Airport, USA

London – UK

Dubai – UAE, 

Guangzhou – China.

Aerogem Aviation Limited

Do you require the services of a cargo airline in Ghana? Look upon  Ghanaian cargo airline, Aerogem Aviation Limited. Located in 1 Gemini Airlines Building in Old Cargo Village, Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Its operations are basically worldwide non-scheduled cargo flights.


Aerogem innovative dimensions in serving cargo, corporate, charter, and non-scheduled flights globally is professionalism at its peak.

The airline is very dynamic and provides round-the-clock services. Several individuals and groups have them as preferred service providers because of the quality of their services.

Where Can I Find Them

 Sharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates and Kotoka International Airport, Accra are Aerogem’s major bases.

What do they offer

With Aerogem Aviation, you are assured of top-notch services regarding cargo and passenger flights to the destination of interest. A smooth and safe flight plus 24hour services are what you can definitely expect and more with this airline.

With highly trained staff and a growing network of important partners worldwide, Aerogem has shown sincere commitment to give it’s clients world-class quality services and deep satisfaction.

The airline declares its aim that “Anytime, anywhere around the world Aerogem Aviation will help clients and ensures that each and every one of their flights is successful and safe”.

International Airlines operating in Ghana.

Available international Airlines to travel within Accra Ghana are many in number.l will list a few prominent ones.

Flight Schedules

The various Airlines have flights scheduled daily or weekly to many major cities of the world.

The Airlines

Tap Air Portugal

For the discerning traveler, booking flights with TAP Air Portugal When comparing flights from Ghana equals saving yourself much stress.

Prices and Services

You can Fly from Accra for low prices with great professional services. For business class executives who require getting a report done onboard, opting for TAP Executive allows you to work on board and enjoy things like laptop points and wider seats. Also, you get to enjoy in-flight entertainment and Portuguese cuisine.

Destinations from Accra

Newyork, Manchester, Sao Tome, Abidjan, Addis Ababa, London, Brussels, Lome, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bologna, and Barcelona.

British Airways



What you need to know

 Here’s what you need to know if you plan to journey to London from Accra on a British Airways flight.

The nearest airport to Accra is Kotoka International Airport 

One British Airways flight is en route to Ghana weekly.

The first British Airways flight flies out from Accra at 10:40 PM to reach London while the last flight leaves at 10:40 PM. 

Their Web check-in facility saves you from waiting in queues


The ticket booking process is fast and easy because of Its easy-to-use interface.

Ticket status can be checked anytime using the PNR number.

American Airlines.

Destinations from Accra

If you are planning a trip from Accra using American Airlines, these are the airline’s scheduled destinations.

Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles and London.

South African Airways

 Destinations from the Accra Airport

Capetown, Abidjan, Durban, Lisbon Johannesburg, Dakar, and Manchester.

Singapore Airlines

Destinations from Accra

Frankfurt, Munich, Newyork, Madrid, Stockholm, Oslo, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Zurich, Aberdeen, and London.

Both the international and domestic Airlines in Ghana are actively functional and vibrant, which has undoubtedly earned Ghana the prestige of being west Africa’s largest open Air Market.

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