List of ICT Schools in Ghana (Accredited) [2023]

Information technology is one of the most sought after courses as the world is towing the technology path unrepentantly. Over the last two decades, the information technology field has widened and become more versatile. This has attracted so many young people to the sector all over the world. In the next ten years, it is predicted that more than 70% of the jobs created worldwide will be related to information technology.

List of ICT Schools in Ghana (Accredited)

These statistics show us why more and more people are taking courses in information technology and Ghana is not an exception. Current statistics have it that Africa will experience a huge boom in the information technology sector over the next fifteen years. We doubt if we will wait that long as information technology is already a major part of our lives today.

Truth be told, a lot can be learned personally through Google and YouTube as there as countless resources at your disposal over the net. It is, however, important to visit a formal learning environment to give you a better chance to make a mark on the Information technology world. There are several information technology schools scattered all around Ghana but we advise you to attend an accredited school. The reason for this is that the certificate issued will be relevant anywhere in the world.

The body in charge of accrediting ICT schools in Ghana is the National Accreditation Board. The board is an arm of the Ghana Ministry of Education. The body has a list of criteria which each school must satisfy if it will be accredited. We will not be discussing those criteria in this article. What we are focusing on is the list of accredited ICT schools in Ghana.

The accredited ICT schools in Ghana

Students in Ghana now have the opportunity to study information technology in their home country and be sure of getting the standards acceptable anywhere else in the world. This list is compiled based on the facilities possessed by these schools, the staff, the alumni, and the overall performance of the schools. Without further waste of time, here are the different information technology schools in Ghana.

NIIT Ghana

If you know anything about NIIT, then you will know that the school has a reputation as one of the best information technology schools in the whole of Africa. The school is definitely one of the best in Ghana as it can boast of the latest pieces of technology required of any information technology school. Asides the equipment, the school also has a crop of some of the best-skilled instructors on the continent. The instructors are well-trained, not just as information technology experts, but to impart the knowledge too. The alumni of this school are respected because of the quality they bring to the table which is a result of the efforts of the instructors at the college. You get a plethora of courses at NIIT which are applicable in the real world to make you a successful ICT personnel.

Beacon Training

This school is reputed for offering specialized training to students seeking to improve their information technology skills. They have vast experience in imparting knowledge to students and have produced well-versed professionals since their establishment several years ago. A major pride for this school is not just the impartation of knowledge but the provision of other information technology solutions. Their client-base is made up of a wide range of corporate companies and students seeking to better their lot in the ICT sector. They offer training from beginner to advanced levels.

IPMC College of Technology

This institution is basically focused on providing instruction and impartation of information technology rudiments. It is a great place to groom your information technology skills as the instructors here provide you with the necessary tutelage with the friendliest of approaches. To make it better, the school also provide online tutelage for students. Each online class also has specified practical sessions to ensure the students have a more hands-on approach. They also have tailor-made courses so you can choose what classes you need to take based on your proficiency levels.

ICT Training Center

This training center is also regarded as one of the best in the whole country. One of the reasons for this is that the school offers students certificates which are internationally recognized. The graduates of this college are usually given preferential treatment by most employers because of the skills they acquire from the college. The school also boasts of highly skilled personnel and instructors who are among the best in the country. One of the major principles of the center is that students tend to perform better when offered internship opportunities and so they focus on that.

Aptech Computer Education

This is one of the most reputable information training centers on the continent. The school has several branches scattered around the continent, all of which are well-equipped. The institution offers several courses spreading across network security, computer hardware installation, engineering, and infotech. The institution has well-versed instructors who impart knowledge through a well-developed curriculum to the students. Asides training students, Aptech also offers information technology solutions to clients all over Ghana.

Ghana Technology University College

This institution has several branches in different locations in Ghana. It is also affiliated to several other European information technology colleges. The institute is also well-equipped with modern equipment needed for the training of IT students. After training, students are awarded certificates of international repute which makes them highly sought after in the country.

Regent University College of Science and Technology

This college is reputed for raising students who are highly qualified in informational technology, hardware and software engineering, as well as other courses in the ICT world. The students are tutored to make use of their skills in providing solutions in the most innovative manner in the real world.

With this list, you can make a choice on which of the ICT schools you want to attend in Ghana. Good luck with your search.

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