List of Medical Schools in Ghana (Accredited) [2023]

Without a doubt, one of the most prestigious disciplines of all time is medicine. No cajoling, parents have a certain pride when they speak about their children who are doctors or presently studying in medical school. This reason alone makes the study of medicine hot cake in almost every country in the world.

List of Medical Schools in Ghana (Accredited)

Asides the pride that comes with the study of medicine, a lot of people chase after the discipline because they have a passion for saving lives. My guess is you sought out this article so you can know about the different medical schools in Ghana.

Before we go ahead to the list of accredited medical schools in Ghana, let’s first discuss what a medical school is. According to Wikipedia, a medical school is a tertiary institution or college in a tertiary institution where medicine is studied. The institution awards degrees to physicians and surgeons.

For each of the medical schools on this list to operate and award degrees in Ghana, they must be accredited. The body in charge of accreditation of Medical Schools in Ghana is the National Accreditation Board, Ghana. This body is under the administration of the Ministry of Education in Ghana. For any medical school to be accredited by the board certain criteria must be satisfied.

Medical schools in Ghana

In total, there are seven medical schools in Ghana. Five of these are Public (Government) owned while the other two are privately owned. In the next few paragraphs, we shall be discussing these medical schools briefly.

The University of Ghana Medical School – Accra

The University of Ghana is undoubtedly the largest Public-owned University in Ghana by size. We know this is really not a basis for comparison, but the University also has the largest Medical School in the country. Asides from being the largest medical school in the country, it also has the reputation of being the best and most equipped. The medical school is situated in the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana. Records have shown that the medical school produces well-qualified personnel that has great repute, working locally and internationally.

The School of Sciences at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Kumasi

This medical school is located in one of the largest cities in Ghana, Kumasi. The School of Medicine at Kwame Nkrumah University was established in 1975. That same year it admitted its first set of students who graduated seven years later, precisely 1982. This medical school has a reputation for producing high-quality graduates who have excelled in different fields of medicine. It is regarded as the second-largest medical school in the whole of Ghana.

School of Medicine, University of Development Studies – Tamale

This institution is also Public-owned and has adopted a different approach to the study of medicine. The college makes use of the community-oriented, student-centered, and problem-based approach to ensure that the students are well-grounded. The college is equipped with some of the latest facilities in the world to make the learning process easier and more productive. The school also trains allied medical students which include radiologists, physiotherapists, and laboratory scientists.

University of Allied Health Sciences – Volta region

This University basically focuses on students willing to study allied medical science courses. These courses include but are not restricted to radiology, laboratory technology, physiotherapy, medical microbiology, etc. It is about the youngest on this list as it was established in 2012 admitting 154 students at the time. The university is well equipped with laboratories and necessary the latest pieces of equipment embedded in an ideal educational environment.

The Medical School at the University of Cape Coast

This medical school prides itself on producing top-notch graduates on a yearly basis. Though it is not as large as most of the other medical schools on this list, it is well equipped with up-to-standard equipment. The school also offers a variety of courses within the confines of the medical field.

Accra College of Medicine – Accra

This medical school is privately owned and so you know it is likely more expensive than the public-owned medical schools. It is also equipped with the most recent medical study equipment needed to develop students into world-class personnel. The college was established with the aim of solving the numerous health problems which have plagued Ghana in the recent past.

Family Health Medical School

This medical school is the last on this list but definitely not the least in any ramifications. The school was established by a private entity in 1997 as a diagnostic center. The location is quite strategic as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The aim of this was to ensure that students enjoy the best of serenity while studying. The students produced from this institution are by all standards among the best in the country.

A few extra notes

Just like in every country in the world, each of these medical schools has its basic minimum entry requirements. To find out about the requirements for each school, simply visit their official website to check them out. Another thing to note is that to study medicine and surgery you will undergo training for a period of 6 years. Upon graduation, the students are registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana (MDC). They are registered under the council as House officers, what is commonly referred to as interns, for a mandatory two-year housemanship programme.

After the compulsory housemanship programme, the students are permanently registered under the MDC as Medical Doctors and have the liberty to practice. The doctors are only allowed to carry out their housemanship programmes at accredited medical facilities within the country.

In conclusion, that is all the information you need about the Accredited Medical Schools in Ghana. So if you have a desire to study medicine in Ghana, you can pick any school from the above list and apply today.

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