List of Category C Schools in Ghana

Prior to the arrival of European immigrants, education in Ghana was largely informal and centered on apprenticeship. Ghana’s pre-independence name was the Gold Coast. The pre-colonial Gold Coast economy was based on subsistence farming, in which farm products were shared among households and members specialized in providing essential services.

However, when the Europeans and missionaries came to Ghana, they opened new frontiers in the area of education, and over the years, the Ghana education sector has greatly developed.

List of category c schools in ghana

Category C schools represent the lowest level of the Ghanian school categorization system. The school categories was adopted by the Ghana Education Ministry to place students moving from junior high schools to senior high schools.

In all, there are a total of 176 category C public schools in Ghana. Check them out below.

Category C schools in Ghana

Category C Schools in Ghana’s Northern region

Ghana’s Northern Region is home to 24 public List of Category C Schools (SHS). The following is a comprehensive list of all Category C schools in Ghana’s Northern Region, including their region, city, and gender.


Schools Gender Location
Gushegu Senior High Mixed Gushegu
Karaga Senior High Mixed Karaga
Bimbilla Senior High Mixed Bimbilla
Wulensi Senior High Mixed Wulensi
Wapuli Comm. Senior High Mixed Wapuli
Saboba E.P. Senior High Mixed Saboba
Islamic Science Senior High, Tamale Mixed Tamale
Northern School of Business Mixed Tamale
Pong-Tamale Senior High Mixed Pong-Tamale
Savelugu Senior High Mixed Savelugu
Presby Senior High, Tamale Mixed Tamale
Business Senior High, Tamale Mixed Tamale
Vitting Senior High/Tech. Mixed Tamale
Anbariya Senior High Sch. Mixed Tamale
E. P. Agric Senior High/Tech. Mixed Tatale
Tolon Senior High Mixed Tolon
Dagbon State Senior High/Tech Mixed Yendi
Zabzugu Senior High Mixed Zabzugu
Kasuliyili Senior High Mixed Kasuliyili
Mpaha Comm. Senior High Mixed Mpaha
Tamale Technical Institute Mixed Tamale



Category C Schools in Central Region, Ghana

Ghana’s Central Region is home to 46 public List of Category C Schools (SHS). The following is a comprehensive list of all Category C schools in Ghana’s central region, including their region, city, and gender.

Schools Gender Location
Moree Comm. Senior High Mixed Moree
Aburaman Senior High Mixed Abura Dunkwa
Abakrampa Senior High/Tech Mixed Abakrampa
Agona Namonwora Comm.Senior High Mixed Agona Namonwora
Kwanyako Senior High Mixed Kwanyako
Agona Fankobaa Senior High Mixed Agona Fankobaa
Swedru Sch. Of Business Mixed Swedru
Enyan Maim Comm. Day School Mixed Enyan Maim
Mando Senior High/Tech. Mixed Mando
Enyan Denkyira Senior High Mixed Denkyira
Bisease Senior High/Com Mixed Bisease
Odoben Senior High Mixed Odoben
Brakwa Senior High/Tech Mixed Brakwa
Assin State College Mixed Assin Bereku
Gyaase Community Senior High Mixed Assin-Akonfudi
Obiri Yeboah Senior High/Technical Mixed Assin Fosu
Assin North Senior High/Tech Mixed Assin Asempaneye
Assin Nsuta Agric. Senior High Mixed Assin Nsuta
Assin Manso Senior High Mixed Assin Manso
Nyankumase Ahenkro Snr. High Mixed Nyankumase Ahenkro
Awutu Bawjiase Comm. Senior High Mixed Bawjiase
Odupong Comm. Day School Mixed Odupong-Kasoa
Obrachire Senior High/Tech Mixed Obrakyere
Senya Senior High Mixed Senya
Effutu Senior High/Tech Mixed Cape Coast
Oguaa Senior High/Tech Mixed Cape Coast
J.E.A. Mills Senior High Mixed Otuam
Fettehman Senior High Mixed Gomoa Fetteh
College of Music Senior, Mozano Mixed Mozano
Eguafo-Abrem Senior High Mixed Eguafo Abirem
Komenda Senior High/Tech. Mixed Komenda
Mankessim Senior High/Tech Mixed Mankesim
Abeadze State College Mixed Abeadze Domeabra
Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High Mixed Anomabo
Jukwa Senior High Mixed Jukwa
Dunkwa Senior High/Tech Mixed Dunkwa-on-Offin
Ayanfuri Senior High Mixed Ayanfuri
Kyekyewere Comm. Senior High School Mixed Denkyira-Kyekyewere
Akyin Senior High School Mixed Mboroboankra
Ogyeedom Comm.Snr High/Tech Mixed Gomoa afransi
Mokwaa Senior High Sch Mixed Mokwaa
St. Gregory Catholic Senior High School Mixed Buduburam
Bontrase Senior High Tech. Sch Mixed Awutu Bontrase


