List of Poultry Farms in Ghana

The rise in the rate of poultry farming especially in Ghana is undoubtedly associated with the benefits of healthy living. In addition to this, do you know how profitable poultry farms in Ghana have been? In this intriguing blog post, I am about to take you through the list of poultry farms in Ghana with their importance. In addition to this, permit me to take you through the nitty-gritty of how to get started and become successful with poultry farming in Ghana.

Ever since the people of Ghana discovered the health hazard in importing and consuming frozen foods, their eating habits have changed. In other words, harmful chemicals are used in preserving the frozen chicken and turkey that are getting imported. Thus, the need to replace frozen foods with healthier sources of meat.

List of Poultry Farms in Ghana

Consequently, people researched and found out the procedures involved in poultry farming. Also, it got easy to have organic sources of turkeys and chickens reared right within their reach.

Poultry farming is the process by which poultry farms in Ghana raise various domestic birds like chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, etc. for their eggs or meat.

In essence, it is no more a wonder that poultry farming is one of the best methods to get easy access to a good source of food for your family.

Why are the poultry farms in Ghana important?

 Ultimately, Poultry Farming in Ghana has become one of the most lucrative farming businesses for the people especially when the farms are set up and managed properly.

This type of livestock farming serves as one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs to make good money within the shortest time possible. Furthermore, it has been able to divert people’s attention away from consuming imported chemically preserved meat types. It serves as a good and healthy source of eggs and chicken.

How are poultry farms managed in Ghana?

 Poultry farming does not require huge capital to start. It is also a gladdening fact that it doesn’t involve a fortune to put the birds together, build their coops, feed them and manage their wellness. Moreover, you can start from the comfort of your house provided there is enough space to occupy the number of birds that you plan to keep and raise.

The demand for eggs is high, people even go about every day looking for where to buy eggs for supply. Also, during festivities, chickens are always in high demand by the people to celebrate. This makes it easy to generate income for proper running and management of the farms.

How to Start A Profitable Poultry Farming Business In Ghana.

Succinctly, anyone can engage in the poultry farming business in Ghana, it invariably doesn’t need your educational or financial background. You can start at any level while you grow as big as you want within a limited time frame. All you need is proper managerial practices. The crucial thing is that you are interested in starting somewhere with growth goals.

One of the inherent factors that makes poultry farming profitable in Ghana, for instance, is that chickens grow very fast. Unlike goats and their likes that take 2 to 5 years to mature, a chicken can be ready to be sold in the market within 28 to 29 weeks from birth.

Furthermore, it is a relatively safe and ideal business for startups that wish to take loans and eventually decide to invest the loan in poultry farming. Within 30 to 40 weeks, they can start refunding the loan through the money realized from sales. All they need to do is put proper precautions in place.

However, amongst all kinds of poultry farming birds (chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks) in Ghana, chicken is the most common one as poultry farms in Ghana get a great amount of income from chickens regularly, either from the sales of eggs for food or the supply of live chickens as meat sources.

In other words, the high consumption of the end products; chicken and egg have been in constant demand in  Ghana today, which makes poultry farming very lucrative as it seems to be a good source of animal protein outside fish and beef.

Without much ado, below is the List Of Poultry Farms In Ghana

  • Darko farms

  • Akate Farm

  • Akro Farms

  • LINNOVAC Poultry Farm

  • Kwadwo Adamu Unity Farms Limited

  • Ansu Pramag Farms

  • Instock farms – Accra, Ghana


  • Delawin Farms Ltd

  • H.S Flourish Farm – Accra, Ghana


  • Halal farms Ghana- Kasoa, Ghana

  • Poultry Farm Hillside -Accra, Ghana

  • Alhaji Poultry farm- Ghana

  • Mikleb Farms – Ghana

  • Asamoah & Yamoah Farms Ltd- Accra, Ghana

  • Ayensu Poultry Farm, Adjen Kotoku, Ghana

  • Sam’s Farm,  Ejisu Ghana

  • Jokas Poultry Farm

  • K&F Poultry Farm

  • Harlows Farms(Afram Plains)

  • Mayamesh Farms Ltd


How to increase your earnings and profit as poultry farm owners in Ghana.

 The best strategy you need is by improving your poultry farming operations. This strategy will enable you to acquire a competitive advantage over other poultry farm owners. So, what can you do to boost your poultry business’s profits in Ghana? The following four tips would give you clarity to this question.

  1. Selecting the best breeds of birds.

This is the most important tip because everything you do as a poultry farmer in Ghana is dependent on this one decision. If you start with bad breeds of birds, you will most likely incur a lot of losses.

The only option that can prevent this undesirable crisis is, to begin with, the greatest selection of bird (turkey, chicken and so on) breeds.

  1. Feed optimization

This is critical since feeds account for a significant portion of the cost of poultry farming in Ghana. Furthermore, the birds require food and water, which they convert into their bodies to generate meat and eggs. To optimize your poultry profit, you must reduce the expenses you channel into feeds

In this case, the best method is to augment their diet with different feeds like fodder and black army flies (BSF).

You need to learn how to cultivate fodder or rear black army flies as supplemental nutrition for the birds. Another possible option is to invest your money in obtaining a standard feed formula for your birds to optimize earnings.

  1. Using organic versus synthetic treatments.

Apart from the cost of food, another component that accounts for a significant portion of poultry farming expenses in Ghana is the cost of medicine and treatments.

Unconsciously, many farmers spend a lot of money on chemical medications for their birds. At the end of the rearing phase, you would have incurred a lot of money with very little profit to expect from it.

One useful alternative approach to avoid this and maximize your earnings is to use organic medicine instead. Organic poultry medicine consists of herbs and spices, which aid in the prevention of birds’ sickness and boost the immune system.

  1. Construct sturdy and durable buildings.

This is another significant aspect to increase your earnings in poultry farming, in Ghana specifically. While constructing your poultry coop, always make use of durable materials. A strong building will save you money on maintenance and allow you to optimize your poultry profit.

In conclusion, when nature offers you land and other resources to make farming, consider poultry farming. Poultry farming in Ghana is noble and easy, making it a seamlessly lucrative source of income for people.