List Of International Schools In Ghana (2023)

By way of definition, an international school is simply a school that supports global education, in an international environment, either by embracing a curriculum like that of the International Baccalaureate, Cambridge or Edexcel International Examinations or by using a national curriculum that is dissimilar from that of the school’s country of residence. These schools cater mostly to students who are not indigenes of the host country, for instance, the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, foreign embassies, missions, or missionary programs. Many local students attend these schools in other to learn the language of the international school hence, obtain qualifications for employment or higher education in a foreign country different from that of the school’s country of residence.

List Of International Schools In Ghana

List Of International Schools In Ghana

The international schools not only offer the Ghanaian educational scheme but also offer international educational schemes too. What makes these schools unique is the personalized attention they offer each student. Unsurprisingly, international schools have become a preference for all those who can afford to send their children or wards there.

The university slots became very complex and competitive since the introduction of Junior High Schools (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS).  As a result, the number of private international schools which offer an alternative to the competitive Ghana National Education System has been on the increase. Here is a list of international schools in Ghana.

Little Miracle International School

Little Miracle International School is located in two places: Abeka- Lapaz and Legion Region. it is a Pre-K to the 9th-grade independent school. It is a trusted school. Little Miracle International School is one of the uncommon schools that is devoted to giving their students nothing but the best. their activities are bent on helping every learner grow in the educational and inter-cultural perspective.

Ghana International School Accra, Ghana

Ghana International School Accra, Ghana was founded in 1955 when Ghana was still under colonization. Up until now it still provides education to all races from local to international students. it enrolled 1400 students from around 50 countries in the year 2015. Their educational system accommodates learners from ages 3 to 18 years. they have Infant (3-6years) at the primary level, and (7-10 years) at the junior school level. Secondary education is equally into two divisions: the lower (11-13 years) and the upper (14-17 years). They use the English National Curriculum and the Cambridge International Examination. As a result, the school uses English as a medium of teaching.

Christ Legacy International School (CLIS)

Christ Legacy International School is a private international school. The school operates in two sections: the day section and the boarding school section. They base their studies on religion. Thus, the aim of the school is to bring up a young generation that is intellectually inclined and is rooted in religion to positively develop the world.

American International School Of Accra

The American International School Of Accra was founded in 2006 and is situated in the East Legon Region. With a well-grounded Christianity background, the school is one of the best in Ghana. you are assured your child or ward will be brought up in the best Christian way when enrolled in this school. The school has weekly chapel programs that are anchored by the committees which are made up of learners and teachers. This school is the only school within Ghana that has been accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools and also the Association of Christian Schools International. Their educational system is tailored to assist every learner. their mission, however, is to develop and equip a real person ready to explore the world.

Galaxy International School Accra, Ghana

Galaxy International School Accra, Ghana was founded in the year 2001. It is situated in the East Legion Accra, the school has lived up to the expectation of developing leaders who are up to the task of growing and changing the country for the better. Galaxy International School has three campuses: The pre-school, the primary and the private secondary school. The school is determined to provide first-hand education to all. Thus, it can boast of over 450 pupils from other countries.

In summary, I list out to you the pros and cons of international schools in other to help facilitate your decision.


Diversity: This is one of the major benefits of attending an international school. People from other nations are genuinely interested in the cultures of other countries.

IB curriculum: The IB curriculum is mostly used by international schools because of its universality. The curriculum is accepted by many colleges from different continents. The curriculum also encourages critical thinking which is more integrated than the American AP curriculum. The IB diploma is well recognized by institutions across the world

Languages: International school gives you that exposure to learning several languages at the same time.

Networking: When you attend an international school, you will get to meet so many rich people. The experience of meeting diverse people from diverse places, different social classes is simply amazing. This also helps enhance your socializing skills. By networking, you will understand different cultures and this will be an added value to you in the future.


Tuition: This is one of the major challenges. International schools are on the high side. Sometimes school fees are sponsored by companies the parents work for, or the parents pay for it through their sweat. Some may even go on loans.

Resources: Often time, getting resources is quite a herculean task. It is most times difficult to find resources at the local library. Though, the internet most times helps.

Privacy: There will be a compromise either way. Everyone will like to keep to himself/herself for being in a different environment where almost every individual’s background is unique.

Other schools are good no doubt. But the above-listed pros and cons are just my humble suggestion of why people who can afford international schools prefer it to other schools. You’ll have to do your own due diligence to know if the benefits are worth the tuition.

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