Category C Schools in Oti Region, Ghana


Schools Gender Location
Tapaman Senior High/Tech Mixed Tapa-Amanfrom
Biakoye Comm. Day School Mixed Nkonya-wurupong
Bowiri Comm. Day School Mixed Kwamekrom
Nkonya Senior High Mixed Nkonya-Ahenkro
Worawora Senior High Mixed Worawora
Ahamansu Islamic Senior High School Mixed Ahamansu
Kadjebi-Asato Senior High Mixed Kadjeto-Asato
Dodi-Papase Senior High/Tech Mixed Dodi Papase
Yabram Comm. Day School Mixed Dambai
Asukawkaw Senior High Mixed Asukawkaw
Oti Senior High/Tech Sch Mixed Dambai
Nchumuruman Comm. Day Senior High Mixed Chinderi
Kete Krachi Senior High/Tech. Mixed Kete-Krachi
Krachi Senior High Mixed Kete-Krachi
Kpassa Senior High/Tech Mixed Kpassa
Nkwanta Comm.Senior High Mixed Nkwanta
Kyabobo Girls Senior High Girls Nkwanta
Ntruboman Senior High Mixed Brewaniase
Nkwanta Senior High Mixed Nkwanta
Fr. Dogli Memorial Voc/Tech. Inst. Mixed New Ayoma





Category C Schools in Savannah Region, Ghana


Schools Gender Location
Bamboi Comm. Senior High Mixed Bamboi
Bole Senior High Mixed Bole
St. Anthony of Padua Senior High/Tech Mixed Bamboi
Buipe Senior High Mixed Buipe
Salaga Senior High Mixed Salaga
Salaga T.I. Ahmad Senior High Mixed Salaga
Tuna Senior High/Tech. Mixed Tuna
Damongo Senior High Mixed Damongo
Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech. Mixed Damongo

Category C schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Ghana’s Ashanti Region is home to 68 public List of Category C Schools (SHS). The following is a comprehensive list of all Category C schools in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, including their region, city, and gender.


Schools Gender Location
Bodwesango Senior High Mixed Bodwesango
Afigyaman Senior High School Mixed Kyekyewere
Adugyama Comm. Senior High Mixed Adugyama
Mankranso Senior High Mixed Mankranso
Jacobu Senior High/Tech. Mixed Jacobu
Tweapease Senior High School Mixed Tweapease
Manso-Adubia Senior High Mixed Adubia
Mansoman Senior High Mixed Manso Atwere
Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech. Mixed Esaase Bontefufuo
Agogo State College Mixed Agogo
Owerriman Senior High Mixed Domeabra
Banka Comm. Senior High Mixed Banka
Ofoase Senior High/Tech Mixed Ofoase
Juaso Senior High/Tech Mixed Juaso
Parkoso Comm. Senior High Mixed Parkoso
Atwima Kwanwoma Snr High/Tech Mixed Trede
Kwanwoma Senior High/Tech Mixed Adum Kwanwoma
Adobewora Comm. Senior High Mixed Adobewora
Nyinahin Cath. Senior High Mixed Nyinahin
Nkawie Senior High/Tech Mixed Nkawie
Barekese Senior High Mixed Barekese
Wesley High School, Bekwai Mixed Bekwai
St. George’s Senior High Tech. Mixed Kuntanase
Bosomtwe Oyoko Comm. Senior High Mixed Bosomtwe Oyoko
Osei Adutwum Senior High Mixed Jachie
St. Sebastian Cath. Senior High Mixed Adumasa
Ejisu Senior High/Tech Mixed Ejisu
Ejisuman Senior High Mixed Ejisu
Bonwire Senior High/Tech Mixed Bonwire
Achinakrom Senior High Mixed Achinakrom
Ejuraman Anglican Senior High Mixed Ejura
Akwesi Awobaa Senior High Mixed Anyinasu
Pentecost Senior High, Kumasi Mixed Breman West, Kumasi
Uthmaniya Senior High, Tafo Mixed Tafo
Agric Nzema Senior High, Kumasi Mixed Kumasi, Agric Nzema
Kumasi Senior High/Tech Mixed Patasi-Kumasi
Adventist Girls Senior High, Ntonso Girls Ntonso
Adanwomase Senior High Mixed Adanwomase
Kofi Adjei Senior High/Tech Mixed Bampenase
Antoa Senior High Mixed Antoa
Simms Senior High/Com. Mixed Fawoade
Gyaama Pensan Senior High/Tech Mixed Aboaso-Ashanti
Amaniampong Senior High Mixed Mampong
Opoku Agyeman Senior High/Tech Mixed Apaah
St. Joseph Sem/Senior High, Mampong Mixed Mampong
Obuasi Senior High/Tech Mixed Obuasi
Namong Senior High/Tech Mixed Namong
Asuoso Comm. Senior High Mixed Asuoso
Akumadan Senior High Mixed Akumadan
Nkenkansu Community Senior High Mixed Nkenkansu
Presby Senior High/Tech, Kwamang Mixed Kwamang
Tijjaniya Senior High Mixed Asokore
Effiduase Senior High/Tech Mixed Effiduase
Effiduase Senior High/Com Mixed Effiduase
Adu Gyamfi Senior High Mixed Jamasi
Sabronum Methodist Senior High/Tech Mixed Sabronum/Habitat
Prince Of Peace Girls Girls South Suntreso
Jubilee Senior High Mixed Dampong
Church Of Christ Senior High Mixed Adadientem
Kurofa Methodist Senior High Mixed Kurofa
Wiafe Akenten Presby Senior High Mixed Afrancho
Spiritan Senior High Mixed Adankwame
Onwe senior High Senior Mixed Onwe-Ashanti
Methodist Technincal Institute Mixed Kwadaso
St. Michael Tech/Voc Inst Mixed Pramso

Category C Schools in Volta Region, Ghana

Schools Gender Location
Adaklu Senior High Mixed Adaklu
Leklebi Senior High Mixed Leklebi
Ve Comm. Senior High Mixed Ve-Koloenu
Jim Bourton Mem Agric. Senior High Mixed Logba Adzokoe
Ziope Senior High Sch. Mixed Ziope
Agotime Senior High Mixed Kpetoe
Akatsi Senior High/Tech Mixed Akatsi
Ave Senior High Mixed Ave-Dakpa
Avenor Senior High Mixed Avenorkpeme
Atiavi Senior High/Tech Mixed Atiavi
Volta Senior High School Mixed Dzita-Agbledomi
Tsiame Senior High Mixed Tsiame
Zion Senior High Mixed Anloga
Abor Senior High Mixed Abor
Keta Business Senior High Mixed Keta
Anlo Awomefia Senior High Mixed Anyako
Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High Mixed Anlo Afiadenyigba
Adidome Senior High Mixed Adidome
Shia Senior HighTechnical Mixed Shia
Sokode Senior High/Tech Mixed Sokode
Taviefe Comm. Senior High Mixed Taviefe
Kpedze Senior High Mixed Kpedze
Avatime Senior High Mixed Vane
Tsito Senior High/Tech Mixed Tsito
Akome Senior High/Tech. Mixed Akome
Dzolo Senior High Mixed Dzolo
Akpafu Senior High/Tech. Mixed Akpafu
E. P. Senior High Mixed Hohoe
Afadjato Senior High/Tech. Mixed Gbledi-Gbogame
Alavanyo Senior High/Tech. Mixed Alavanyo-Kpeme
Likpe Senior High Mixed Likpe-Mate
Afife Senior High Tech. Mixed Afife
Dzodze Penyi Senior High Mixed Dzodze
Wovenu Senior High Technical Mixed Tadzewu
Weta Senior High/Tech. Mixed Weta
St. Paul’s Senior High, Denu Boys Hatsukope/ Denu
Klikor Senior High/Tech. Mixed Klikor
Some Senior High Mixed Agbozume
Three Town Senior High Mixed Denu
Anfoega Senior High Mixed Anfoega
Vakpo Senior High Mixed Vakpo
Vakpo Senior High/Tech Mixed Vakpo
Volo Comm. Senior High Mixed Volo
Battor Senior High Mixed Battor
Dofor Senior High Mixed Juapong
Mepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech. Mixed Mepe
Aveyime Battor Senior High/Tech. Mixed Aveyime-Battor
Kpeve Senior High Mixed Kpeve
Peki Senior High/Technical Mixed Peki
St. Catherine Girls Senior High Girls Agbakope
Dabala Senior High/Tech. Mixed Dabala
Abuadi Tsrefe Comm. Senior High Mixed Adaklu
St. Daniel Comboni Tech/Voc Inst. Mixed Liati
C.Y.O. Tech/Voc. Inst. Mixed Sovie
E.P. Tech/Voc Inst Mixed Alavanyo
Volta Tech Inst Mixed Matse
Amedzofe Technical Institute Mixed Amedzofe

Data source: Ghana Education Service – GES


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